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Full Moon in Taurus~ Nov. 22nd, 2018

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Sign Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Moon Age: 13.9 Days

Visibility: 99.1%

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Snow/Tree/Beaver Moon

Wheel of the Year: Samhain

Happy Thanksgiving &
Happy Full Moon!!

How lucky are we to have a day to give thanks and the night to let go of the things that no longer serve our highest good!?

I'm thankful for the opportunity to tap into the elements and work with the Universe and Lady Luna to remove such obstacles from my life.

I'm also thankful for an amazing year, with amazing opportunities! I have had such growth this year personally, and I've been able to share my journey with you here! It brings me such great happiness and joy to be able to assist others on their life journey and I'm grateful to have been able to do that for so many of you this year! Thanks for supporting me and allowing me to fulfill my purpose!

So with the Full Moon on Thanksgiving, you might be thinking to yourself...there is no way I'll have time to do my Ritual. Here is the good news, you can always do it the day before or the day after!! Remember, the Moon energy is present the day before, the day on, and the day after. So... no worries!

Onward to some Moon Energy Information for you so you know what to expect on this Gemini Full Moon...

What to Expect When the Full Moon is in Gemini...

A day of activity is on the agenda. You might also feel emotionally sensitive during this time as well. It's a time where you will feel the need for socializing (perfect timing with thanksgiving here)! Be careful not to over do it today...with these intense feeling to be so active, it's a time when you could over do it and find yourself in danger! Balance is key to all. Spend sometime outside today in some fresh air for an extra boost of energy. It's a wonderful time to take a short travel and visit with friends and family. Amazing how this all falls on the most social, gathering type of day of the year! Enjoy it!

People Born When the Moon is in Gemini...

Change, change, change...that is you. You enjoy constant change in your life. You tend to be indecisive and it's difficult for you to make a decision. One day you might enjoy the company of someone, and in the next minute you can't stand them, this is all a normal trait when born under the Gemini moon sign. As your element is air, you are very easier moved with the direction of the wind...moving here and there and going everywhere. You are not usually one to take the leader rule in a situation. You are very outgoing, talkative and social which draws people to you.

Do you know your Moon Sign?

The Season of The Moon...

As this is the official calendar of time of old. One of the names this Season of the Moon got is Snow Moon. It makes sense as the 1st snow falls of the season are getting underway.

Another name you might hear it being called is the Tree Moon. This represents the Moon of silence, inner workings and strength. It's also about the Moon of completion, days growing shorter as the end of the year draws near.

All this good energy is an added layer that will assist us in seeking wisdom within during this time, releasing what no longer serves your spirit and purpose and releasing the past. Take time to honor your ancestors who have paved the path for you and continue to guide you and look after you still to this day.

Lastly, another name you will hear this Moon being called is Beaver Moon.

Named by the Algonquin tribes and colonial Americans, the Beaver Moon was a time when our ancients would set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Other tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Frost Moon (I'm guessing the other Native American tribes were the animal lovers, like me...with the name Frost Moon instead of Beaver, Yikes!)

  • Did you know: The spin-time of the Moon on its own axis is identical to the time it takes the Moon to revolve around Earth, which is why the Moon always keeps almost exactly the same face toward us.

  • How much would you weigh on the Moon? Just multiply your weight (it doesn’t matter if it’s in pounds or kilograms) by 0.165. You’d weigh about 80 percent less!

Wishing everyone an amazing night full of love and happiness, thankfulness and gatherings! And a night to release the things that no longer serve us as we head into the tail end of 2018!

Sending You...

Light, Loves, and Lunar Hugs

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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