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Unique Gift Giving Ideas!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Yes, it's that time again, where your frantically in search of some gift giving ideas. The biggest issue is when there are those people on your list who have everything!!! Yep, you know who I'm talking about...we all have at least one Right!?

Well... no worries my Friends, I got you covered. This blog will be all about some Unique Gift Giving Ideas that will benefit even the hardest of people to shop for.

The gift options I'm going to go over are all wellness based gift giving ideas. Enjoy my list, and if you have any questions.. please comment or reach out. Give the Gift of Good Health this year!!

Give the Gift of Wellness
This Year!!



In the fast paced world we live in today, it's easy to neglect ourselves. The bad news is, by doing this... we are doing ourselves a dis-service!! We would be happier, healthier and more emotionally balanced if we take the time to care for ourself.

With my Crystal Chakra Balancing Sessions you will be giving the gift of happiness, balance, emotional stability and spiritual enhancement!!

This hour long Crystal Chakra Balancing will put you at ease, relax you, and I will be able to locate any low or non-functioning Chakras. By doing this, I will be able to restore them and allow them to soak up the Crystal Energy.

Full Crystal Healing Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home, by appointment.



This new type of facial will leave you or your friend feeling extra refreshed and rejuvenated!

You choose from the following Crystal Healing Facials...

I come to your location (home/office) for this service!



Get the best of both worlds! Your recipient will receive both a Crystal Chakra Balancing and a Crystal Healing Facial, finding balance & rejuvenation all in one session!

This options saves you $10!

I come to YOU for this hour long session!

Book Online.



Do you or your friends have questions that you need answers to? Unsure about your career, love life, health ??? Curious what 2019 will bring for you? I can give you insight to these questions and so much more!! By having a Tarot card reading with me, you will gain insight on the questions at hand which will help you have clarity and know the direction or steps you need to take to make your dreams and wishes a reality.

I will answers as many questions as I can fit within the time you booked for. You can purchase a gift certificate for that friend/family member on your list.

Readings are offered either in person (1 hour reading only ).

I can also do phone readings as well as LIVE Skype/FaceTime readings if your out of the area.



Ever wonder what is in store for you during this life time? Curious about your Life Path, Soul Urge? Looking for guidance and not sure what steps you need to take? Let me help give you the answers and unlock your personal blue print.

Readings can be done a variety of ways:

Email: I will email you paperwork along with a voice recording of your reading.

Skype/FaceTime: I will email you your paperwork and explain over the web live your findings. All by appointment.


Bridget's Brew:"Calm Diggy-Diggy" Tune-Up Potion

Feeling stressed? Suffer from Anxiety? This is the Tune-Up Potion for you! Each bottle has a blend of Essential Oils and comes with an Enchanted Amethyst Crystal.

5 ml. roll on= $6

10 ml. roll on=$11


Bridget's Brew: "Pep In Your Step" Tune-Up Potion

Having a hard time getting through your day?? Feeling run down and tired? Then this is the Tune-Up Potion for you!!

This Essential Oil blend comes with an Enchanted Carnelian Crystal.

5 ml. roll on=$6

10 ml.roll on=$11


Bridget's Brew: "Hocus Focus" Tune-Up Potion

Are you studying?? Trying to learn something new?? Then this is the Potion made just for YOU! "Hocus Focus" Will help focus your mind while your in school or learning something.

This Essential Oil Blend comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystal.

5 ml. roll on=$6

10 ml. roll on=$11


Bridget's Brew: "Pink Passion" Love Potion

Put some Passion back into your life! With my "Pink Passion" Love Potion you will be able to learn to love yourself & others unconditionally. Will help encourage self-love. By doing this, it will allow you to attract the Lover you desire!

This Essential Oil Blend comes with an Enchanted Rose Quartz Crystal.

5 ml. roll on=$6

10 ml. roll on=$11

GIFT #10

Bridget's Brew: "Feeling Swell" Tune-Up Potion

Are you feeling the cold weather change? Usually when the pressure dropped, our achy body sure feels it! Until now... introducing "Felling Swell" just roll on this potion where it hurts and poof, just like more pain or swelling!

This Essential Oil Blend comes with an Enchanted Smokey Quartz Crystal.

5 ml. roll on=$6

10 ml. roll on=$11

GIFT #11

Bridget's Brew: "Lunar Love" Bath Potion

After a long day of hard work, you deserve some self love time! My "Lunar Love" Bath Potion will do just the trick to help relieve & relax you! This Bath Potion comes with a full sized Enchanted Rose Quartz Crystal.

5 Fl. Oz.=$13

GIFT #12

Bridget's Brew: "Well Grounded" Tune-Up Potion

Feeling off balanced? Not feeling grounded? Then this is the potion for you! Roll on this essential oil blend to find more stability in your life! Inside is an Enchanted Smokey Quartz Crystal.

5 ml. roll on =$6

10 ml. roll on=$11

GIFT #13

Bridget's Brew: "SleepTight, MoonLight" Potion Pillow

Do you have trouble trying to sleep?? Then this Potion Pillow will do just the trick! Tuck it under your pillow case at night, or set it on your night stand. Each Potion Pillow comes with an Enchanted Howlite Crystal.

1 Size=$13

GIFT #14

Bridget's Brew: "Cramp.Less" Menstrual Cramp Relief

Period got you in a crampy mood? "Cramp.Less" will come to the rescue, putting those nasty little cramps to rest! Apply a small amount of this essential oil blend to the area that's cramping and poof, you will be "Cramp.Less" Inside each dropper bottle is an Enchanted Amethyst Crystal.

2 ml. = $6

GIFT #15

Bridget's Brew: "Poof-Be-Gone" Vanishing Spray

My #1 Seller, "Poof-Be-Gone" is a smokeless smudging spray that will remove any low or negative energy from your environment! Just spray in your space (home, work, car, etc) And Poof...the bad vibes will be GONE!

This essential oil blend has an Enchanted Smokey Quartz Crystal inside.


GIFT #16

Bridget's Brew: "Namaste Spray" Meditation Potion

Get your mind and body relaxed and ready to mediate with my "Namaste Spray" This is the prefect tool for someone who is just starting their mediation journey. Just give this bottle a shake to activate the magick and spray above your Crown Chakra (above your head). Each essential oil blend includes an Enchanted Clear Quartz Crystal.

2 oz.=$13

GIFT #17

Bridget's Brew: "Crystal Healing Fur Baby Charm"

Looking for a gift for your pet, or the animal lover in your life? Share the magick of Crystal energy with your fur babies with my clip on Crystal Charms!

Your choice:

"Peace Out"

"Endless Love"

"Crystal Clear"

Each charm will benefit your fur baby in different ways. Click order online below for more info.

1 Charm=$6

GIFT #18

B*MoonStruck: "Magickal Crystal Wand"

The perfect gift for the Crystal lovers in your life!! This "Magickal Crystal Wand" will give you the ability to direct energy. Use for Healings, Grid Work, Casting Circles of Protection, and so much more!

4 Options to choose from, click order online to view options.

1 Wand=$23

Hope this blog helped you with some new ideas for the holidays!

Wishing you the best of holidays!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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