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"Sound & Sip" Chakra Series

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

New Year... New You!

What better way to start your year off right then to take a little self love time!

With the new year upon us... it's the best time to reevaluate where we are, and what we would like out of life.

On the Last Friday of Each Month I do my "Sound & Sip" Events over at Dulce Vida Coffee in Chandler, AZ.

BUT In 2023, I wanted to share my popular "Chakra Series" with you!

Each month I will be at Dulce Vida teaching about the Chakras.

Starting at the Root Chakra (January) and working our way up each month all the way to the Crown (July).

You will learn about the Chakra of the month, how to keep it balanced and aligned. You will also get to enjoy breathing techniques (pranayama), as well as a Guided Meditation, Sound healing & Chakra Tea at the end.

Mark You Calendars!!!

That sounds good and all...

But What the Heck is a Chakra??

Chakra: The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as "Wheel of Light." Chakra's are located throughout your body and are your energy centers. We all know that energy surrounds us. Everything is made of energy. We are energy! Chakras are the energy centers that run along our spine and though out our body. These wheels of light correspond with different colors and each have a special meaning and purpose. Working with Chakras is nothing "new". It's becoming more accepted here in the Western Hemisphere, however.. in the Eastern Countries, they take Chakra Energies very seriously. In fact, they have been working with Chakras for thousands of years. There are several main Chakra points on the body and each of them have their own special job. Each Chakra governs a certain area that also relates to our emotions and functions.

There are 7 main Chakras that I work with in my sessions. As I work with the 7 main ones, there are also many other Chakra points through the body that are just as important. Each Chakra has it's unique purpose and is connected to our subtle body which in turns effects our physical and emotional and mental states. HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR CHAKRAS ARE BALANCED? You will know your Chakras are balanced if your feeling a good even flow. You will take notice that things are in harmony and your feeling great! Your happy, you have little to no illnesses or pain.

You know your Chakras are Balanced when you: 1. Have No Pain 2. Have No Illness 3. Happy, Relaxed, & Stress Free 4. In Harmony, Peace and Feel Balanced

HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR CHAKRAS ARE OFF BALANCED? Different things we experience thought out our day effects our Chakras. Things like stress can really cause some issues to arise within our Chakra system. They can become imbalanced and will effect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some signs that your Chakras are NOT balanced: 1. Pain in body 2. Dis-ease 3. Unhappy, Stress, Anxiety 4. Disharmony

For example....the month of January is the Root Chakra!! It's all about getting grounded and staying more present in our current moments! It's the best way to start off the new year!! Allowing you stability and balance going forward!

Following our Root Chakra in January.....we will go right to the next Chakra point... Sacral in February.... and onward from there!

The sessions are an hour long and only cost $22 per person/per session!!

Yep...that's it!

I want to make it affordable for all, thus my price point of only $22! It's the best way to try energy healing....and makes for a great date night, girls night out, or family activity (ages 11+)

My sessions are always offered on the last Friday Night of each month from 6:30-7:30 PM .

I will be holding my "Chakra Sound Bath Series"

610 N. Alma School Rd. #12 Chandler. AZ

Space is limited and my available spots do fill up fast!!

You MUST Register online BEFORE 9 PM on the Thursday Night Before the session!

So, if this is something that interests you....feel free to book online today!

Check out the upcoming event dates:

Jan. 27th, 2022 Root Chakra "Get Grounded"

Feb. 24h, 2022 Sacral Chakra "Let Go & Flow"

Mar.31st, 2022 Solar Plexus Chakra "Ignite Your Flame"

Apr. 28th, 2022 Heart Chakra "Let Love In"

May. 26th, 2022 Throat Chakra "Speak Your Truth"

Jun. 30th, 2022 3rd Eye Chakra "See Clearly"

Jul. 28th, 2022 Crown Chakra "Trust & Be Open "

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Brings about Peace & Harmony to body & space

  • Removes dis-ease from your body

  • Balances body & Chakras

  • Removes any blockages within Energetic body

  • Lowers Stress

  • Decreases mood swings

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Lowers cholesterol levels

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps remove anxiety, & depression

  • Beneficial for people who have Chronic pain

  • PTSD relief

  • Decreases & Removes Pain from the body

Read my Full Blog all about the Importance of Meditation, CLICK HERE!

Benefits of Meditation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improves Health

  • Improves Sleep

  • Slows Aging

  • Emotional Stability

  • Allows Positive Thinking

  • Happiness

  • Controls anxiety

  • Enhances Self Awareness

  • Lengthens Attention span

  • Decreases Blood pressure


What People are Saying...

  • "Helped me let go some emotional tension that I’ve been holding onto for the past few months. Helped me feel refreshed and energized. Helped fight depression"

  • "As soon as I entered the sound bath I felt peace. thanks bridget."

  • "I am glad the flow of events was explained at the beginning so we would know what to expect. Everything was explained in detail (breathing techniques, crystal applications) and advice to help participants make the most of the experience. A wonderful time and hour well spent and fantastic value for the cost. These beneficial sessions make this an affordable option."

  • "I enjoyed the crystal information in the beginning and the sound bath."

  • "It's very relaxing and motivating. I feel all good vibes immediately. I would highly recommend. I learned something new with each one. It was amazing!"

  • "I enjoyed how Bridget explains everything & I feel content as I'm listening to her. She is well spoken & explains so well before the sound bath. I really enjoy the sounds of the sound bath because it helps me relax & clear my mind which can be challenging for me, but the more I come to her classes I learn more and more about Bridget. She's so nice & such a kindred soul. Love Love you Bridget so much!! It has been a new outlet for me with dealing with so much these past few years. I'm forever grateful for Bridget's services, love & advice with crystals & her awesome sound baths."

  • "The over all vibe was great, really like the explanation before, I plan to go again."


I'm so excited and look forward to sharing this amazing holistic health modality with you soon!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!

Call or Text:

(480) 885-3177

See you Soon!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,


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