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Feeling "Off" lately ?? Here's Why...October's Energetic Shifts!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Feeling "OFF" lately??

Well, if you are... you aren't alone! I have had many people contact me and mention they were feeling uneasy lately, and not quite right! If you are curious what's going on and how to adjust to these feelings, read on!

I Love October!

Oh the Month of October... the fall air is crisp and the breeze is cool, the leaves are starting to turn amazing shades of lovely colors and the trees are becoming skeletal in nature.

I love October so much, that my Husband and I got married in the month of October.

(October 11th, 1996!!)

As most of you already know, I'm an Eclectic Witch.

I have always loved October and never really understood why until I got older! As I matured, I realized why I was so connected to October... because it's the season of the Witch!

Totally makes sense!

As a teen my bedroom was full of skulls, skeletons, and masks. That was also when I realized I had psychic abilities!

Now as an adult, my house mirrors the Haunted Mansion (from Disneyland) and I live this witchy lifestyle everyday! For me it's not just Halloween, it's my way of life!

My psychic/channeling abilities have grown and improved by leaps and bounds as I've been on my Spiritual path of Enlightenment... and I'm able to help others on their path, which I truly love!

There are many other reasons why I love October... for one, Sprit is more prevalent!

Tis' the Most Spiritual Time Of The Year...

Time to welcome in the most spiritual time of the year!

From Oct. 8th till Nov.11th is when the veil becomes thinner between the physical & spiritual realms.

As the season shifts, the energy follows suit. So if you have been feeling “off” lately... this is why! You are picking up on these energetic shifts!!

Since I've had some concerned Souls reach out to me about this, I figured I'd explain what’s going on during this time of year & things you could do to have a smoother transition with theses energetic shift.

Thinning of the Veil...

As I mentioned above, this thinning is between the physical realm and the spiritual realms.

When This happens it makes it so that our intuition is heightened. We are able to tap into our higher self and what our soul is wanting. Also it's a time that allows us be able to contact and sense the spiritual world with more ease.

Some people really feel this energetic shift in drastic ways! People who work within the energetic realm (channeling/mediumship/psychic work), this time of year might not make you feel as "off" as others!

What it does do for those of us who do tap into the Spirit world often... is it heightens the connection with the sprit realm and it becomes even easier for us to connect!

If you're not used to working with Spirit, this could cause that uneasy or "off" feeling as your adjusting to this newer found feelings of energy!


Something else worth mentioning, is that we have Samhain on it's way as well!

For us Witches we celebrate Samhain (Halloween Oct 31st)... aka the Witches New Year! A time to give thanks for the amazing things we have accomplished during this cycle of the wheel. We pay homage to those friends, family and pets who have transitioned and honor them for their wisdom and guidance.

With the thinning veil at this thinnest on the 31st... it's the best time for divination or scrying, channeling & contacting our loved ones in the spirit world.

If you’re not familiar with tapping into the spiritual realm and your intuition , this could seem as if you’re feeling a little bit off and kinda not in the present moments. So what's really going on??

You are becoming more aware of Sprit...

You’re sensing more subtle energies in your surroundings which then also leads you to the ability to tap into the spiritual realm if you choose.

This is not a time to be feared, it’s more of a time of great celebration. It’s a time to reflect on our Loved ones & pets who have passed. And a time to rejoice in knowing that our spirit goes on for an eternity and beyond.

We are all spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience. During this time with the connection we can cultivate with Spirit, we know this is truth!

Signs The Veil Is Thinning...

  • Dreams become more vivid

  • You can feel Spirits within your space

  • You start getting more signs from your Guides (feathers, songs, numbers repeating, etc)

  • Your Fur Babies are acting on edge (they are super sensitive, they see & sense Sprit too)

  • Been feeling more sensitive or emotional

  • Intuition heightened (knowing things before they happen, etc)

  • Feeling hot/cold suddenly (energy shifts within the space)

  • Feeling run down or tired (energy fluctuating)

Never expect to experience these signs, just know that if you do... it's pretty normal during this time of year! You might notice you start experiencing these things around the end of September as the energy is ramping up, and through the 1st half of November.... again.... totally normal as your picking up on the Spiritual energy surrounding you!

As I was writing this blog, I decided to share this special picture of my Uncle Bill who transitioned in July 2019 and the special alter I made for him. While I was adding this to my blog, the song that I sang for him during his crossing over ritual came on my pandora... and the interesting thing is, I haven't heard that song since I had sang it for him... months ago now! Again, just showing that Spirit lives on and he is here and near! He was giving me a sign, letting me know he appreciated me thinking of him and sharing this with you!

In addition to that sign, I also got a feather from him today too!! Amazing, right!! See... it's all good connections if you want them to be good!

Some people might fear this time of year...thinking they might conjure up evil or bad spirits! For me, I only work with energy that is pure and positive! I make sure to always cleanse my space and work in the highest and greatest of energy for all. If you choose to work in that way, you have nothing to fear!

Ways you can work with the thinning of the veil:

  • Hold a seance

  • Divination (Tarot Card Reading)

  • Scrying

  • Connect w/your Guides or Pasted Loved Ones & Pets (via meditation)

  • Honor your passed loved ones with an alter

  • Spell work

Tips on how to Survive this Energy shift:

  • Tarot Card Reading for more clarity

  • Crystal Reiki Healing Session (detoxify the mind, body & spirt, giving you a clean slate)

  • Go to a Sound Bath (bring yourself into alignment, relax & rejuvenate)

  • Meditate (tap into your breath)

  • Massage (relax those muscles)

  • Get out in nature (walk, hike, earthing, hug a tree)

  • Cleanse your space (sage/palo santo)

  • Work with the Lunar Energies (Full Moon 10/13 & New Moon 10/27)

  • Numerology (help understand your life blue print & Soul's purpose)

  • Work with Crystals (Smokey Quartz neutralize negative energy into positive , Blk. Obsidian for protection & to help feel grounded, Labradorite to connect with the Spiritual Realm.

  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy foods

  • Be grateful for all the things you have and for the opportunities you have been presented with!

  • Exercise! Yoga, or anything that gets you up and moving

Remember... you have the power to create your reality! Enjoy this new found energy and follow the little nuggets of truth that you intuition is sharing with you at this time, and act upon it!! Don't ignore these signs and what Spirit has to share with you.

We all have Spirit Guides, loved ones, and Angels surrounding us at all time!! There are there protecting us, cheering us on, and rooting for us!

They most certainly would love to help give us guidance. The rule they must live by is that they can NOT interfere with our free will. So as you are feeling the presents of Spirit(s), and if you are wanting more clarity as to who they are or what messages they have to share.....all you have to do is ASK!! Ask them to come forward and share their messages and guidance, and they will!

Your job is to stay in a high vibrational state of allowing the channel to communication to flow! Feel good emotions, stay in a happy, joyful vibe and the connection will happen even easier!

Wishing you the most Amazing Spiritual October Month & Fall Season!

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to book a session with me...please feel free to either comment below, book online or contact me via email:

or phone (909) 851-4305!

Sending You..

Light, Loves & Lunar HUGS,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

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