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Labor Day Sale @ Bridget's Brew Shop!!

Today is the 1st day to SAVE $$$

I joined the biggest Sale EVER over at Etsy!!

Just for Labor Day weekend 8/31 thru 9/4

I will be offering 10% off your total purchase!!!

NO COUPON CODE NEEDED, the discount will automatically happen at check out.

This includes my 2 NEWEST Potions ...

"Hocus Focus"
Tune-Up Potion

My "Hocus Focus" is the BEST Potion if your going back to school, or even for your job!! It will allow you to focus your mind, retain the info. you learned and keeps you determined to do your best!! Each 10 ml. roller bottle comes with a Clear Quartz Crystal Enchanted by me, just for you!

"Sunny Start" Bath Potion

Start your day off with my "Sunny Start"! This Bath Potion will get you up and rolling to start your day off right! It will give you a boost of energy & will relieve you, allowing you to start with the right frame of mind. Each "Sunny Start" Bath Potion comes with an Enchanted Carnelian Crystal to help give you courage and energy as you start your new day!

There are many other Potions I offer to help Tune You Up!!

Fly on over to my shop and Happy Shopping!!

Feel Free to share this with Friends... you never know who you might help in the process, as caring is sharing!!

Have an amazing Labor Day Weekend and Thanks for your love and support!!

Sending you ...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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