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Happy Samhain/ Blue Moon/Full Moon in Taurus

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Sign Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Expect: Calm & Patience, Artisitc, Being careful with decisions, very loving & though

Watch Out For: Begin a bit stubborn, slow moving, delay in reaction by lengthy pondering

Moon Age: 14.9 days

Visibility: 100.0%

Phase: Full Moon/Mother Phase

Season of the Moon: Blood/Hunter/Shedding Moon

Wheel of the Year: Samhain

Crystal Suggestions: Jade & Rhodonite

Hello Dear MoonLights!!!

Tonight is extra special... not only do we have a FULL MOON, but we have SAMHAIN!!

The last time we had a Full Moon on Halloween was in 1944 and the next one won't be until 2039!!

So take this extra magickal night to do your release ritual and also why not do a little spell work as well!!

I know I'm looking forwarding to doing my spelling, after all... it is my favorite subject!! (wink, wink)

The energy is very potent tonight!! So work with it wisely!

We have reached the end of my favorite month of the year!!

The weather is turning colder, leaves are falling off the trees. Everything is now Pumpkin Spice and it's a time to reflect back on the year thus far!

Plus, it's a great time to find those dusty boots in the closet and put them to use yet again!

Before we get into our Moon Energy Report Tonight....

I want to take a minute to thank EVERYONE who came to all my Sound Bath's this year!! It was such pleasure sharing my Chakra Sound Bath Series with you!!


Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios-Upland for allowing me to ultilize their amazing spaces this year!!

I wrapped up my last Sound Bath of 2020 this month on 10/17/20.

We had an amazing night. I appreciate all your love and support this year dear ones!!

Let's take a minute to look back at a year of Sound Baths...



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Onward to Our Moon Report...

What is a Blue Moon??

Will the Moon actually look Blue this month?

That is probably what you might be wondering right about now.

The answer: Nope!

A Blue Moon is when we have the special month where we get 2 Full Moons in 1 months time!!

That is super magical indeed!

Our 1st Full Moon of course was on the 1st of Oct.

Our 2nd Full Moon will be on this very special night ... Samhain (Halloween) the 31st of Oct.

To all my fellow Witches... Happy New Year!! May blessing follow you into the new year ahead!! With much magick, happiness and love!!

Tonight is a great time to release what not longer serves us!!

There is a reason why we get this Blue Moon Month... I'm sure you have something you could release to better serve yourself.

Make time and do it tonight!!

Whether it be a rude comment from someone, or even having your feelings hurt, or wishing a conversation would have gone differently, removing an old job that no longer serves you... or a relationship.

These are all things that if we carry them around, can be heavy over time. Also, it doesn't allow us to reach our highest potential. We will have no space to manifest the things we really want to if we don't release!!

What to Expect When The New Moon is in Taurus...

Take note as the tensions from the previous days melt away! Peace and Calm is upon us now! It's time where you will feel more stable and secure.

You will notice that you have the tendency to slow down your thoughts, and reactions, leaving you feeling a bit lazy (might be hard to get things started today).

Today would be a good time to take care of things at home. Do a bit of spring cleaning, run some errands and restock your supplies.

Best to postpone any important business proposals, so you don't make any mistakes with the slow reaction and thinking time.

People Born When The Moon Is In Taurus...

You will be affectedly strongly by the above information. You are usually a person who is very calm and sometimes too much so. Procrastination is a down side here. Most people would describe you as one that is peaceful, quiet, and enjoys the comfort of your home.

Sometimes slow to get a move on things, you're not one who likes change, and it's sometimes an issues to let go of things and you tend to run from problems.

The good news is as you see yourself slipping into these habits, be in that lies your power and you can adjust.

Crystal Suggestions...

The following Crystals are most beneficial to work with when the Moon is in Taurus. If you are in Sun/Star Sign of Taurus, these Crystals will also be of benefit for you to work with. They will help balance you out, allowing the positive within your sign to be amplified and the negative to be less of an affect on you.

Jade: Lovely Jade will bring balance back into your all aspects of your life.

It will also help harmonize energies to creative stability, abundance, and longevity. Brining about a sense of encouragement and allowing you to follow your heart, will also increase with Jade. Rhodonite: Providing support and guides you to fulling love yourself and others. Brings about emotional balance, and helps you forgive others.

Season of the Moon...

This Months Moon is all about learning lessons... and to remind us of the cycles of life/dealth. It's a time for rebirth, karmic shifts, divination and shadow work.

Blood Moon, Shedding Moon, Hunter's Moon are all name you will hear the Full Moon in October being called.

Blood Moon/Hunter's Moon is all about a time for hunting. Our ancients used these names to let everyone know what time of the year they were on the calendar....since they didn't have fancy calendars or devices telling them otherwise.

The October Moon is a time to prepare for the upcoming winter months, thus the ancients hunting during this time.

Shedding Moon is all about the time of the year when deers shed their antler and began to create new life, as life can turn to death with the winter months closely near by. Learning to adapt to the ever changing season, something we can all keep in mind during this time. It's ok to just go with the flow of life... enjoy it!

Enjoy this extra special Samhain/Blue Moon/Full Moon Night!!

Wishing you the best of the year yet to come!

Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

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