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YOU Deserve Self Love!!

Self Love....
What is it???

To me.... Self Love is taking a few moments to yourself to do the things that you love to do. It could be as simple as writing in a journal, singing a song, dancing, meditating... etc.

It's a way to tap into your inner self and figure out what it is you need or want. Self Love is a way to understand the gifts you are given and figuring out how to put them to good use. Also, Self Love is looking at your flaws, and figuring out how to improve and forgive yourself and move on.

I feel that a lot of people these days don't think Self Love is important, or are too busy to make it happen.


Some people feel like Self Love is Selfish! Guess what, It's NOT!

Let me explain to you why self love is so important to practice and why I do it!

Self Love is the most important step to figuring yourself out. It all starts with YOU...think about it, everything does! You get up in the morning and get moving, You make decisions on how Your day will go. You gotta LOVE YOU most importantly, if not.. how can you share your love?

If there is something about yourself your not so super happy about, then it's a good time to reflect and figure out what and how you can change. I can always help you in this department with Crystals. Crystals are an excellent way to work on improving our shadow sides.

It took me many years to grasp this concept of self love, but once I did... it made my life even more rewarding and happier!!

Here is one way to think of it...

YOU have to love YOU

YOU have to take care of YOU!

YOU have to make YOU Happy!!

If You don't... well, who will??? You are #1!! If you don't take care of yourself 1st (eating, exercising, meditating, your health) then how the heck will you have the ability to take care of others? YOU JUST WON'T... it's impossible with out Self Love!!

When you figure this out... it will all make sense!! Think about this for a second, this is how I like to explain it...

You are a Tree! You stand tall, you are strong and your core is strong and balanced because you have taken the time to love yourself, feed yourself and take care of yourself. Now, your able to grow branches!! These branches can be stretched out to help others, and give them support, shade, and love.

Now... think about the small weak, not taken

care of tree who hasn't given the time for Self Love.... can you picture it? This tree is not going to be able to grow strong branches to support or help others. Eventually, this tree is going to get weak and bend with the 1st wind that comes it's way.

We all have wind that will come into our lives journey. Sometimes we don't understand why the fuck the wind is here... and sometimes this wind pushes us so hard it makes us change directions completely. Then one day you'll look back and realize why this wind had to come along and blow you in that different direction or path! If you have practiced Self Love, when these winds come... your core will be strong enough to withstand them. Yes, sometimes even the strongest of trees might loose a few branches in the wind, that's ok! The important part is to keep perspective and stay positive when these things happen....practice more Self Love and you will soon be able to grow more branches!!


There are a million other things you can do to show self love!! These are just a few ideas that I like to do.

1. Before staring your day repeat a positive, uplifting mantra.

Mantra Example: " Today is a new day, I have all the energy I need to get the things done I need to do. I am the creator of my reality and my dreams are coming true. I love myself and will make time for me."

2. Eat Healthy & Exercise.

A good diet along with exercising, is a good way to practice self love. Figure out the best foods to fuel your body and keep you thriving. Do some cardio even if it's just dancing to your favorite song, get your body moving!

3. Meditate.

Taking time to slow your mind and relax. Meditation is a super stress reliever. Make time to do it... Your worth it! Want more info?? CLICK THIS

4. Do What You Love to Do.

Write in your journal, take a walk, sing, play ukulele, dance, learn something new, get crafty, spend time with friends. Figure out what makes you happy and do it!

5. Follow Your Dreams.

Life is so short when you really think about it, and it goes by so fast. Figure out what you want out of life, follow your dreams, make a plan on how to achieve them... and make it happen!

6. Get a Crystal Chakra Balancing.

When our Chakra's are out of alinement they can manifest in not the best of ways in our life. Our energetic body sometimes get the back burner and that's not good at all!! By bringing our Chakra centers back into alignment, we will feel more grounded, relaxed, and more positive moving forward with our life. It's the BEST way to show Your Self Love!! Get in touch to schedule your appointment today!! I come to YOU if you live in the Southern California area.


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Here is an interesting experiment to try. I tried this and it really helped me grasp the concept if your still unsure, I felt so strongly about this.. I wanted to share!


Think of the last time you went to a restaurant. Go there in your mind and visualize all the people in the restaurant. What was the energy like there? Notice the people around, how were they acting? Figure out how you felt being there?

Remember these feelings and exit the restaurant.

Now, your going to enter the restaurant yet again... but this time, your going to imagine that everyone in the restaurant practices self love. How are the people in the restaurant acting now? What is the energy like now? Has this changed the way people are acting in the restaurant?

Now open your eyes!!


When I did this experiment... it was a HUGE eye opener for me! I felt the difference in both. When I entered the 1st time... The energy was crazy in the restaurant. The guy in front of me was scattered brained, seemed unsure of what he wanted to order... his kids were running around everywhere! Other people in the restaurant didn't seem happy. The energy in the room the 1st time was just plan chaotic and I just wanted to leave as soon as possible!

Entered the 2nd time, with everyone practicing self love... it was so peaceful and inviting. Everyone was nice and friendly. It was almost like I stepped back in time to the 1950's where everyone was smiling, talking (not on their phones) and waving hi, and the love in the room felt warm and fuzzy.

How did the experiment go for you?? I'd love to know!

Remember this feeling... Remember how it was when everyone around you was practicing self love !! Isn't that the best feeling?? I know it's impossible to make everyone take time to practice Self Love... but WE can take the time to work on US! We can be that one person in the restaurant who smiles and waves at others... who says Hi to the people surrounding them... and be the light and example in the world. I know I do.. and each day is magical because of it! I can share my love easier with others... more than ever before! It's all because it starts with LOVING ME!

My decision to practice Self Love!!

Best of luck on your Self Love Mission... and if you ever need other meditations with self love... please contact me!!

I have many more! I'm here to help you!

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP, RM, CCH, CA

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