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ME Time @Massage Envy

ME Time...

Let's face it, with today's busy busy world... sometimes we get caught up in the day to day craziness and forget to take some "Me Time".

This blog is a little reminder of how important "ME Time" Is!

I personally want to be the best Person, & Crystal Healer I can be... and so there are some steps I take to help myself be just that!

Here are a few things I do for ME:

1. Meditation: You guys already know I'm an advocate for Meditation. If you aren't familiar with Meditation... or want to learn more click here! Even if it's 5 minutes of Mindfulness Breathing... it's important to get it in!

2. Yoga: Another thing I have drove deep into this year is Yoga! I've done it on and off in years past, but this is the YOGA YEAR for me! This is an amazing way to connect your mind, body and spirit. My favorite Yoga instructor Is Adriene, she posts free videos on YouTube that are very amazing click to view!

3. Crystal Chakra Balancing: Yep, I even do them for myself! I gotta keep my energetic body in tip-top shape. I know how important it is to do. Once you have found balance, you won't ever want to go back to the "old ways", thus.... each month I do a Crystal Chakra Balancing on myself! As "The Crystal Healing Gypsy", I can do that for you too!! Click to Book.

4. Massage: Another thing I enjoy from time to time is an awesome Massage!! I've been going to Massage Envy in Upland for over 10 years now (yep, they are that good!) It really helps to keep my muscles all strong and ready for me to do Crystal Chakra Balancings on my loving Clients, like You!

Massage Envy~Upland, CA

Let's talk more about the importance of Massage!!

There are so many bodies within our body... if you really think about it!

When our physical body is in need of repair, we would see a Physician.

When our Spiritual body is out of alignment... you would see a Crystal Healer (like me!).

And.. when your muscular body is aching... you see a Masseuse.

Benefits of Massage

*Relieves Anxiety

*Helps with digestive disorders

*Relieves insomnia related to stress

*Helpful on soft tissue strains or injuries

*Reduces muscle tension

There is so many more healthy reasons why Massage is beneficial.

As I mentioned before, the place My Family and I have been going is

If you live in the area, you got to check them out!

What to Expect...

When you 1st get there you are greeted by super friendly staff who get you situated with a little bit of paper work via a tablet, so they know what type of massage your looking for etc.

Massage Envy ~Front Desk

Then, they set you up with a Masseuse who fits your needs! You can tell them in advance if you prefer a Female Therapist or Male, as comfort is of #1 importance at Massage Envy!

Your Therapist will then escort you back to your own private room. They like to a talk to you before your session starts to make sure they are delivering the type of massage and the areas your wanting to focus on. I usually do full body, it's the best!

The typical massage is for an hour long, but you can always inquire about longer sessions too!

Massage Envy~Room

Afterwards, I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to help heal other loving Souls!

Try It!

If you have never tried a massage, don't wait! It's something that will really help, and the kind people at Massage Envy is definitely the place to go!

All the Therapist there are awesome, My Husband has a Masseuse he schedules with each month. For me, I like to try out different Therapists, and so far my experiences have always been positive!

The Massage Envy in Upland just got remodeled too.. it's looks fantastic (check out the pics above)! If you haven't been there in a while, they have an all new look, with neat updates too!

Get in Touch

So why am I doing a blog on Massage Envy you ask??

Because, they have been a huge help in the life of Me and my Family... I wanted to share that with you! I didn't get paid to do this, it was my way of sharing the love and spreading the word on other holistic things you can do to better your life!

Contact them to schedule your Massage!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Again... it's important for ME time, find time for You... because You deserve it!

You matter, and only You can make the best version of You! Be kind and take care of yourself!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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