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Cutting Cords... What the Heck is that?

Cord Cutting

From time to time, I will be in a session with a Client and sense they have some energetic cords attached to them within their aura!

When I do sense them, I immediately remove them by "cutting cords".

It sounds interesting right? What the heck does cutting cords even mean???

Well... let me explain a bit more what it is and why it's so important to cut these cords!


So... as you know, everything is energy. Things affect our energy depending on what is going on. Sometimes, you might be around a person or a situation that isn't making you feel the right vibe!! You might feel uncomfortable or you might be thinking about this person or situation over and over in your head! Maybe this person over stepped their boundaries! Has this happened to you? It happens to all of us at some point in life!

Energy cords are part of our everyday life and communication. It's basically the energetic exchange between people. Sometimes the communication is high vibrational... (good communication, happiness, excitement, peace, contentment, joy, kindness). Other times these exchanges are low vibrational (sadness, anger, stress, disappointment, fear). Good or Bad, these vibes affect us and leave an imprint on our energetic body!

Unhealthy Cords:

If you have unhealthy cords attached to you, you might be feeling things such as that your being controlled, upset, negativity, or even low energy. You could have experience something traumatic as well that has left these unwanted cords in place. You might feel like something is holding your back, pulling on your energy, or blocking you in someway! These are all additional signs of unhealthy cords being attached to your energy field!

A lot of times, some of these people that deplete you of your energy you hear referred to as "Energy Vampires".

No, No...not the kind of Vampires that suck your blood...

These are the people who seek out others who are vibrating higher than they. Well... we all want to feel good and be happy right? So what these Energy Vampires do is they latch on to your energetic field and deplete you of your good energy leaving you feeling exhausted! Yikes Right?!

Believe me, it's happened to me and It's no fun! These are the type of people who also leave you with unhealthy cords!! Cords that need to be Cut!!

Sometimes these unhealthy cords can come from our friends & loved ones too!

Just because you are cutting cords from these people doesn't mean you don't love them or want them in your life! It won't do any harm to them either!! It's just you "cleaning up the mess" so to speak that they left behind. You can continue to have a relationship with that person or not after your cords have been cut. That is all up to YOU!!

Cookie Crumbs...

Here is how I like to explain it to my Clients!

Energy Cords are like Cookie Crumbs!

So... you were enjoying a cookie, eating away and then you start to notice there are crumbs everywhere! These crumbs add up over time and they start to weigh you down! You definitely don't want to slip and fall from these crumbs. So, you take the time to sweep them and clean them up and away from your space!

That is just like Energy Cords! They kinda just get stuck in the cracks and creases within your Energetic Body and it weighs you down over time. It becomes draining on your energy and not for your highest good. So... cutting cords is they way to remove them from your Energetic Body!

So... How can we remove Unhealthy Energy Cords???
Cutting Cords:

1. Black Tourmaline:

One way to protect yourself from Energy Vampires is carry with you Black Tourmaline. It's most certainly one of my favorite Crystals! I carry one all the time and it's made a huge difference!! No longer do I feel like I'm getting the life sucked outta me by these Vampires! I like to think of Black Tourmaline as a shield of armor! It is there to give you protection and shield you from any harm!

2. Black Obsidian or SnowFlake Obsidian Arrow Head:

I personally have one of each Crystal shaped into Arrow Heads. I use them to sweep over my body's energetic field all around and especially under my feet to remove these cords. As I do this I state "Please remove any unhealthy cords that don't serve my highest good." I then send them to Gaia to neutralize them and transform them into positive happy shiny energy!

3. See a Crystal Healer:

If your not comfortable doing cord cutting on yourself... you can always book an appointment for a Crystal Chakra Balancing with me! When I work with my Clients I always remove any cords I notice before the session ends! You will be feeling refreshed, balanced, relaxed, full of energy and lighter afterwards. See what others think about my sessions!

You deserve to feel Tip Top Terrific!! By doing these session monthly, you will be able to maintain your energetic body and not allow these unwanted energetic cords to get attached to you!

If you live in the Southern California area, I can come to YOU! Get in touch today and schedule your appointment!!

I hope this cleared up questions in regarding cords and cord cutting! I know I need to do it for myself from time to time and it always makes a huge difference!! It's actually a wonderful practice to start doing if you aren't already!

We have to take care of ourselves to insure we live the happiest, positive life we can. As when we are positive and in the right vibration, we can manifest some beautiful things!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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