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Sleep is a very important thing, it effects our physical body and our well being. Not getting proper sleep will put a damper on your day! It slows you down and makes you tired during the morning and afternoon hours, which in turn makes you accomplish less.

Sleep just plain makes you feel better.

Have you ever been around someone who's lacking sleep?

Some Signs: *Lack of Energy

*Lack of Focus


*Difficulty Concentrating

*Memory or Thinking Problems


Some Physical Signs:

*Weight Gain (always hungry)

*Getting Sick Often (weakened immune system)

*Skin Issues (premature aging)

*Health problems (stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimers.)

None of that sounds good to me!!

Here is a way to think about it. Our bodies are like computers. Just like computers, we need shut down time, a reboot if you will.... a way to repair and restore our memories and functions. If we don't allow that to happen, our files (memories etc.) become corrupt and we won't run as we should be.

By taking the time to let our bodies rest and shut down we will not only feel better, but it will also enhance our mood, body , mind and spirit.

Everyone is different, so how much sleep is needed will vary from person to person.

Here is a break down of how many hours of sleep per night will highly benefit you:

*Adults (18+) 7-9 Hours Per Night

*Teens (13-17) 8-10 Hours Per Night

*Kids (1-5) 10-14 Hours Per Night

Now some people are going to read this and think...

"Ummmm, I don't have time to sleep, I have too much to do!"

Let me just say, this all goes back to Self Love! If you don't take the time to you and love make you the best version of you...well, no one else will or can!

You are the only one that can accomplish this for yourself.

Only YOU can make YOU happy and healthy!

So, it's time to push those thoughts aside and know that your worth it!! You deserve a good night sleep. It's the best self love you can give because:

With sleep as a base, everything else just falls into place!

You'll be happier, healthier and have more energy thought the day... doesn't that sound super!?

It's true that some people have sleeping issues such as insomnia, or medication side effects that will affect sleep.

Here are some ways to combat those

sleep issues:

*STICK TO A REGULAR SCHEDULE: Your bodies internal clock will thank you if you stick to a schedule of going to bed and waking up the same time each day.

*BE MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT/DRINK: Avoid the following before bed: caffeine, alcohol, sugary foods, heavy meals or drinking to many fluids.


Avoid before bed: looking at your phone/computer, having a stressful conversation.


*TAKE A BATH: Take a warm relaxing bath with bath salts infused with essential oils, my "Lunar Love" Bath Potion will do just the trick! In each Potion you will get an enchanted Rose Quartz Crystals to help you feel unconditional love towards yourself, to help you relax and calm down. ((Click Picture for more info.))

Bridget's Brew "Lunar Love " Bath Potion

*MEDIATE: Do a nice guided or non-guided mediation for relaxations. Let all the stressful events of the day and non-serving things just melt off. Imagine yourself standing in a water fall and let all of it wash away and off of you.

*POTION PILLOW: I created a product to help calm your mind and put you in a relaxing state so you can fall asleep and stay asleep though the night!

Bridget's Brew Proudly Presents: : "Sleep Tight, MoonLight" Potion Pillow!


*START YOUR DAY RIGHT: I created a NEW product called "GoodDay, SunShine" Tune-Up Potion to start your day! If you got too good of sleep after using my "Sleep Tight, MoonLight" Potion Pillow, then this potion will perk you right up to help get you on your way! Just roll it on, take a deep breath in...and read my "GoodDay, SunShine" affirmation Spell, and off you go to a positive start to your day!


I hope this information makes you take a minute to reevaluate your own sleeping habits. With practicing Self Love and allowing yourself the time to sleep and rejuvenate, I know you will live a happier, healthier, longer life.

Here is something else to think about, sleep is a bootiful time to dream! You can dream BIG and get Inspired!

I know in my own personal experience, I've been blessed with having multiple Visitation Dreams! In fact, sometimes when I dream...I get information that I was in need of. When we slow our brains down...we have the ability to let our ego minds go and Spirit can step in and communicate with us and show us lovely things.

So Tonight...Make it your goal to get some shut eye, some beauty sleep because YOU DESERVE IT!

Sleep Tight, MoonLight!

Light, Love & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP, RM, CCH, CA

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