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Hello Moonlight

My name is Rev. Bridget M. Shoup.

It's my life's passion to reach out  assist as many people as I can live a happier, healthier, holistic lifestyle. 
I'm so glad you have you  here and hope you find value in my offerings.

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My Story

Healing Mind, Body & Soul...Holistically!  

As a youngster, I was always attracted to the sparkle and shine of Crystals. 

It wasn't till  much later in life,  that I discovered just how powerful & helpful these Crystal beings are!


The start of my spiritual awakening was  in the year of 2013.  Immediately I was attracted to Crystals and started to learn everything I could about their healing benefits.  As my path started to unfold,  I realized how AMAZING these Crystals are and wanted to share it with everyone! 

I continued to learn more in the metaphysical & esoteric realms diving into Tarot, Numerology, Moon Ceremonies, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Herbalism, Sound Healing, Life Coaching, QiGong, Officiating Weddings,  and so much more! 


B*MoonStruck was born in 2016 with the goal to assist as many people as I possibly can live a happier, healthier, holistic lifestyle.  

In 2020 I wrote 2 books "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" + "Heal Yourself Holistically." These were the books I wish I had as I was going through my awakening.  I hope it brings comfort to those going through it know they are not alone! 


It fills my heart with so much joy to share my knowledge and assist souls in search of answers. 

These days....I have monthly meet-ups where I offer my Sound Healing, and also are available for one on one services as well as Officiating Weddings. 

I look forward to meeting more like-minded souls and creating  a judgement free community for people to come together to share  love , happiness, peace, and joy. 

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Check out some of the interviews I've been blessed to share with you.  

"The Crooked Spine Show" Podcast
November 13th, 2018

"Therapeutic Thymes" Magazine
Fall 2020 Issue #16
Therapeutiy Thymes Magazine 2020-Issue 16-Bridget M. Shoup
Therapeutic Thymes Magazine 2020-Issue 16- Bridget M. Shoup
"Spiritual Biz" Magazine 
March 2020
Spirtual Biz Magazine-2020 Bridget M. Shoup
"Shout Out Arizona" Magazine 
May 2022
Shout Out Arizona Magazine 2022-Bridget M. Shoup
"Bold Journey " Magazine 
August 2023
"Voyage Phoenix" Magazine 
October 2022
Voyage Phoenix Magazine-2022-Bridget M. Shoup
Bold Journey Magazine 2023-Bridget M. Shoup


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(480) 885.3177

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