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Bridget's Brew Presents..."Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion!

Something NEW is Brewing over at Bridget's Brew!!!

I have my latest Potion up and I'm bubbling over with excitement to share!!

Bridget's Brew Proudly Presents...

"Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion to Start Your Day!!

Do you ever have a hard time getting up and moving in the morning?? Let's face it, we aren't ALL morning people! That's ok, because this Tune-Up Potion will do just the trick to get you up and rolling in the morning!!

All you do is roll on your wrist "Good Day, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion first thing in the morning. Then, Take a deep breath in!! It's amazing blend of Essential Oils will help put you in a positive mind set as well as get you alert and ready to start your day right!

Each bottle comes with an Enchanted Citrine Crystal. Citrine is known as the Abundance Stone and this little sucker will definitely bring you an abundance of joy throughout your day. It will help motivate and energize you as well... as Citrine carries the power of the Sun !!

Also included in your purchase, you will receive the "Good Day, SunShine" Spell. After applying the potion, recite your spell as your daily affirmation. This spell was conjured up just for you by me, Bridget! I personally use it each day and it has worked tons of Magick for me!! I'm excited to finally get a chance to share it with you!!

"Good Day, SunShine" is a wonderful balance to my other product "Sleep Tight, MoonLight".

"SleepTight, MoonLight" is my Potion Pillow that helps you get the most peaceful and restful sleep ever!! Use them in combination for the best results!!

"Good Day, SunShine" & "Sleep Tight, MoonLight" The purrrfect pair!!

All my products are handmade by me and are made with 100% all natural products.

If you have any other questions about my products, please feel free to ask!!

Wishing you a Magickal Day my Friends!!

Sending you

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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