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6 Signs It's Time to Cleanse Your Energy!!!

6 Signs It's Time to Cleanse Your Energy!!!

The Energetic Body sometimes gets over-looked because it's not something we can physically see!!

Keeping your Energetic body maintained is so very important, it will allow you to move throughout your life smoothly, with happiness & ease!! do you know if you need to Cleanse your Energy??

This blog will go over my top 6 signs that it's time to Cleanse your Energy and ways to help!! Let's get started....

#1 Constantly Tired

You woke up after a full 8 hour sleep and your still tired!! You notice when people ask you "How are you doing today?" you respond with ...."I'm Tired!"

Energy drinks & Coffee are the only way your making it through the day! Your constantly yawning!

Another reason why you might be feeling tired constantly is that you had come in contact with someone who is an Energy Vampire! An Energy Vampire is someone who vibrates at a lower frequency, they suck onto your higher vibing energy to help raise theirs....leaving you feeling exhausted and depleted!

Have you ever been around a person who left you feeling drained after having a conversation with them?? Yep!! That is what it is!

Definitely it's time to Cleanse your Energy!!


Crystals will help keep the Energy Vampires at bay. My top pick is Black Tourmaline. It's like a shield of protection, it has helped me and so many others!! Just keep it on you at all times to protect your energy!!

#2 Feeling Stressed or Angry

It's easy in todays world to get stressed out about your situation, or angry! If your feeling this way, it's time to Cleanse your Energy!

Stress and Anger are both a very low vibration, you can't create anything positive if your in a negative place with anger or stress!

Did you know that stress actually lowers your immune system? The hormone that is secreted when you are stressed is called cortisol, it increases your heart rate and elevates your blood pressure. It also increases sugar (glucose) and decreases the the ability for your body to repair the tissues within!

Stress is a huge factor in weight gain too! If you struggle to get weight off or keep it at a place your happy with... look at your stress levels! If you notice that you have been stressed out...this is the definite culprit! Learning how to control these stressful issues that might arise is the ticket to battling the bulge!


Learn to let go of what you can't control! You will give yourself such an advantage if you can learn this one simple tool!! Realize that your power lies within how you respond to the situation or issues that arise.

You choose to let it bother you, or not! Let it go!!

It's not healthy to hold on to things that don't serve your highest purpose!!

Another way to cleanse your Energy is to take a relaxing and cleansing Self love ritual Bath!! It's simple... at the end of your night, if you had a stressful day....come home and draw yourself up a bath. Add some Epsom salt to your water for maximum cleansing power!! Salt is a natural cleanser and neutralizer!!

If you would like a ready made alternative, check out "Lunar Love" Bath Potion.

Cleansing not only yourself, but your space will do wonders too! Smudging is the process of cleansing yourself/space with either Sage or Palo Santo. If your sensitive to smoke, check out a smoke-free option like "Poof-Be-Gone" Vanishing Potion.

Yoga is another great way to tap into the mind, body, spirit connect and learn to heal yourself. There are many free videos online these days! I personally do yoga everyday and I have noticed how much it has helped me. Not only does it help me clear my mind, but also helps me better connect with my body. I now can listen to it and know what it truly needs to work at it's highest and best functioning ability.

My favorite online Yoga instructor is Yoga with Adriene!! Check out her videos on YouTube!

#3 Depression or Anxiety Becoming a Persistent Feeling

In the world we live in today, it's no big surprise that 40 million people suffer from Anxiety. The good news is there many solutions and holistic ways to treat Depression & Anxiety!


Meditation is one way to relax your mind and allow a more positive mindset to take place. Go ahead and try my Free guided mediation called "Mountain of Mindfulness." It's one to help assist you build stability & inner strengthen.

Another Guided Meditation that with benefit would be my "Grounded to Gaia." This Mediation will allow you to be more present.

When Anxiety sneaks in, it's usually a result in worrying about what's to come and thinking up the worst scenario.

The thing to remember is, what ever "it" is hasn't happened yet!! Why think of the worst case Sanrio when you can think of the best ??

Think of your life like a script for an Actor! The cool thing is, your the writer of this play. So, if your the main star...wouldn't you like the BEST for yourself?

Why not write your story where you are the winner...the winner at life, happiness, love, abundance, etc. You have the power to write that script. So instead of letting it just be an ok ending or a scary one....make it the best ending possible. It's called skipping to the end. If you take that time to visualize exactly how you would like a situation to resolve...and you get crystal clear on how the ending will feel, look, taste, smell, etc. Then YOU just created your reality!!

Think of how you want "it" to play out in a positive way! You have the power to create the reality in which you live!! Why not choose the best ending for your story of the day...the clearer you can visualize how you want it to play out in a positive way....then my friend, that is how it will be!

Try it sometime, you'll be amazed!

Another thing you could do is Earthing!! Earthing is the process of going outdoors and with your bare feet walking on Gaia (Mama Earth). Learn all about that here.

I have a FREE Guide that I made to help people overcome the affects of Anxiety! If you or someone you know could benefit in a Guide to Overcome Anxiety Holistically... then please CLICK Below.

#4 Constant Complaining About Your Situation

Sometimes it's easy to complain about things not going your way. The fact is, complaining about it actually brings more of it TO YOU. That is the opposite of what you want! Right?

It's called the Law of Attraction! What ever you put out comes back to you 3 fold, weather it be good or bad.


Switch the script! When you notice your complaining about something, remind yourself of the things that are amazing and good in your life. The more you focus on the good and positive and happy things, the more of that will manifest in your life!

Being positive will defiantly put you in a better light!

There is always something to be happy & thankful about... the roof over your head, the food you can eat, the words to allow you to communicate, the choices you have the opportunity to make, your health....etc.

Be more aware of your actions and attitude towards situations. Remember, you have the power!

Need an extra boost of good positive energy?? Work with Carnelian!!

It's great in motivating you in a positive way. It will help boost your energy too! Allowing you confidence and courage moving you forward ... away from the negative and more into the positive!

#5 Feeling a bit "Off"

Somedays we might just not feel ourself! Things might seem fuzzy, details forgotten, not having a clear mind, feeling scatter brained and all over the place... if your experience some of these things...well then you are definitely in need of an Energetic Cleansing!

This is not something you wanna mess with! It can actually start a spiral effect, leaving you manifesting physical issues or even manifesting signs of depression!


What works for me is a Crystal Chakra Balancing! This is where a Crystal Healer will check in with each of your 7 Charka points to see how they are working, etc. If your Chakras are off balance, you start experiencing feelings of disconnect, worry, anger, sadness, and even pain within your body!! Yikes!

Next, they clear any negative or low energy in that Chakra point...rebalance it and work with Crystals to refresh & re-energize that Chakra!

It's so beneficial... it leaves you feeling optimistic, rejuvenated and ready to move forward though-out your day more grounded and present and positive way!

If you live in the Southern California area, I'm able to offer this service to you! Learn more here!

So...your not in the area? Best thing you can do is always search online for a Crystal Healer near you!

Want another way to balance your Chakras???

Try listening to Binaural Beats!! It's been proven that sounds carry vibration, and as we are all vibrating at different rates...when we are in need of an energetic cleanse... listening to these Hz frequencies can benefit us in amazing ways. Learn more about Sound Healing Here!

You could also try a Crystal Sound Healing Session!

I come to your location to offer you an amazing session with a Guided Meditation & Sound Bath!! Book Online!

Here is a Binaural Beat to take a listen to! The one below will help to balance your Chakras.

Just so you know, you don't have to listen to it for the full time of the video. Just enjoy it either as background music for a few mins. or try doing a meditation while listening to it. Whatever calls to you!

This 432 hz is a Aura Cleansing, designed to Balance, Open & Heal all your Chakras!! Enjoy!

#6 Physical Pain or Dis-ease in body

We all have aches and pains from time to time, but when it persists, that's a sign that your Energetic body is in need of a good cleansing!

Most of the time, pain is a result of holding on to baggage (past regrets, worries, fears). None of that can or will ever help us now!

A lot of times, this baggage can also result in dis-eases in our body! A Dis-ease is when your body is not at ease, resulting in physical aliments, also known as lack of harmony within body ! This could manifest in feeling such as upset stomach, soreness & pain in body, to a whole variety of other not so fun feelings/pains.


Everything is connected...mind, body, spirit. Thus, working on the connect within is of upmost importance! One thing to remember is that your body can and is designed to heal it's self. All you have to do is clear your mind, and know that you can heal yourself! Reducing your stress and letting go of the things that no longer serve you is key!

One way to let of of what is no longer serving you is to work with the Lunar Energies! The Moon has phases, and we can tap into them to better ourselves! Full Moon is the prefect time to release things!

The basics is..on the Full Moon, take a few minutes to relax yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Next, take a single piece of paper and write down the things you want to release! Examples: stress, worry about money, a past conflict, past jobs/relationships, etc.

Then you read it aloud to the Moon & Universe! Take a fire proof contains such as a cauldron, or pot and you will light a corner of the paper on fire and place it in your fire proof container. Watch as the flames burn that paper and see the smoke take it away from you removing it from your life! Believe me, this is a powerful practice that I do each month! It makes a huge difference for me!

If you ever need assistance and would like to do a Guided Full Moon Ritual... click here!

Also if you'd like to dive deeper into learning how to work with the Lunar Energies...check out my upcoming class called "Moon Magick."

Heal thy self by the way you treat yourself. Remove the stress and worry and know you create your reality!

If you put the words

Heal thy self together =

HealThy Self.

Yep... you get a Healthy Self! And who doesn't want that?

Working with things like Essential Oils, Herbs, and Crystals will also speed up the process in which your body can heal it's self. That in connection with keeping a positive mind set, is how you can heal yourself and cleanse your energetic body!

It all depends on the physical issues your experiencing to know which herbs/essential oils/Crystals to work with.

Here is the master go to's for pain within the body:


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) this tree grows in Southeast Asia. It's leaves contain compounds that have mind altering affects. Usually taken in pill form they are similar in taking opioids and stimulates.

Kratom interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain, producing sedation, pleasure, decreases pain, and also gives you a boost of energy.

You can usually find Kratom at smoke shops in your area. It works really well for pain with in your body.

Essential Oils:

Lavender (Lavandula) is known to calm & relax you. It's also beneficial in relieving pain & inflammation.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has the amazing ability to ease pain & inflammation.

Best way to use them...take a drop of each with a base oil such as Sweet Almond Oil....mix together and rub into the area of pain.

Looking for a quick easy way to relive pain...check out "Feeling Swell"


Clear Quartz

The master healer, can assist you in accelerating the process of healing! Just place on the site of pain...within 10 mins or so, you will notice the pain has subsided! It truly is magickal!! You won't understand till you try it!! You have nothing to lose except for your pain!


I hope this helped you recognize the signs that your Energy is in need of a cleansing!

As always, if you have concerns or questions please feel free to either comment below, send an email or text! I will also get back to you as I love to be able to assist others on their journey!

Wishing you the most Magickal week!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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