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Visualization... A Powerful Tool!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Have you ever heard about visualization ?? What is it ?

How do you do it?

What are the benefits... you will learn that and so much more ....

1st, let's understand.... what is visualization :


So visualization is the ability to form mental images!

If you picked up my book "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" I have a whole chapter (Chapter 10: Magickal Manifesting) that talks about how to manifest things into your reality! I talk in detail about visualization in that chapter, and give you step by step how to do it, and the benefits .

I feel that this is a technique that is truly needed... especially in our current times. So I wanted to go ahead and share my thoughts here as I feel this will really help.


Now, most people have heard of Affirmations or Mantras.

Affirmations and Mantras are words or phases that you say to yourself, usually words of encouragement or a more positive outlook.

"Crystal Clear Enlightenment" (Chapter 10 Magickal Manifesting) also talks about affirmations/mantras. I personally call them, spells! In my book, I share 2 of the spells I personally wrote and say everyday and night!

Affirmation/Mantra/Spells/Prayer = all the same...

Words that produce a positive outcome.

A few examples of Affirmations would be:

"Today I choose to have the energy I need to be productive today!"

"I choose to see the positive in my day, and focus on all the things I'm grateful for!"

Affirmations are awesome! I have been doing them daily for years now! I have seen how they can transform my life!


what is more powerful than an Affirmations? Visualizations!

Visualization &

Your Subconscious ...

As we learned at the start... visualization is the ability to form mental images.

The reason why this is so much more powerful than Affirmations is because your subconscious can't tell the difference between what you visualize (create in your mind) or what you have actually experienced in this time space reality!

Did you know that 95% of your beliefs, behaviors and habits actually come from your subconscious mind? It's true! This goes to show, your subconscious is smarter than you thought!

Making this, your true super power!

This is why Visualization is so very powerful!!

There has been many athletes that have used this technique to improve their abilities in sports!! In fact, it's well known that the Soviets won lots of gold metals in the Olympics back in the day, due to their working with this technique (it was their little secret).

By visualizing them winning and seeing themselves being successful, they actually began to improve their game in real life.

How Do You Do It?

  • When you do a visualization technique you will want to make sure you are in a quiet space where you will be distraction free.

  • Next you will close your eyes, take some deep breaths to help clear your mind.

  • Then you will visualize what ever it is you want to improve upon.

For example: A new car

  • The key feel the emotions attached to it!

See yourself test driving it, notice the smells of the new car, feel how it drives, experience the happiness this new car brings you. Feel the key in your hand as you walk away from the dealership getting the car you wanted, for the price you wanted.

Start the car and drive it home!! See it in your driveway, feel the happiness and sense of accomplishment attached to this new car!

That is it!!

It's that easy!

You can honestly do this with ANYTHING!

Some other examples of things you could visualize:

  • Getting the job of your dreams

  • Finding your life partner

  • Getting that house you've wanted

  • Become better at a skill

  • Peace, as you go out into the world

  • Safety

  • New Car

  • Money

  • Etc.

So during this time, if it's been hard for you to go out in public... or deal with some of the things you have been faced. Take some time to visualize the outcome in the most positive way you can. See it, feel it, smell it, be it!!

Believe is Seeing!!

As you believe, you will see the results manifest themselves to you!

It's truly a beautiful thing!

I have tried this for myself and it has worked countless times!

You get to write the chapter in your book of life!! How do you want it to play out? Do you want your story to be one of lack, sadness, and drama?

Or one that is full of happiness, success, gratitude and love?

You get to decide!

So... what do you have to loose?

Give Visualization a try today!

As always, if you have questions and need guidance... I'm here to

assist you!

I recently became a Certified Life Coach. If your needing a little extra guidance.... I'm here for you! Reach out today to learn how I can assist you in living the life you always wanted!

Wishing you a life full of blessings!

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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