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From time to time, I get massive informational downloads. It typically happens right upon awaking from my night's sleep. It comes clear and fast, so I'm always ready to drop whatever I need to do to tune in and listen to the messages reviling themselves and I'm always ready to write them down.

Well on 01.25.2024, it was one of those mornings for me. I was just getting ready to meditate when it all came flooding in. I feel these messages are meant to be here it is!


When you want to create something in your life... it's actually easier than you think!

Here's a way to think about it.

Creation is like a printer.

Say, you have a project you would like to work on. You entrust your handy computer to start this process. You sit down, and start to create (could be writing, art, music etc.). Once you feel pretty satisfied with what you thought up, the next step is you press the "Print" button.

You know within a few seconds.... whatever it was you were creating on the computer will come to life and be printed for you to see and enjoy.

Life is the same way!!

The Universe is here to assist you, it's the magical printer in life.

When you actively take time to really focus and create what you want, the Universal printer will provide it to you!

As you do the work, and believe in what you want to create.... you start to see more and more evidence that what you are wanting is materializing!!

The most important step is to believe you can achieve!


Story #1

I have many stories on this topic. But I have a few I want to share here.

I was sought after from a family member recently. This family member was sick of being mistreated and feeling taken advantage of at work. This person hadn't been happy working for this company for years now, and expressed this as time has gone on to me.

I mentioned to them.... you must create what you want!! Get clear, what type of company would you prefer to work for??

The New Moon was upon us, so I mentioned working with the Lunar energies to really ramp up the power. I told them what to do... write it down, get super clear with what it is you are wanting... then trust and know it's on the way. Of course, you need to put your due diligence towards this... can't just sit back and do nothing. But the Universe + the Lunar energy will defiantly get things going in fast, good direction for you!

When I share things like this, I don't check back in with the person. I just plant that seed and see if it grows. About a week later, I got a call from this family member.... saying they started their new job & today was their 1st day!!

The best part, was this person's co-workers mentioned.... there is no way that company would be hiring right now! As it turns out, with this person believing and ready for it.... the Universe granted the wish... and the job was available and started in record time! Now employed for the biggest company in their industry!

This family member was shocked it was that easy!!

I was happy & proud!!

I told them I knew you had it in you!!

You just have to know how to work with the energy, believe... and it will work for you!

After all Believing is Seeing!


Story #2

This one happened quite some years back now.

I had a Tarot card reading with a lady.  She was wanting to get advice about what she could do to be able to move into her own place.  Her reading went very well and I was able to provide her with some insight that she didn’t think of before!

A week later she contacted me with an update to her reading, this is the conversation…


“Hi Bridget! How are you doing? I’m so  sorry I’m texting you so late, but I couldn’t hold my composure. Lol

I went and saw a place today and I haven’t been this excited since my previous place I rented. The owner is waiting to see if the girl who saw the place before me can break her lease. If she is able to break her lease, I can possibly get the place.

I was just wondering if you possibly can pick up anything or what your thoughts are. I’m flabbergasted he would even consider allowing someone to break a lease ☺️”


“Hey !!

Wow!! Sounds like you have some amazing things in your vortex of creation!!!

That is super!! 😁👍🏻

Well my thoughts are less important than yours!!

You are already half way there!!!

You are creating your reality!! And how cool is it to see things start to manifest!?!

Here’s what you do next... stay excited, happy & super optimistic about this situation!!

Go into a meditative state and visualize exactly how you want this to play out!!

See yourself talking to the land lord w/good news that you got the space !!! See yourself packing your belongings, feel the key in your hands to the door..... feel the happiness of being in your own space again & how accomplishing it feels!!

Smell this new space, feel the carpet on your feet & see yourself enjoying living so happy there!!

If you can take some time to do that.... and keep a positive, happy, upbeat mindset of it all..... then you will create it into being!! “

Believing is Seeing!!

Have an amazing day!!

Lunar Hugs


“Happy Sunday Bridget!

How are you doing?

I just wanted to share with you that I got the place!!!!!! Thank you so much for your support, kind words, and motivation to keep positive!!! I appreciate it so much, you’re such an amazing person.”

I was a very small piece this this puzzle. I just allowed a fresh new insight or perspective to my client....and she made it happen!!

Love when people share their stories with me!!! I feel so honored to be a part of their journey.


Most important, trust in the process.

Creating with the Universal printer is just as instant as a regular computer printer. Something to keep in mind, is the Universal printer is quite massive in size... and sometimes, it might take a little time to materialize the final printed product fully into your world.

Sometimes, the printer might jam.

It's ok.. look at it as a way to realign with what you prefer instead.

Take it as a learning experience along your printing process.

Unjam your creative trusting and believing in yourself!

Only you can be the creator of the printed paper.... or the jammer that gets in your way!

You jam up your paper by doubting yourself, not trusting the process, listening to outside influences, and not going with the flow of the creating process.


The ink to creating with the Universal printer is to create what you want in your mind!!!

Visualization is a huge way to paint that picture your wanting!

During your visualization, you must see it, hear it, feel it, smell it!!

Get as crystal clear as you possibly can on how easy the thing you're wanting to create happens for you. Get super detailed about it too! This is the Ink to make that printed picture come to life!


Staying in a high vibration is a super helpful tool.

Being grateful for what you have, living in moments of joy and peace, and living in the present are all ways to help bring what you want faster and easier to you.

Lower vibrations will take you out of the alignment on the Universal printer!!

So be aware! Just know, you have the power to choose to align your printer by thinking better thoughts.

By doing all of this, you are priming the pump for the thing you want to be printed and appear in your life. Working with meditation practice is a great way to fine tune your asking!

Trust in the process, believe it's already on its way to you!!

Then watch for signs and evidence that what you want is already in the printing mode.

You got this magickal one!!!

Happy Manifesting!!

Sending Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,


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