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Remove Negativity...Be More Positive!!!

Time to Raise your Vibration!!

Have you ever entered a room and it felt heavy, stuffy, hard to breathe? You my friend were picking up on the energy of that room...The people within the room, and the energy they were putting out!

It's never fun to get that feeling of uneasiness!! I know I have picked up on these feelings my whole life! As I have gotten older, I have come to recognize what it is and how to deal with it!

There are ways to protect yourself and also to dispel and vanish any negative feelings you sense!! In this blog I will address just that!! Buckle up and get ready to raise your vibration!!

What is Negative Vibrations??

Everything is energy! The way we act or react to something creates our energy and the vibrations attached to it!

Negative vibes are definitely NOT the place you want to be in! Weather it be yourself or your space.... having negative vibes will bring you nothing but the things you least desire in your life! The things is... we are like a big magnet, and what ever we want....we attract weather it be good or bad!

Have you ever heard of the saying "Birds of a feather flock together" ? Well that is the basics here. If your positive you will attract positive and if your negative you will attract negative!

You can also pick up on other peoples vibes and if they are low... they can affect you. What ever is the highest vibrating thing, the lower vibrations are attracted to it! So... if your a happy, caring, loving person... your vibrating High!! However if your sad, upset, or stressed your vibrating low... thus making your vibration one of negativity!

How to Rid Yourself/Space of Negative Vibes...

There are many ways you can rid yourself and your space of these low vibrations of negativity! I will list someways that have worked for me and I practice all the time. Do what ever calls to you as that is the one best suited for you!

1. Remove Yourself from the People/Area:

One way to rid yourself of negativity is simply just remove yourself from the situation! I know, simple right? You might think... well that's easy to say... but how can you do that exactly, I don't wanna hurt someones feelings!?

Here is the should be #1 and matter the most! No one else is going to look out for your best interest but You! With that said, I have had times were I have entered and room and felt the tension so thick I could cut it with a knife! What did I do? I left! I simply just said, you know what...I gotta go and I did just that, I walked out of the room and went home! If you know there is nothing more you can do to change the situation in a positive way, or if you feel like it's too draining on you, just leave!

Now I get it...sometimes you will be at work and you can't just leave and go home! What do you do then, you gotta make the money honey? Keep reading!!

2. Crystals:

Another way to protect yourself/space is to carry Crystals! There are certain Crystals that will help you not only raise your vibration but protect you from negativity or *Energy Vampires!

*Energy Vampires: Someone who feeds off of your good emotional and psychic energy. Usually someone who lacks empathy, or emotional maturity. Due to their insecurities, they leach on to others good energy to restore and boosts theirs. It can be a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. After having encounters with these Energy Vampires, they tend to leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained and depleted!*

Best way to work with Crystals is to carry them on you. Either wear them as jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring) or carry a tumbled crystal in your pocket.

At work, you could also place Crystals on or around your work space. Here are my top favorite Crystals for protection from negativity!

BLACK TOURMALINE: I call this my shield of armor! It is the big Daddy of protection! It will protect you from any low or negative vibrations you might encounter. It's awesome if you deal with Energy Vampires as it will NOT allow them to suck the energetic life outta you!

SHUNGITE: Not only does this stone protect you from EMF (Electro magnetic frequencies put off by electronics cell phones, computers, tv etc.) but it also is a very cleansing to your physical body. It helps protect you and will help boost your immune system.

LABRODORITE: Protect your aura (energetic field) with Labrodorite! If your aura has any leaks or holes, this lovely crystal will repair it and keep it from escaping, allowing you to keep your body energized and ready to roll! It's a protective crystals that also helps you know you can rely on your intuition!

3. Wash YourSelf:

One way to remove any low negative vibes is to wash yourself! That's right, just a simple shower will do the trick! I do this technique all the time! All you need to do is go in the shower, stand under the running water, take a few deep breaths in... and visualize anything that has been bugging you, anything stressful, upsetting or just anything you need to let go of!

When you exhale... allow the water to take those low vibrations and feelings away from you... out of your life and down the drain! I promise you will feel so much more refreshed!! Try it during your next shower!

4. Smudging:

Smudging is the act of removing negative energy or low vibrations from you or your space by utilizing special scared plants. This methods has been used for centuries by our Ancients as a scared ceremonial practice. This technique is the most powerful way to remove negative energy and restore a good positive balance to a person and or space!

Sage & Pala Santo

When you perform a smudging ritual, you are also plugging into that ancient powerful spiritual tradition that has been passed down for thousands of years! When I smudge myself, space and crystals....I visualize the smoke taking any of the lower vibrations or things that don't serve my highest good, out and away from me or my items. I then picture that smoke neutralizing it and letting it go out into the Universe. In turn the Universe will then turn it into positive energy!

What can you smudge?






Anything your heart desires!

What to use for Smudging....

SAGE: Sage is the typical go to and the most common way of smudging! It's the spiritual vacuum cleaner and will remove anything of low vibration. Not only will it remove the negativity within a space, it is also scientifically proven to clear any bacteria in the air.

Purchase at a Metaphysical shop or online, my personal favorite is White Sage.


Usually tied in a bundle, light the tip of the bundle of Sage, let it burn for a minute and then blow it out. The smoke will be great for some time and you can then cleanse whatever you desire. When I cleanse myself or space/crystals... I always say something like "Please remove any low or negative energy from this space/crystal. Please allow light,love and peace to take it's place."

Using Sage to Smudge a Crystal

PALO SANTO: "Holy Wood" is the translation of Palo Santo. This special tree grows in South America and carries many healing and spiritual properties. Just like Sage, Palo Santo will cleanse you/your space of negativity! Palo Santo has more of a feminine smells (in my opinion) it is a lovely citrus with a mint type smell. Sage to me is more on the masculine side of smells, but I honestly love them both! These special trees live for about 90 years, and then in death it receives it's magickal powers! It will lay in the forest for about 4 years before the wood will be harvested for smudging rituals.

Just like Sage, it has other scientifical proven benefits:

releaves stress, anxiety, eliminates headaches and cold symptoms. Reduces inflammation, asthma and allergies. Will raise your vibration, cleanse you/space.

Purchase at a Metaphysical shop or online.

TO USE: Light one end of the Palo Santo stick. The 1st time lighting it, it might struggle and take some time, be patient.

Once it is lit, continue to let it burn for about a minute. Blow it out and use the smoke to cleanse.

SMUDGING SPRAY: "Poof-Be-Gone" Vanishing Spray by: Bridget's Brew!!

Some people are sensitive to smoke and can't do traditional smudging! Don't worry, if your one of those people I got you covered! I conjured up the purrfect potion that I call: "Poof-Be-Gone"!! This Vanishing spray will remove negativity from you, your space, or crystals. It's simple to use, just spray my Vanishing spray in or on what you'd like to cleanse.

"Poof-Be-Gone" is an essential oil brew of Palo Santo, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Grapefruit. Each 4 oz. bottle comes with an Enchanted Clear Crystal Quartz that will enhance the cleansing and replaces it will love and light!

You can order online today

TO USE: Spray the space you'd like to cleanse, it's that simple!

Bridget's Brew" "Poof-Be-Gone" Vanishing Spray

5. Crystal Chakra Balancing:

One last way to remove negativity from you life is get a Crystal Chakra Balancing! This is a technique that I'm Certified to do and would love to assist you! If you live in the Southern California area, you can book online and I will come to you for a session!

My sessions are an hour long and I'm able to work with your energetic body. I find any low or non-working Chakra points (energy points within your body) and I'm able to cleanse and rebalance them. I use Crystals to also allow your Chakras to bathe in their good loving energy! My Clients always say it is very relaxing and puts them in a super positive and uplifting mood!

If this is something you'd like to try...please reach out!

I hope this helped to answer any questions about negative energy and how to vanish it for good!!

If you have any others questions regarding moving negativity from your life, etc. Please feel free to comment in this blog and I will respond right back to ya!

Wishing you lots of Good Vibes!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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