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"Psychic Protection Crystals", Empaths...Read all about it! Book Review.

Book Review...

Recently one of my favorite Crystal Authors, Ethan Lazzerini put out a new book entitled ..."Psychic Protection Crystals"!! I was super excited to get right to reading it...and as always it didn't disappoint! Before I knew it, I was half way through the book!

This book is all about Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People!

So what is an Empath??
Are You an Empath???
See if the following describes you...

1. Have you ever walked into a room and you could pick up on the energy within it (good vibes/bad vibes) ?

2. Do you sense other people's vibes (knowing they are happy, sad, depressed, etc).... without them telling you, which sometimes leave you feeling drained?

3. Do people seem to gravitate towards you for help, and they seem to open up to you and tell you their deepest secrets?

4. Do you pick up emotional feelings from animals?

5. Feel overwhelmed with certain TV shows or the News going on in the world?

6. Do you feel the need to fix problems or help others?

If any of that sounds like you...then you are an Empath!

"Empath are people who take on energy, emotions and thoughts of other people very easily. It's common for Empaths to have trouble separating others emotions and thoughts from their own." (pg. 21"Psychic Protection Crystals")

I'm an Empath

There is nothing wrong with being an Empath! I've been one my whole life, and it continues to grown stronger and stronger as I've gotten older. Sometimes it can be a challenge though, and can definitely leave you feeling drained if you don't protect yourself!

That is what the book "Psychic Protection Crystals" is all about!

In the book, Ethan talks about ways to protect yourself if you are an Empath or highly sensitive person.

One area that affects Empaths the most is their energetic body! This is of course where our Chakra's lie. When we start to pick up & take on other's vibes, or energy it can really deplete us Empaths...leaving us feeling tired, off balance and drained!

Coming to a Crystals Healer, like one way to cleanse and rebalance your chakras with a Crystal Chakra Balancing! Of course this is a service I offer if you live in the Southern California area.

But, if you live out of the area and would like to know what you can do for yourself....Ethan Lazzerini's book "Psychic Protection Crystals" is definitely a must have!


Some of the topics covered in his book are things like Psychic attack, how to heal from a Psychic attack, Psychic protection techniques, and which Crystals work best for protection.

My favorite chapter in the book was chapter 4 entitled " Psychic Protection Techniques". In this chapter, Ethan covers a lot of information on ways to cleanse yourself and protect yourself from others energy! He explains different ways to keep your aura and energetic body clean!

He also goes though step by step explaining Shielding. His writing is very easy to understand and follow too!

Shielding is something I have personality tried for myself since reading the book and have noticed it has helped me a lot when I'm in places with large crowds!!

I sometimes have a really hard time being in a place with lots of people, or large crowds around & this technique definitely helps for that. I only use Shielding occasionally, as I have noticed I feel a bit of a disconnect from people when I do it daily.

I always have Crystals like Shungite or Black Tourmaline on me to protect me and help shield me from any negativity surrounding me, and they certainly help!

In addition to Crystals...The Shielding technique is just an added layer of protection that does makes a difference! Something worth trying out for yourself once you get the book!!

Crystals for Empaths...

During my sessions with Clients, sometimes they will tell me they feel drained when certian people are around etc. I explain to them they are Empaths and Crystals they could work with to help the draining to stop!

Chapter 6 is all about "Psychic Protection Crystals" and Ethan goes over in great detail which Crystals work best!

He goes into deep detail as to the key properties of each Crystal, as well as Energies, Chakras, Elements, Rays, Recommended Shielding, and all the details on how they can help us.

One thing I found interesting is within the information on the Crystals, he will mention who the Crystal would work best for...example:

Ancient Greek, Roman, Nordic, Scandinavian, Native American, Aztec, Atlantis, Egyptian, etc. past lives or ancestry.

Here are my personal favorite Crystals to work with as an Empath ...

Black Tourmaline

The mighty shield of protection is exactly what you will get from this little Crystal! This is the go to stone if people have drained you...or give off bad vibes towards you. It has the ability to transmute, transform, and purify negative energy...turning it into usable energy! #1 Must have Crystals for Empaths or Psychics. It protects your own energy field against attachments, entities and energetic debris. Helpful for stress or worry and obsessive or compulsive behaviors. Very grounding, helps you align with subtle changes in life. Helps purify the body of toxins and waste.


This lovely Lunar connected Crystal is the best Crystal to seal your aura and cleanse it! Perfect to assist you after a negative encounter. This form of Gypsum shields you with loving light, deeply purifying and raises your vibration in a jiffy! Negative energies stand no chance against this beauty! Selenite is very high vibrational Crystal that repels low vibrational beings or negative entities....keeping them away from you and your space!


As a 2 billion year old Crystal...Shungite is nothing new, but it sure packs a powerful layer of protection! Found in Russia this antioxidant Crystal can absorb and and eliminate anything that is hazardous to human life, keeping you heathy!

Shungite is amazing for shielding EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) and things that give off radiation such as cell phones, computers, TV's , etc. It will protect you, ground you, helps rid you of negative emotional patterns and generates a feelings of emotional rebirth.


In addition to the Crystals above, another one of my must haves on me each day !! Creating a force field, Labradorite is a beautiful Crystal that protects and strengthens your aura (energetic body) preventing others from tapping into your magickal powers and draining you! It has the ability to fix any holes within your aura This powerful Crystal also aids you in recalling past life/other realms experiences.

Hope this blog helped open your eyes to understanding Empaths and helped you with some ideas on how to protect yourself.

To learn even more technique, make sure you pick up a copy of Ethan Lazzerini's book "Psychic Protection Crystals" available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

If you ever have any other questions regarding this subject, please feel free to ask in the comments below or contact me!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

Pick up all 3 of Ethan's books....

I have the original cover for the "Crystal Healing for the Chakras" book. The link will provide a different looking book, but it's the same one.

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