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The Importance Of Meditation

The first time I tried meditation was years ago, if I had to guess it was probably 10 years ago. I went with a friend of mine to a studio where they were doing mediation with gongs going and compete with noises that we all provided (om) . It was a very unique experience, I had never done anything quite like that before.

As the experience was cool... I didn't get into serious meditation until later. Fast forward now to last year (2016). Along with getting involved with Crystals... I found that meditation would be a good way to connect with my new crystal friends never mind, it is super good for you too.

I remember the 1st time I tried meditating on my own!

It was May 21, 2016 and I decided to pick one of my favorite crystals I had picked up at a Metaphysical shop the day prior, my Big Amethyst!!

As I was meditating with it, I felt tingles all over... I felt the sense of beauty and power and strength coming from this lovely stone! Then I was curious... what will my other crystals do?? Why not try to meditate again and see!!

I picked my Hematite to mediate with the next time around! It felt much different... it felt like electric almost. Like for example.. I felt like if you were to put 2 magnets next to each other how they repel each other! Well.. it almost felt like that, I felt the sensation that it was hovering over my hand a bit, I felt the feeling of sheer happiness!

As I continued onward with my new found connections with my crystals during meditation, I also had run into some issues!

I started to get really dizzy when I'd mediate!!!
Has this ever happened to you???
If Yes? Your not alone!!

When your going through it, of course your going to feel like you are the only person who gets this sensation while meditating!! But, it's clearly not true!! I wanted to share my story so incase you encounter this feeling you know your Not Alone... I want to encourage you ...

DON'T GIVE UP!! It will get better!!

Just like everything... practice makes purrrfect!!

When I first started I would get scared b/c who the fuck likes to be dizzy right? I knew this was new for me though, to give myself space and time to settle my mind and go inward.

I ended up visiting a different Metaphysics shop in July 2016. That is where I met Masta Mad, as she is known. She and I started talking and I mentioned to her about my issues with meditation. She said to try keep working though it... to call upon my spirit guides to help me.

She did mention that this was all a good sign, it means I'm getting ready for astral travel!! (((COOL)))

It was so nice to talk to someone who understood where I was coming from. I give lots of gratitude to Mad for sharing her advice with me... and that the Universe brought us together that day!

So... I took Mad's advice!! I kept at it... and anytime I got dizzy, I'd call in my Spirit Guides. I would ask them to please help stabilize me so I won't be dizzy anymore!!



With practice, determination, and calling upon my Spirit Guides and Not giving up... these feelings are a thing of the past!! Yes, they still happen from time to time.... but hardly at all anymore!!

I remember when I first started, 5 mins. of meditation was hard enough to achieve!! Now... I could go for like 30 mins. I get really deep now and it's so nice because it gives me the opportunity to meet up with my Guides and get advice etc.


Well... we know that it helps us connect better with our inner self.... as well as take in the energy of crystals, not to mention it makes you feel fucking GREAT... But what else??? Here are some reasons why you should try Meditation...

1. Stress Reduction

2. Improves Health

3. Improves Sleep

4. Slows Aging

5. Emotional Stability

6. Allows Positive Thinking

7. Happiness

During meditation, it allows us to be in full control of our mind. It allows us the space and time to eliminate negative thought patterns or worries. It helps us rewire our brains and allow us to become happier people.. and who doesn't want to be happier, right?!

There is a million things that will try to get in your way when you 1st start trying to meditate...

"Oh.. I have dishes, house work to do"...

"I have kids that need me"...

Etc. Etc... blah, blah, blah...

You know what though... STOP!

You are in control....

if you just give yourself even 5 mins. of meditation time, even if it's 1x per week... you will see how beneficial it is and how it will change your life for the better!!

BELIEVE ME!! I'm Proof!! Since I started working with Meditation and Crystals... I have become more centered, helps me tap into my intuition more, less stressed, and even more happier over all. I feel ready to take on the world and I feel recharged after meditating! I have even noticed it's effected me physically in a good way!! I started loosing weight super fast without trying, and I started eating healthier! I think it's because I was allowing myself that time.... to dig deeper into myself and find what is best for ME!

Meditation works by slowing our brain waves down!! When we do this it allows us more time between thought, which in turn gives us more of a chance to pick which thoughts to invest in and the actions we'd like to take!!

When we meditate we move from Beta state (regular, everyday brain waves) to Alpha & Theta states (dreaming, creativity, visitation and intuition live here).

Check out the brain wave frequencies:

So... What are you waiting for????

Try Meditating TODAY!!


Tips on having a successful meditation:

1. Take it slow

2. Practice makes purrrfect

3. Use guided meditations to start

4. Focus on your breathing

5. Call in your Spirit Guides for help

6. Don't make excuses, you got this!!

As always, if you ever have questions and need someone to talk with about meditation... I'm here for you and would love to hear from you!!

Happy Meditation To You!

Namaste Means to me...

The Divine Light in Me acknowledges the Divine Light In You!

My Gift To YOU...

Below is the mediation I like to use to ground myself!!! Give yourself a few minutes and enjoy my Guided Mediation for Grounding!!!

Light, Loves & Lunar HUGS

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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