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Y-O-U Matter!

How much do you Love?

Do you Love Yourself???

Life can get busy...believe me, I know!

Sometimes...we are in such a rush to go to work, get the kids off to school, clean the house, make food, pay bills etc, etc...and the list can go on and on...that we forget about US!

Yes, YOU!

You are important!!

Let me ask you a you ever take time for yourself?

Even 5 minutes of YOU time is highly important and this blog is going to be all about that and so much more!

When I have Crystal Healing Sessions with my Clients, I take the time with each of them to talk about ways to better their lives moving forward. One thing that seems to always come up is YOU time/Self Love.

Most of the time I will ask if they take some ME time? And most of the time the answer is NO, I'm too busy! Believe me, like I said...I get that! BUT, YOU MUST PUT YOU 1st!

Now some people might hear that and think...well that's selfish! But is it really? No, I don't think it is!

Putting yourself 1st IS taking care of yourself. If you don't take good care of yourself and love yourself...then how the fuck are you going to be able to help and share that love with others? It's plain not gonna happen!

So... today I want to go over a way to allow some YOU time to happen! Plus...Offer you a FREE GIFT!! Keep Reading!!


Let's break down the word YOU...

Y= Your

O= Own

U= Universe

Remember this, You are Your Own Universe! What ever it is you create You will have, good or bad.

What do you want your Universe to be like?

Do you want it carefree?

Full of love & peace?

Tons of Happiness?

Sounds great to me! I want to go ahead and highlight one important way you can show self love , so your Y-O-U will be the best version of Y-O-U !!

Top Way to Show Self Love....


Ok... I know, I'm a big advocate for meditation! But, there is a reason for's because it fucking works!! Wanna change your life around, and quick? Then Meditation is the key! Quieting your mind, listening to the breath is the best way to show yourself love. It's the perfect way to decompress and let that stress melt away!

Meditation has many amazing benefits... to read more about that... CLICK HERE!

Some people have a misconception about meditation. For what ever reason, a lot of people think that meditation means "zenning" out for an hour + ! That is totally NOT true!

Meditation has no time limit at all. 5 mins., 10 mins. a half's really all up to you! That is the beauty of it!! You can create Your way of meditating. There is no "right" or "wrong" way!

People will tell me that meditation is hard, or they don't have time to do it! I get that! When I 1st started out, I struggled too...but like with everything...practice makes purrrfect!

As far as not having time....FIND THE TIME!

Remember Y-O-U matter! Don't you?

I personally started a 30 day meditation challenge for myself just recently (June 2018) , to not only work even more on ME, but to also prove that mediating everyday is possible & benefical!!

I was already about 6 days in of straight meditating before starting this challenge, but decided to disregard those 6 prior days and started fresh. I also started to track my progress! I noticed quickly how meditation each day has made a huge difference in my life!

The benefits of Meditation Daily (for me personally) :

*Extremely Relaxed

*Positive Mood

*Not Stressed at All

*Spiritual Connection enhanced, a lot!

*My Psychic Abilities increased significantly

*Boost of Energy

(in fact on days I felt a bit more tired, meditating helped boost my energy levels).

There are many other amazing benefits I've received like getting more sigils (signs) from my Spirit Guides, increase in confidence, and increase in self love and unconditional love towards others.

When I meditate and I've asked my Guides questions that I have no previous info. about (questions about the Earth, etc.). They will give me answers...faster than if I were to look it up! Then of course, my ego mind questions it right? So afterwards I Google it and fuck, there it is! All the things my Guides would explain to me... I will find! Truly powerful and amazing! Sometimes Google can't answer certain questions, and if you really need an answer quick... meditate and ask your Spirit Guides!

I have had people say to me recently, that I seem more at peace, more relaxed and glowing! It really is validating when I hear these sweet words. It goes to show that Meditation does make the difference outwardly as well!

When I did my 30 meditation challenge, I decided to also do Moon Charting as well. If you aren't familiar with what Moon Charting is...basically you track what astrological sign the Moon is in each day. Then, you pay attention to how your day panned out. Based on how it was, you then color the day...which corresponds with the feeling/action of that day.

It's quite insightful, especially if you do it for a few months in a row. You really get to see how the Moon in the different astrological signs affect you!

I did Moon charting back when I was going through my Metaphysical Schooling.... so I figured it was high time I get back to that... and shoot...why not add an additional level to my meditation challenge!! Right?

Here you will see my personal Meditation/Moon Chart for June & July 2018.

I like to track what type of meditations I did and the colors you see correspond with the moon chart portion. Sometimes I did guided meditations while other times I just did meet ups with my Spirit Guides type meditations.

I enjoyed it so much, that I have continued my streak... So I decided to go for a straight 60 days!! Why not right?

Some people have asked me how I do it?

I honestly work 2 jobs... have a house and family to care for... and they just don't understand how I can make time for meditation to happen!

Here is what I say.... I MATTER! I need my 10-30 mins. each day. I can always find the time to carve that out for myself, even when I have a day packed full of Client Sessions and other things ...why, because I MATTER!

If I take care of myself and allow myself to be that better version & more enlighten person I know I can be....then I will be of much better service for others.

This is good to think about....

Take care of yourself and you will be of better help to others around you! (family, friends, etc).

Namaste Spray

As I have carried onward in my Meditation Journey...I was inspired to create a new Potion to help clear and relax my mind for Meditation!

Thus...Namaste Spray was born! I have enjoyed using this spray before I start my meditations. It really helps me focus & clear my mind... allowing me that

M E time!

Bridget's Brew: "Namaste Spray" Meditation Potion

is a fusion of Essential Oils, each 2 oz. bottle comes with an Enchanted Clear Quartz ready to assist you in clearing your mind, helps you stay focused & connects you to your spiritual side. Just spray it over your Crown Chakra (above your head) to experience this yummy relaxation & recite my "Namaste Spray" Spell (included) . You can also use it as a room spray, as well.

“Namaste Spray” has also been blessed with a Sound Bath by My Crystal Singing Bowl, in the Key of G (Throat Charka) which will allow clear and enhanced communication during your meditation. Happy Meditating, and Namaste! Order Online today to get your "Namaste Spray"

Get my Free Gift...

I'm so passionate about Meditating because it has helped me out so much... that I want to share with you!!

If meditation sounds like something you'd like to try, but you feel it's hard to do. I'm offering a FREE Guided mediation for Beginners!

(PS. If you have already subscribed to my website...then keep an eye out for a separate email w/your gift attached!)

My Newest Guided Mediation "Floating Feather Guided-Mediation for Beginners" is sure to help you get the hang of Meditation.

This mediation is an amazing technique that I used when I 1st started out. It's the best way to get used to meditation process.

This is my Gift to you as I feel Mediation is very important for all to do!

Plus, It's FREE... You have nothing to lose (well except for some stress) !!


Once you feel you have mastered that, go ahead and give this mediation below a try!

"Grounding to Gaia!"

This Guided Mediation is a bit more advanced, so try my FREE Gift 1st!

Let me know how you liked my Guided Meditations?!! Feel free to comment below your experience, I'd love to hear all about it!

Wishing you a life full of happiness and success!!

Happy Y-O-U time and Namaste!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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