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Time to Spring Clean!!!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Happy Spring !!

Oh yes, one of my favorite seasons is on its way (Spring) can you feel it coming!?!! (fall being my other, what can I say... I like balance)!!!

When all the grass is growing again, the flowers start to bloom and the bees are buzzing in the breeze!


As you have probably heard, spring is a great time to clean your space!!


Out with the old and in with the new!

Taking time to remove things from your space is super beneficial! Not only for your health, but your psyche!

At my house... we do this a few times a year!!

I call it, a "purging party" !!

When we have a cluttered space it really can affect us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and not in a positive way!

Have you ever walked into a messy space?

You feel trapped, not comfortable, and overwhelmed, sometimes even depressed!?

Those are not beneficial ways to go though your day to day life!

So... to become more organized and have a "purging party" is key!

Removing things by either donation (salvation army is my go to) , or throwing away what no longer serves you is a great way to keep things in balance.


Not only is removing physical things from your space helpful for your mind, body & spirit, but there is one more step that might get forgotten... and that is smudging or cleaning your space energetically !!


What is Smudging?

Smudging is a form of space cleansing, a way to cleanse your space or yourself on an energetic level. Removing any stagnant, of low/negative energy!

Smudging is an ancient ritual that dates back for centuries!! This is practiced all over the world. Places like India, Bali, Peru, Morocco and Native American Tribes still use smudging today!


What do you use?

There are many sacred plants that we can use for smudging.

The 2 typical ones are Sage and Palo Santo. Other options are Sweetgrass, & Cedar.

Let's go over the top 2 below...

Sage: Salvia officinalis

Sage is the typical go to and the most common way of smudging! It's the spiritual vacuum cleaner and will remove anything of low vibration. Not only will it remove the negativity within a space, it is also scientifically proven to clear any bacteria in the air.

Purchase at a Metaphysical shop or online, my personal favorite is White Sage.

Palo Santo: Bursera graveolens

"Holy Wood" is the translation of Palo Santo. This special tree grows in South America and carries many healing and spiritual properties. Just like Sage, Palo Santo will cleanse you/your space of negativity! Palo Santo has more of a feminine smells (in my opinion) it is a lovely citrus with a mint type smell. Sage to me is more on the masculine side of smells, but I honestly love them both! These special trees live for about 90 years, and then in death it receives it's magickal powers! It will lay in the forest for about 4 years before the wood will be harvested for smudging rituals.

Just like Sage, it has other scientifical proven benefits:

releaves stress, anxiety, eliminates headaches and cold symptoms. Reduces inflammation, asthma and allergies. Will raise your vibration, cleanse you/space.

Reasons Why You Need to Smudge:

There are many reasons why you might want to smudge your space!! I will list a few below to give you an idea.

  • New Home

  • Disagreement/Fight

  • After an illness

  • Divorce

  • After House Guests

  • Negative Work Environment

  • New Office

  • Part of Spring Cleaning

  • And So much More!

How does it work?

When you perform a smudging ritual, you are also plugging into that ancient powerful spiritual tradition that has been passed down for thousands of years! When I smudge myself, space and crystals....I visualize the smoke taking any of the lower vibrations or things that don't serve my highest good, out and away from me or my items. I then picture that smoke neutralizing it and letting it go out into the Universe. In turn the Universe will then turn it into positive energy!

Smokeless Smudging...

Another way to smudge your space is with Smokeless Smudging!!

Smokeless Smudge is super great if your sensitive to smoke! Some people are!

It's usually made of an essential oil blend. You would spray your space instead.

I make a smokeless smudging spray... It is one of my biggest sellers over at my shop

It's called "Poof-Be-Gone" my Vanishing Spray!

My "Poof-Be-Gone" spray comes with my special spell that I actually say as I'm doing my process!!

You can order online/or in person.


New Service!!

I've had people reach out to me and ask me to come to their homes/offices to do a Space Cleansing. I have done these type services, but never really promoted it till now!


Are you ready to energetically spring clean your space???

Not sure how to do it??

Not wanting to do it yourself?

I got your covered!!

I come to your location and do a Space Cleaning for you!!

When I come to your location I work with Palo Santo to cleanse your space!!

I like working with Palo Santo for this process, as I feel it leaves your space with an extra boost of positive energy brought by the Palo Santo scent it's self. It has a very uplift quality to it!

The process takes anywhere from 45 mins. to about an hour (depending on how large of an area).

I make sure to enter each and every room at your location, and cleanse the area, removing any stagnation within the space.

I then seal each area with love and light !!

Your space will feel more open, free, lighter, and more positive.

The best way to move into the spring season!


Book Online Now for your Spring Space Cleanings and get $20 off !!

Regular price $80

Special Price ... Only $60!!

This special is for Imbloc

So, don't wait... this offer expires Feb. 17th, 2020.

Use Coupon Code: SpringClean when booking!

I'm so excited to be offering this new service to you!! Looking forward to helping clear your space, allowing you a more positive vibe to continue to work and grow in!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!

Wishing you a super energetic and positive Spring Season ahead!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar HUGS

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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