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Full Super Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) in Sagittarius~May 26th, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Sign Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Expect: Optimistic, Seeing the best in people, Spirituality, Inspiring, Happy Go Lucky, Honesty, Frank & Openness.

Watch Out For: Argumentative, Impatient, Preachy, Critical.

Moon Age: 14.7 days

Visibility: 100.0%

Phase: Mother/Full Moon

Season of the Moon: Flower/Hare/Milk Moon

Wheel of the Year: Beltane (May 1st)

Other Energies: Total Lunar Eclipse, Saturn in Retro (5/23- 10/11)

Crystal Suggestions: Smokey Quartz/Sodalite

Happy Eclipse Season MoonLights!!

Who is ready to release some shit?

It's that time to remove the things that no longer serve us in an effort to have space in our life for the amazing things we'd like to create!

I want to take a minute to thank all the sweet Souls who came out to my last Sound Bath on May 16th.

It was a super amazing and beautiful day and I felt so blessed to be able to share Sound Healing with you.

I want to share a message that I was inspired to share during my Sound Bath.

Please think about these words. Feel free to share it with others!

We are all one!!

If you can....

Take time to admire the Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon (if you can wake up that early!)

Either way, the energy is present and there for the taking!

Learn all about how it will affect you in this blog!

Onwards to our Moon Report!


Full Moon Energy...

Tonight is a much needed night for all!! A time to finally release the things that no longer serve you!! Take the time to write down on paper what it is you'd like to release from your life! It can truly be anything.... stress, worries, fears, financial burdens, past regrets.... etc. Write them down and then light that paper on fire (be careful of course, I usually place my in my caldron for safety).

As you watch the flames consume your paper and things you wish to remove from your life... feel the release and lightness come over you!! Allow the Universe and Lady Luna to assist you in the process. The Universe will take it from there and transmute any negative energy into pure positive peace and happiness for all.

Believe me, it works!!

If you want to have a step by step guide on how to do this process... pick up my book!

"Crystal Clear Enlightenment" where I dedicated a whole chapter to working with the Lunar Energies.

Pick up your copy today by either reaching out to me for a signed copy!!


Order online through amazon

What to Expect When The Full Moon is in Sagittarius...

Tonight will be one of stability and feeling right where you should be. It's a time of calm and orderly feelings. People tend to follow rules and routines when the Moon is in Sagittarius. You will be drawn to receiving and giving advice and recommendations.

Interests in social life and one's place in society will increase tonight. As well as the desire for more stable & comfortable life.

Take time to continue your education, it's a good night to give and receive knowledge with others, and help find the answers your in search of.

People Born When The Moon is in Sagittarius...

Lots of pride will be present as well as a tendency to seem vain. Often with the attitude of cocky, they like to let others know they are always right!

These things are not bad qualities, it's just something to be aware of so when you notice these things creeping up, you can adjust your behavior.

You enjoy to teach others, and long for new knowledge yourself.

Deep down, you are generous, and have a huge heart...wanting to share and give easily. Success in your career is of great importance to you.

Season of the Moon...

Hare/Milk and Flower Moon are all names you will hear this months Moon being called. If you think about it... May is all about renewal and birth!

The birth of animals are abundant and the Mother's bring forth their Milk to feed their young. It's a time of creation, balancing the yin-yang, connection with nature, and self love. These are all the signs of May...thus our Ancients naming the Moon as a reflection of the event surrounding them.

Who can See the Total Lunar Eclipse?

This month we get the special event of the Total Lunar Eclipse!!

The Lunar Eclipse will be visible May 26th, 2021

Good News... here in Phoenix, Arizona... we should be able to see this Lunar Eclipse!!

In fact, parts of if you are in the Western US, Australia and West South America, and South-East Asia... you will will get the chance to see this amazing celestial event!

Check online for your local times

Here is a table that give the local times when the eclipse will be visible from Phoenix:

Moon rises 1:47 am

Partial Eclipse begins 2:44 am

Total Eclipse 4:11 am

Maximum Eclipse 4:18 am

Total Eclipse ends 4:25 am

Moon sets 5:29 am

Lunar Eclipse Energy...

Lunar eclipses signify a time of great change and upheaval. Eclipses are designed to put us on the "right" path whether we realize it or not. You might notice during this time that things could change abruptly... relationships, jobs, careers, friendships etc. The energy will bring up repressed feelings or emotions during this time as well. This will help you take closer looks at personal relationships you have. Did you feel any of this energy recently??

When you are in tune with your own needs & intentions, and of those around will be able to see clearly and will be able to fix any unbalances that come up during this time.

You will notice this energy of the Lunar Eclipse 3 days before and 3 days after. So during this time is when you will notice things change swiftly!

All and all.. the Eclipse is here to help you, not hurt you. It's here to push us into the right path we are meant to be on! It's the Universes way of saying... "Hey You.. the time is NOW, no more putting off the change you need in your life!" So enjoy the energy and keep a positive mind set as any changes come your way!

Eclipses Always Come in Pairs...

True story..... After each Lunar Eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse.. or visa-versa.

Here is a list of the Eclipses we have had this year to see what I mean:

  • May 26th, 2021: Total Lunar Eclipse. Seen from:the Western US, Australia and West South America, and South-East Asia. Reaching it's peak at 4:18 am (PDT) ending at 4:25am (PDT)

  • June 10th, 2021: Annular Solar Eclipse. Seen from parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada.

  • November 19th, 2021: Partial Lunar Eclipse. North and South America, Australia, and parts of Europe and Asia.

  • December 4th, 2021: Total Solar Eclipse. Parts of southern Africa, including locations in South Africa and Namibia

The Darkness is Temporary

The Lunar Eclipse is a great time to remember that in the dark times it's good to reflect on the things we can release and let go of, dig deep into our Shadow-Self!

Doing this allows us so much more space in our life for the ability to manifest what it is we truly wish and hope for! It's also a reminder that the dark times only last for a short time. Soon the light will shine again and bring a bit of positively back.

The light will help shed a new understanding for the reasons why you had to have some dark time.

Balance is everything, and having some dark with some light will allow you to see that things happen for a reason!

This is the perfect time to share one of my favorite Harry Potter Quotes...

You choose how you respond to each and everything that happens in our life! You create your reality! Just like this Lunar Eclipse...her light will shine again with time and patients! Remember...the darkness won't last forever....turn on your bright positive light from within, and change your outcome to what you truly desire!!

Crystal Suggestions...

The following Crystals are most beneficial to work with when the Moon is in Sagittarius.

If you are a Sun/Star Sign in Sagittarius, these Crystals will also be of benefit for you to work with. They will balance you out, allowing the positive within your sign to be amplified and the negative to be less of an affect on you.

Smokey Quartz

Amazing for grounding and protection, this Crystal is a perfect pick for a Sagittarius to feel supported and grounded.

Smokey Quartz has the amazing ability to transmute negative energy into positive, perfect for the doubts that might sneak up on the Sagittarians.

Sodalite Allow Sodalite to help give guidance in figuring out the path your meant to be on.

Sometimes it's hard for Sagittarius to commit to things, it can help focus that energy in to a single direction for you and strengthen your intuition as to which direction is meant for you on a Soul level.

Have an amazing Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon/Full Moon Night...

Sending You,

Light, Loves & Lunar HUGS,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

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