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Now Presenting... My 2nd Book!! "Heal Yourself Holistically" !!!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hello Dear MoonLights!!

Hope life has been treating you well. With all the shifts and changes we have experience here in 2020, it has been a great time for pause and reflection. As the whole world shut down back in March 2020... it lead all of us to time to sit, pause, and change our regular routines. It's been a great time to reflect on the things that matter most in life!

As this time has been difficult with uncertainties, worry or fear.... it has also been a time of great growth and expanding our knowledge.

So many people are waking up and coming into their own Spiritual Awakening! It's super exciting to know we are all here for a very special reason! If you take the time to tap into what your Soul desires, and listen... you can achieve the most successful and happy life time!

During this time, I felt the urge to write again!!

I started getting signs, one after the other!

Could this be??

Is it really time to write book #2??

My 1st book released this year in Feb. (02/02/2020).

My Guides said "YES" and so off I went with book #2!!

This one feels a bit different to me, it's almost like my 1st book ( "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" ) was the baby, and this book is the teenager! I'm so super excited to have been able to compile and share my knowledge of the Plant & Mineral Kingdoms with you!!

Since times have been so different with trying to visit your Doctors, etc. It's really a beneficial time to learn to be self sufficient and figure out what we have available to us!

We are blessed with an abundance of resources on our planet that are there for us!!

It's time to shift our perspective of relying so heavily on our Doctors and prescription drugs and reach out to the Herbal and Mineral Kingdom!

My new book is called "Heal Yourself Holistically"

Your Herb & Crystal Guide

This book will help you on your healing journey!! Wether it be Allergies, IBD, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid issues, Pain, or Anxiety... this book will help you uncover the Herbs and Crystals that will help assist you!!

I will share with you additional information as well, to help you "Heal Yourself Holistically" !!

We are so blessed by Gaia with a variety of Herbs & Crystals that are ready and willing to assist us on our healing journey! In fact, the pharmaceutical drugs that we have on the market today are all thanks to the lovely plants, flowers, and herbs that inhabit our Earth !

Drug companies have always turned to nature to find out what molecule structure that herbs have! From there, they mimic their chemicals, trademark it, and sell them to make money!

Big Pharma is a HUGE industry! The reason why you don't know about the Herbs that can heal you, is well.. they would be out of a job!

The thing to know is Herbs are just as effective as the prescription or over the counter drugs you can get!

I feel so passionate about empowering others to learn how to "Heal Yourself Holistically" that I wrote this book of Herbal & Crystal remedies that My Family & I, as well as my Clients have tried and worked!!

Not only will you learn the amazing healing qualities of these Herbs, but I will also dive into the Mineral Kingdom as well. Teaching you all about Crystal energy, how they work, and which Crystals to work with for particular ailments and so much more!!

Some of the things you will discover in these pages are:

  • Info on Predisposition

  • Understanding Dis-ease

  • Alternative Healing Options

  • Herbal History

  • Expiration Dates & Storage of Herbs

  • How to work with Herbs Magickally (for Witches)

  • Ailments list with Herbal Recommendations

  • Crystal History

  • How Crystals Work

  • How to work with Crystals Magickally (for Witches)

  • Healing with Crystals

  • Ailments list with Crystal Recommendations

My wish is to share this knowledge with you in an effort to help tap you into the Plant & Mineral Kingdom. They are here to help us heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

May your journey be one of much healing, magick, happiness and love!

"Heal Yourself Holistically"

Will Release on July 3rd, 2020

I will have it available in both paperback book as well as Ebook version!

Both my Paperback & Ebook will be available on July 3rd, 2020.

If you would like a signed copy, please get in touch with me... and I can arrange that for you!!

I'm so excited for my release date to come!! I super appreciate everyone's support on not only my 1st book "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" but now my newest baby.. "Heal Yourself Holistically"!!

Here is a sneak peek...

The Process...

After writing my 1st book... I had a lot of people curious on my process and how long it took me, so I decided to share that with you here!

I started the writing process on April 12th, 2020

It flowed through me like water... writing is really enjoyable for me, but it was amazing even to me how easily this book came together!

By May 11th, 2020, I had completed the writing process!! It's amazing what you can accomplish when the world is shut down!

I still had some work ahead of me with the proofing process, which is sometimes the hardest part for me! lol

A few days of proofing and I felt pretty good with how it came together!

I can tell your for certain that book #2 was much easier than the first!

Of course, practice makes purrrfect right!?

Onward to the art and photography for the book!!

That it an exciting process for me because it starts to become a bit more of a reality to me... it starts to sink in that my book is almost done!!

My lovely Daughter Kelsey helped me with her photography skills, that was also a faster process than book 1. Again, learning all along!

Then on May 25th, 2020, my Hubby Jared finished up all the digital art I needed for my book!

One week later... My Hubby and I worked on the cover for my book !!

I'm so grateful for these too talented loving Souls!! They have always been so supportive of EVERYTHING I do!! And I feel so blessed to have them and their support in my life!

I officially submitted my Paperback & Ebook to my publisher on June 6th, 2020 and now we wait till my release date of July 3rd!!

During that waiting time, my work isn't over. I already have my Author copy coming from my publisher on it's way!

Once I get my Author copy, I literally read the whole book.... front to back to make sure everything is exactly how I want it to be shared out with you!

Again... Thank you for all your continued support! I know a lot of you have been wanting to know about my 2nd book and what it will cover... and now I can share that with you!!

To everyone who bought "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" and left your sweet reviews... it means a lot to me!! Thank you!

I'm thrilled to be sharing the things that have helped My family and I with you soon!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post!! Feel free to share it out to anyone you think would be interested in healing themselves holistically!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar HUGS,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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