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Tree Hug in Sequoia, Ca 2018

Tree Hug in Sequoia, Ca~2018 

YES...I'm a "Tree Hugging Hippy" &  Proud! 

As our Brothers & Sisters from times past... who you might have heard them being referred to as... "Tree Hugging Hippies", who defiantly were on to something there!

They were super smart, tapping into Mother Nature and using that connection to benefit themselves! 

Being Grounded is something that most people lack in our society today, and something that I and many others on their path to Spiritual Enlightenment strive for! 

In a past blog I've gone over the Benefits of "Earthing" yourself. Click here if you missed that post!

Just to summarize, Earthing is when we take our shoes off and absorb negative ions by walk around on Gaia (Our Mother Earth) and connecting with her!! In turn, this process allows us to stay more stable, connected, present and grounded. 

Another layer to add to the "Earthing" Process is Tree Hugging !!! 

The Process of a Hug... 

If you know know I'm a hugger!! Even if it's my 1st time meeting you...I'll  greet you with a hug!

Not only that, but I'm sure you guys have noticed by now that I like to end everything I do in my communication with you in "Lunar Hugs?!"

I once had someone ask me what the difference was between Hugs &  Lunar Hugs was ???  This is what I said:

"Lunar Hugs, they are Moon Hugs....I like to say Lunar Hugs as I'm closely connected to the Moon energy, so to me Lunar Hugs are sweet, supportive and extra loving hugs.  Better than regular old hugs b/c of the Loving Lunar Energy is attached to it!" 

Hugging is an important thing, that I feel more people need in their makes me happy & others.. so why not!!  In addition to that, there are amazing benefits from hugging... 

Have you ever noticed, if your having a bad day...or feel out of sorts...receiving a hug changes everything!?!

All of a sudden your mood is lifted and your spirits have changed!! Why?

What happens is your body release a hormone called Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is responsible for reducing stress and anxiety as well as helps lower your blood pressure. In addition to all that, a hug even improves your memory! 


So you take all the amazing Benefits of a Hug... and add the layer of the Earth Element... like a Tree,  and what do you get ??

Extra Special Benefits!!! 

 Hugging a Sequoia Tree, Can You See Me?      2018 

I have been known to visit my local park, pick out a Tree that is calling to me...and give it a HUG!!

Yep, I'm that girl! Let me tell you how refreshing it is... how much peace it brings, and how just relaxing it really is!  It's amazing!! 

So What Are the Benefits of Tree Hugging???

Studies have been done to assess the benefits of Tree Hugging and here are the top benefits... 

1. Improves Your Health

2. Improves Mental state 

3. Helps with ADHD 

4. Relieves Depression 

5. Has the ability to alleviate Headaches 

6. Increases Reaction time & Concentration levels

How is that possible??

Just like when interacting with another Human, the Plant life on our Planet do a similar thing! As we know, everything is energy...and everything has a difference energetic vibration. These different vibrations affect our biological behaviors.  So, when we touch a Tree what happens is the Tree's Vibration intermingles with Ours...which then brings us into a more stable condition within ourselves. Also as we connect with the Tree... we become united and we are able to grow "roots" of stability with that help of that loving Tree Hug! 

In addition, it assists us in the healing process we are in need of!   

Sound familier?  

Yep, just like our Crystal Friends!!

If you have taken my class called "The Magick Behind Crystals" you learned all about Crystals, how and why they work.  

In a nut shell, Crystals with their high energy, have the ability to raise our vibration due to their perfect, stable, repeating atomic structure! 

It's not too far off if you think about it... a Tree is from the Earth Element as is a Crystal.

My Tourmalinated Quartz came with me Our Camping Trip!!  He made a new friend & got his Tree Hug on Too! 

Crystals also grow deep in Gaia, as does our lovely Tree pals!

So... connecting with Trees as well as Crystals, are a huge benefit...and they are in abundance!! Even better... It's FREE!! 

All it takes is you is your time and commitment to bettering yourself! 

Tree Hugging is super holistic and is better than popping a pill... as the only side-effects you'll experience are positive...up-liftment, improves physical & emotional states, as well as brings a sense of  peace! 

My Process... 

When I hug a Tree.... a take a moment to take a deep breath in...I actually get my nose up the bark and take a whiff...let me tell you, each Tree has their own smell.  

My family and I took a camping trip to Sequoia National Park a few weeks ago (Sept. 2018) and it was awesome to reconnect with nature!  The 1st picture in this post  of my arms around the pine tree....that Tree Pal smelt sooo good....almost like maple syrup!  Where as the Sequoia Trees smelled more Earthy, if you will.  

I allow myself a few moments to connect with my Tree Pal, and thank it for it's support, oxygen and shade!  

I couldn't help myself....I had to do a Tree pose with the Pine Trees in Sequoia at our camp site!  You know... I just go for what ever my Soul wants to do and do it!! 

Tree Pose w/the Pines in Sequoia     2018 

One thing I can tell you, pine needles hurt !!  I decided to Earth myself during my Tree pose and took my shoes off...ummmm ouch!! I ended up balancing on a stone instead! lol. Lesson learned! Either way, the connection was great!! 

So... Try Hugging a Tree today!! You don't know till you try!! There are so many positive benefits that come of have nothing but good things to gain!! 

If you try it, or you are currently a Tree Hugger like me...comment below your experiences!! 

Sequoia Tree Facts: 

*** The Giant Sequoia's are the World's Most Massive Trees! 

***Sequoia's are the largest living Organism on Earth! 

***Sequoia's reach a height of 286 Feet or more! 

***Circumference of a Sequoia Tree is 113 Feet or more! 

***Estimated Time Span for a Sequoia is 1,800-2,700 Years Old! 

***The Largest Giant Sequoia's are as tall as a 26 story building! 

***Occur naturally in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Rage in California! 

***The Largest Sequoia is the General Sherman with a height of 274.9 Feet!! Ranking it #1 on the List of the Largest Sequoias! 

*** The Sentinel Ranks at #42 on the List coming in at the height of 257.6 Feet! 

***The Sentinel Tree weighs 700 tons, which is more than 2 fully loaded jumbo jet airplanes! And this guys is considered an average Sequoia Tree! 

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs, 

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy" 

(909) 851-4305

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