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How to Forgive & Let Go !

How to Forgive & Let Go!

Often times we have people or events that wrong us, upset us or irritate us! As we go through life these exchanges happen, and as much as we would like to avoid them...ultimately we chose to come here and learn lessons in this life.

Sometimes these lessons we learn leave "scars" so to speak and when they do, they can affect us on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. So much so that you will start manifesting symptoms within your own physical body!

So how can we recover from these wrong doings ?

F O R G I V E !

You have heard the saying time and time again ... "Forgive & Forget", but how exactly do we Forgive?

This blog will go over just that so you can free yourself of these burdens of unhealthiness.

What does it mean to Forgive?

These feelings we carry around with us are heavy emotions. If not dealt with, can lead to so many imbalances in our life, as well as manifest things such as dis-ease within us!

One thing to remember is you might be thinking of a person in particular at this point that has wronged you, right?

I will share with you some tips on how to Forgive that I personally do, and have made a huge difference!

1. You Must Forgive Yourself!

If you can 1st forgive yourself of feeling these feelings of disappointment in allowing these people or situations to have happened to you and make you feel this way, then that my friends is the 1st step to Forgiving! Just because you forgive someone, doesn't mean you condone that behavior! Being willing to forgive someone is the 1st step!

You have to Love Yourself and know that you deserve happiness and success during this lifetime! If you can't Forgive yourself, then how the hell will you be able to forgive others? We all must take responsibility for our own actions, and how we react to things. By being more aware of our own actions towards others, it will help us not only forgive ourselves...but also help to not be the person who makes others feel upset or anger towards. By doing this, the process will be easy to let go of wrong doings and you will improve your life. Give it a try!

2. Meditate & Visualize

Another effective way to forgive is to meditate on it! Take a few minutes to clear your mind and listen to your breath! Allow yourself some space to really sort out the situation. During this time, it's also excellent to ask your Guides for assistance. If you ask they WILL help you with answers. Guides are always around us, watching over us...however, they are NOT allow to intervene in our life, that is....unless we ask. It has to be us wanting it.

Visualizing is a super powerful way to forgive! In a meditative state, visualize you meeting up with the person who wronged you (it can even be you meet you) and tell them exactly how you feel! Let it all out, don't hold back any feelings or emotions. Tell them how it hurt and how disappointed you are. Again, make sure you forgive yourself of allowing these people to upset you this way.

By visualizing this, it allows that separation and gives you a chance to really get it all off your chest, which translates into everyday life!

3. Live in the Now

Dwelling on the past will NEVER fix anything for the future. It's best to use the steps above to really get rid of these wrong doings. The more you dwell on the past situations, the longer you stay stuck in them and unhappy! So, best thing to do is focus on the Now and what you want RIGHT NOW. Things that make you happy! Remember, you are this huge magnet....attracting things your way (good or bad). You decide what you want to stick! If you want to forgive, stop obsessions over situations of the past and replaces these thoughts with feelings of current day happiness. By doing this, it clears up the future of things to come allowing you to manifest things so much quicker!

4. Full Moon Burn Ritual

Something I do on each Full Moon is a Full Moon Burn Ritual!

Working with the energies of Lady Luna and the Universe is a super powerful tool! Believe me, this works! It's quite simple really, and the best part is you can make your ritual tailored to you!

From time to time I offer Free Guided Full Moon Rituals, and if you have been one of the lucky ones who has tried this during my live ritual...then you already know of the magick it holds!

The basics is you write out on paper what it is you want to let go of. Then, you read it aloud to Luna & the Universe and burn it! Let it all go, watch the paper go up in flames and watch as the smoke billows out into the stars. Know during that time, that the Universe & Luna will take all that away from you transmuting it into good positive energy!

Again, this is a powerful ritual! What ever you let go of (relationships, past beliefs, upsets, etc) will change in your life and quickly! So be ready when you ask for it to go , it will go!

5. Love, Love, Love

All we need is love right? Yes, I agree! Everything here on this planet is wanting love...from us humans all the way to the birds & bees in the trees.

So how does loving shift us into forgiving? Well to forgive is coming from a place of love.

Sometimes when people have wronged us, all they need in their life is more LOVE! So, one way you can show it is by physically giving that person a hug.

Believe me, try this sometime!

I've been in situations where tensions were high and people were upset, and the fastest way to defuse it... a HUG!

Immediately the other person will shift from a place of upset, to a feeling of peace! There is no physical way to stay upset when your being hugged!! It happens instantly too! Once you get them to feel this way, it's a great time to tell them that "it's ok your feeling this way...but it won't fix anything to be this upset! Take a deep breath and lets think of a different approach!"

The reason why this works so affectively is because love is a positive and upset is a negative. No one wants to feel negative feelings, but sometimes we get stuck there right? It's like we have dug ourself a hole to deep to get out of. In all honesty, it's not that showing ourself more Self Love it will allow us the ability to love others and help defuse these situations with a breeze.

One thing we can benefit from when it comes to Love is my Bridget's Brew: "Pink Passion-Love Potion" and also "Lunar Love Bath Potion". Both of these products are infused with so so much love from Me to You!

is the perfect thing to roll on your arm, take a deep breath in and instantly you will feel loved! This potion helps encourage self love, by learning to love unconditionally. It helps you give and receive love and helps you understand the true essence of love. In turn, you will attract more love into your life and quite possibly... the lover you've been looking for!! Each bottle has an Enchanted Rose Quartz Crystal.

Relive and relaxes you after a long hard day! This potion allows you to know that your worth it! It increases self worth, self love and is super calming. By using this product, it will allow you to erase the stresses from your day and replace them with feelings of love! Each bottle comes with a full sized Rose Quartz Crystal that you can carry with you though out your day!

6. Crystals to the Rescue!!!

Another amazing tool we have are Crystals! These little sparkling beings are ready to assist us when we need it most!

With the assistants with Crystals, you can enhance your self worth, build your confidence, and also shield yourself from any negativity...which in turn are all wonderful ways to forgive!

I carry these Crystals in my Gypsy Crystal if any of these speak to you, you can purchase them by contacting me!

Here are a few of my favorite Crystals to assist you with forgiving!


This lovely bit of sunshine in your hand will help build up your self confidence! It will allow you to be more positive as you are dealing with situations in your life. It's also one that will bring good abundance to you! It will allow you to remove deep seeded fears and encourages you to let it go! Removing those self limiting thoughts so you can move forward in a more optimistic way!

Blue Laced Agate

Looking at this Crystal makes you want to soar high in the clouds and live care-free! This Crystal is excellent for any stressful situations, it allows you to speak your truth and will also assist you in being patient and forgiving of others. It's just what you need to start fresh.


A mixture between pink and black, how can you not fall in love with that? Rhodonite will assist you in the heart space. It will allow you to forgive others and yourself. It's a powerful love stone that also packs a powerful dose of protection, allowing you to feel like someone has your back and you are opening yourself up to letting go and forgiving.

Smokey Quartz

The transmuter! It will take any negative energy and transmute it into loving positive energy. Smokey Quartz is excellent as a protection Crystal. It will protect you from any negativity and allow you to move forward from a situation. Any blocked or stagnant energy is no match for Smokey Quartz.

7. Crystal Chakra Balancing

Ready to change your life and find balance again?

With a Crystal Chakra Balancing, I address each one of the 7 main Chakras within your energetic body!

Did you know that if a Chakra is not functioning properly it will affect you on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level?

It's true!

By being in balance, it will allow any stuck energy to release and move out of your energetic body. This process will allow you to be able to move forward, feeling more positive and ready to change your turn forgiving yourself and others!

Hope this helped enlighten you on ways to Forgive!! If you don't love and show gratitude and forgive it's like a toxic poison that will eat away at you, causing issues and dis-ease within your life! Keep working on Loving Your Self to keep your life in the positive direction that I know your really after! I'm always here to help assit feel free to reach out if you feel stuck!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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