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Emotions=Energetic Nerves!

Your Emotions are Your Energetic nerves!

If you listen to your will feel and notice these subtle impulses which will help you go through life with more ease and happiness! They are your emotions, and they are like our energetic bodies nervous system!

Let's talk about our energetic body and how our emotions play a huge part in giving us a signal to change our ways (if you pay enough attention and listen to them).

Have you ever felt a negative emotion??

When you feel negative emotions it’s your energetic bodies way to show you not to go in that direction! Rather be aware of it & push off of that feeling and go into a feeling that is more positive & feels better.

Most people don’t understand that’s what it’s meant for, that it's our inner guidance system! What usually ends up happening is they continue to keep thinking the negative thoughts and feeling these negative emotions, which then keep growing into reality. Yikes!

What Can You do Instead?

Instead... use it to push off of and find what feels good!! Then you can spiral your emotions into a new direction of positivity, allowing you to create the positive, happier reality in which your really truly wanted all along.

The negative energy or past thoughts of negative experiences might come up as a way to once and for all release them!! This is normal. As you have these things or feelings bubble up to the surface, notice them...and thank them for their assistance on your journey. For having these past experiences have allowed you to realize what you wish in your life instead. Thank it, and then release it's energy so you can move forward with less shit to carry (if you know what I mean)!

Time to Shift!!

If your feeling negative energy, one of the best things you can do to start the shifting process back into positive, Is to get outdoors!!

One way to do this is by going for a walk, take a hike, or even hug a tree!!

Energy wants to move & flow so feeling & thinking negatively blocks the natural flow of energy. By getting out in nature, it will allow the negativity to dissolve. You can take it one step further by Earthing yourself.

Earthing is the process in which you go out doors with your shoes off and allow yourself some time to feel your connection with Gaia!

Another way to release negative energy is to go into a meditative state & ask your Guided to step in and see why you needed this to come up & then you can ask for their assistance to help naturalize the harsh feelings attached to it! Then ask them to turn it into pure positive energy you can use instead.

When we release what no longer serves us, that’s when we will have space in our life for all the amazing things in which we truly desire.

To give you a better visual of your vibration and the emotions connected to them....take a peek below.

Ultimate Consciousness Chart

Notice that in the red it's feelings such as shame, guilt, etc. You can NOT create anything positive if your in this space!

As you move up the emotional scale we start to get into the blue with feeling of willingness, and acceptance. At the top of the chart we have Love, Joy and Enlightenment! We all have the power to vibrate at the top of this chart. It's all up to you!! Where do you fall on this chart?? Being aware is the 1st step in adjusting it.

Use your energetic nerves (emotions) to vibrate higher!! You can do it!!

Here is also a tip.... you can only manifest positive things in your life if your in the blue section of the chart, starting with willingness.

Getting in the purple zone is where manifesting becomes so easy you won't believe it!! Try it!


Crystals are another amazing tool that can assist in transmuting negative energy.

My top picks would be:

Shungite: Amazing for removing negative energy! It's super ability is to give off a force field affect around you and your aura! Not only is it amazing for that, but it also block EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields) which is put off by our electronics (cell phones, computers, tvs, wifi, etc.) that also boggs down our Energetic body! It will help boost your immune system as well! Win win win!!

Hematite: Super Grounding and Protective! Hematite has your back! Allowing you to dissolve any past issues and removing them, like a Mr. Clean Eraser!! This little friend is a must have! It also assists you in focusing on what it is you truly need and want in this life time! Physical body healing wise, great for removing bruises and fast!

Citrine: Positivity in your Pocket! Citrine is the go to for a boost of energy, positivity, optimism and happiness! Now that you have let go of the shit that no longer serves you...this bright beauty will help keep you vibing high!!

Sunstone: Joy and vitality! The perfect combination to continue having a good outlook and staying positive. This friend will help you come into your own power and keep the harmony and abundance coming your way!

What makes you feel good?

This is another way to shift out of a negative mindset

Again, focusing on what feels good and makes you happy allows you to stay in that higher vibration. While in this higher vibration it will allow you to manifest things so quickly and easily you won't believe it!

I do it all the time!! It works!! All it takes is a bit of practice and refocus when you notice the little lurking doubts sneak in.

Other things you can do to stay in the Positive ...

Some ideas could include:

  • Going for a hike

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Paint

  • Draw

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Take an Epsom Salt Bath

  • Write

Do what feels good!!

That will help shift you away from the negative emotions & back into positive.


when these negative emotions or past experiences come up...

take a deep breath, know that everything happens for a reason & you learned from that experience.

Thank it for allowing you to see the light, and realizing what feels better instead.

As you thank it, envision yourself releasing it.... by blowing it away.

Release it knowing your a better Soul for having that experience.

Better Yet...

Try my NEWEST Guided Meditation called "Stress Release"

Now that you have released the negative... how can you create more positive things in your life??


Your imagination is a very powerful tool that you can also use. By imagining exactly what you’d like that’s when you can create it in your physical reality.

You don’t have to do it too often as for when you start getting those good feelings into motion.... it’s like a fan spinning. It will keep spinning b/c you flipped the switch. You don’t have to continue to focus per say on it 24/7... but if you continue to feel the positive, exciting feelings of what you’d like to create instead .... that’s when you will have it in your reality.

The best part is all you have to do is visualize it to your fullest ability.... see it, feel it, smell it, touch it,etc. Get Crystal clear on how it would feel to be in that moment right now.

Then continue to stay positive!

It’s the Universe’s job to do the rest. You don’t need to figure out how you’ll obtain it (love interest, new job, money, happiness)

Just by staying in a positive mindset... you’ve done your part & as you continue to do so... doors will start to open up & opportunities will come your way with such ease you won’t believe it’s happening. It's the law of the Universe.

I hope this sheds a bit of light on how our emotions are our energetic nerves, and how our thoughts create our reality!

It's amazing what you can create and will create once you practice these concepts!! I share this with you because it's made a huge shift in my life and I wish the same positive shift for you too!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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