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Get Outdoors! It's good for your Soul!

Get Outside!!!

So many of us spend so much time held captive in traffic... going from place to place. Stuck in an office for 8+ hours per day, and get cooped up in the house. We tend to start feeling down, stressed or anxious in life! Who wants to live that way? Not Me! Today I'm going to talk about the importance of getting OUTSIDE!

Back in ancient times, they lived outdoors in nature. Walked bare-footed on the Earth. They lived off the land and used everything surrounding them as their resources. They paid close attention to the Moon cycles, which was their calendar that dictated when to harvest crops or plant seeds.

As we are very lucky for all the current modern day devices and convinces we have, I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the everyday in's and out's. So much so that we forget how important it is to connect with nature!

I honestly feel that the electronics we have, TV's, Cell Phones, Computers....etc can really bog us down. With all the electromagnetic fields they give off, it's really not good for us physically, and spiritually.

Am I saying to give it all up?? Heck No! But what I am saying is that it's important to find a balance in it all. It's good from time to time to "unplug" from these devices and get back to nature!

Evolution Causing a Disconnect...

We have a disconnect from Gaia (Mother Earth) that has happened over evolution. We started wearing shoes! Again, as awesome as shoes are to protect our feet, and keep them really does creative a disconnect! It creates a barrier between us and Earth. This disconnect can leave us feeling really ungrounded, feeling a lack of stability and not focused.

When I have my healing session with my Clients, this is a topic that comes up! It's something that I think gets over-looked because it was how we grew just wear shoes, but don't realize the impact it really has!

But, Earthing ourselves is the best way to reconnect and get grounded!

If you aren't sure what that is, read more about Earthing Here!

Studies have actually shown significance health benefits from getting outdoors!


1. Improve memory

2. Lower blood pressure

3. Makes you Happier

4. Improves Health

5. De-Stressing

6. Better connection to self

Negative - vs Positive + ...

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the beach, it feels super relaxing and it has you feeling peaceful and puts you in a blissful state? The reason why is because the water that is moving. As it does, creates negative ions in the environment. Negative in this case is a Positive for us! The shoes we wear actually create that barrier as I said before, which creates positive ions. This is the reason why you might feel disconnected, stressed, etc. When we are at the beach, walking barefoot in the sand, next to the moving water... nothing but amazing Negative Ions are happening for us!

Thus leaving us feeling at peace and in a much relaxed state.

Negative ions are actually oxygen ions with an extra electron attached to it! They are produced through water molecules and that my friends is the reason why going to the beach, being by a waterfall, going to the river or stream...feels so great!

Time Out...Family Trip!

Recently, my family and I had an opportunity to spend sometime in San Diego, Ca. It was a day trip (remember balance).

We decided to try something we thought we would NEVER do. I felt called to make this happen for our family, as I felt getting connected with the Ocean was what I needed... and my family too! I'm more of a Forest/Mountains type person myself, but I do enjoy the beach from time to time. I wanted to reconnect to this water element. So away we went to La Jolla!

We ended up doing a Kayaking experience (1st time ever) and let me tell you how amazing that was!! We went though La Jolla Kayaking Tour, First they got us all fitting in life jackets and helmets! Explained how the process would go and walked us down to the beach.

At the beach we gathered around as they explained how we would get into the Kayaks and how to paddle.

Then off we went! My Daughter Kelsey and I were in a double Kayak and My Hubby Jared was in a single. It was amazing to be out on the the huge blue Ocean and smelling the salty air. Watching the seagulls fly over head and honestly not having a care in the world about anything but enjoying the moment!

We were able to Kayak pretty far out into the Ocean (furthest I've ever been, except for the time we took a cruise).

Our tour guides were great!! We had Eric & Luke and they explained the area, talked about the really pretty sandcastle house and we got to hear stories about Dr. Seuss and the time he spent living at his friends house over looking this same spot which we were at! We Kayaked right under an earthquake fault line too, and got to see the fault line as it travels up into the stones surrounding the shore. Amazing stuff!

Next, we were able to Kayak into a cave!! That was my favorite part, like the icing on the cake! We saw a lot of Sea Lions basking in the Sun. We saw fish swimming under us too! Kelsey even saw some jumping fish! Nature is amazing!!

Even though it was a lot of work (best upper body workout ever!!) it was well worth every stroke, and every cent!! To have this experience out in nature. To connect to the water element!! We all enjoyed this experience and Time OUT !!! We left feeling super happy, and proud of our accomplishments, it was wonderful just hanging out in the Ocean for the day!

Other Ways to have a Time Out!

Taking time to get out in nature doesn't meant you need to take a week back pack trip (unless that's your thing... and if it is... awesome!! Get to it!)

Finding balance, like we did..taking a day trip is all you need really!

So take a day where you plan on getting outside! We took a day trip out, because we are keeping the balance of our work life in check, but let me tell taking this time to will be more ready to get back to the "real world". It's like your batteries get a boost!

While your out there, really disconnect yourself from the tie-down of your cell phone! Believe will all wait for you! When we do activities I do like to document it (pictures/videos) but, again keeping with balance... I don't run over to social media and post it. Stay in the it later!! Our world is so rush rush, now now.... just enjoy the moment!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get out in nature! Sometimes can be simple... or you can splurge a little and enjoy an excursion like we did!

So there are some other ways to get out in nature!

1. Go to the beach

2. Take a hike

3. Go to the river

4. Walk around your neighborhood

5. Go to a park

6. Go camping

7. Visit a botanical garden

8. Eat out doors

9. Star gaze at night

So my MoonLights!! I hope this blog opened your eyes to the importance of getting out doors!

What is your favorite thing to do outside?? Comment below, I'd love to hear what you do... it can help give me more ideas !!

Have a Moon-Tastic Week!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP "The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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