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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

I have been very blessed lately, with the oppertunites to meet amazing new souls. It's always so nice to learn and grow from each other and I appreciate these interactions.

Crystal Sound Sessions have been my thing for quite sometime, as many of you know. However recently there has been a surge in people open to either try them... or have me over for private sessions. I have met some amazing like-minded souls this way and the energy exchange and each experience have been so memorable.

Recently, I got a call from a sweet lady who had attended one of my sound sessions back in 2021. She wanted to share this with her friends, and asked if I could come over for a private session?

I did just that on 02.11.2023 @11 am....

With each sessions I do, I always like to have a theme in mind.

I met up with my Guides for some direction and they gave me 1 word... "Distraction".

Ok.... That is it huh?

Well.... I didn't want to get too deep into thinking too very much about it. But the days leading up to this event I was getting more and more downloads of information!!

Let's break it down!

Distraction= DIS-ACTION.

When we are being distracted, we are in a DIS (NON) Action!

Totally makes sense right!? How did I never connect these before??

Guess it's all about divine timing!

So what are things that distract us, or put us in a state of dis-action??

  • Social Media

  • News

  • Sports

  • Hollywood Award Shows

  • Celebrities

  • Politics

  • TV

You get the picture now.

There can be many other things that put us in a state of dis-action too, but this gives you a bit of an idea.

I feel when we are distracted, we loose our focus and power.

Weather it be in our physical world goals that we have, or what our soul calling is.

When we allow things or people to distract us, they gain our attention and therefore, have a pull on us. Without realizing it, as we give up our power to this dis-action in our life, we are also allowing these things to influence us. Some of these things can influence us in not so good way.

I feel in the world we live in RIGHT NOW, there is a TON of dis-action going on!!

It's important that we come to recognize when we are being distracted and pull back on the thing or people who are causing this disconnect.

I believe everything in moderation is great!

I see nothing wrong with any of the things I listed above as a dis-action, but just take note.... as because....

Where our Focus goes, Energy Flows!

Don't allow these dis-actions in your life disrupt your Souls' purpose!!

When we don't take action... we allow others to control or influence us!

If you are on a Spiritual path and it's new to you.... Welcome Friends!!

This year 2023 in numerology, is the Universal year of 7!

What does that mean?

SPIRITUALITY will be at the forefront for everyone collectively!

Let me ask you... have you noticed that people who usually didn't talk about things in a spiritual way in the past, have been talking to you more about it... or asking questions? Welcome to the Universal Year of 7.

More and more people are "waking up" and seeing that some of the narrative we have been told & believed in the past is crumbling!

Other things you might notice in a 7 year is you are analyzing things a bit more, you're into meditation, and you're coming to an understanding of questions that you have had by allowing these energies to unfold for you and show you the answers.

It can be an exciting time, but also could lead to frustration and disappointment and times where you downright feel like hiding.

The important thing, to remember is ....

YOU get to Create Your Reality!

Don't allow these dis-actions to take away from you doing just that!!

You are a magickal creator-being. You might have forgotten or have been distracted, but you do in fact create your reality with your thoughts, actions and feelings.

The Universe only gives us with we request of it. It doesn't decipher for you. That's your job.

So here is how it works.....

You focus your attention on a thought or feeling:

Negative Example: " I don't have enough money"

Positive Example: " I have enough money to pay my bills and buy all the things I need, I appreciate that I have a job where money flows into my bank account with ease."

Now... if you focus your attention on the negative example, the Universe will show you more and more examples that you're right!

However, if you focus your attention on the positive example, just as before...

The Universe gives you signs that you do have so much goodness in your life.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.... as you do, things become so magickal and fall in to place for you with ease... you almost won't believe it!

Here is a small clip of what I said at the Sound Session on 02.11.23. as well as a portion of the sound session too.

If you are going though a spiritual awakening, I have written a book to help you along.

I know how you're feeling, because I felt a bit alone, and honestly... like I was going "crazy"!

It's part of the process.

It's us shedding our skin like a snake, or better yet.... coming out of our cocoon and spreading our wings to become that breathtaking butterfly!

I wrote my book "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" to help you along your journey. It was the book I wish I had when I was going through my awakening. I wish for you to read it and know your not alone... or crazy!

If you would like to get a copy of it you can order it online HERE

I have Ebook or Paperback versions available.

Also, if you are in Arizona East Valley area.... you can pick up your copy in person at the following locations:

We are in some exciting times friends.

Stay strong in your beliefs, don't let outside influences taint your souls path and you're intuition.

Keep being the magickal creator-being you are!!

Stay Well

Stay Blessed

Stay Magickal

Sending You... Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

(480) 885-3177

If you want to experience one of my Sound Sessions.. SIGN UP TODAY

Space is LIMITED & have been selling out fast!

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