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Get to know me!

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by!!

My name is Bridget Shoup and I'm a CMP, RM.

I'm a Wife, Mommy and Solitary Eclectic Witch living in Southern California.

I'm fiery Aries (Sun Sign) ...very direct and strong willed, which some people might take wrong. I'm full of energy and work hard with Luna to make my dreams and wishes come true! I'm a very giving person and super passionate about the things I do! I have the lovely guardian Crystal of Labradorite.

My rising sign is Cancer and my ruling planet is the Moon! Rising Signs reveals the way you present yourself to others and how you respond to the world around you. As a rising Cancer... I enjoy structure in my life, I'm gifted in the area of having a strong intuition (which I always listen to always) and psychic abilities. I tend to be sensitive to the world around me, and sometimes have a hard time in large crowds. Having the Moon as my ruling planet, rules my emotions and feelings. I like security and consistency in my live, and have an intuitive grasp on of carving out my own territory in the world.

My Moon sign is Aquarius.... Moon signs describe your emotional and instinctual energies, being I have the Aquarian Moon sign...I'm a unique individual, when my mind is made up... good luck changing it!

My life path number is 5 which means I enjoy a good adventure! I'm always on the go, I'm always looking for variety in my life and love meeting new people and trying new things! The downside of being a 5 is my lack of patients, which is something I work on daily!

My karmic number is 6 which means I can sometimes have a hard time manifesting true emotions. I'm always working on letting myself be free... free to time frames and to be more open to the world and letting things happen as they should.

Now that you know all that info about me... let's move on....

WHAT ARE THE LETTERS NEXT TO MY NAME??? to explain these letters next to my name.... I know these weird letters next to my name might seem confusing... but let me help break it down for you!

CMP= Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

I graduated from MoonDaughter's Mystic School in Spring 2017!

So there you have it not confusing at all right? Still not sure huh? Ok... I got this,"What is a Metaphysician" you might ask?? Well... I'm a metaphysician; basically I'm certified in the philosophy and study of reality beyond the physical.

To break it down even further... here are the things I have studied and am certified to do!

CLM (Certified Lunar Mystic)

CTM (Certified Tarot Mystic)

CSM (Certified Stone Medicine Mystic)

CCM (Certified Chakra Mystic)

I belong to the WMA (World Metaphysical Association) and I'm a RM (Registered Metaphysician).

Ok.. I know that was a lot!! Let me tell you how I got there!! It all started way back... and it's funny b/c I never really realized how much crystals have been apart of my life. They have always been there, like they were waiting for me to develop with age and get to the point where I'd be able to utilize them even more!

I have always had crystals around me, in my house and apart of my life. Of course the crystals I did have ,when I bought them I had no idea the powers and magick they posessed.

As a kid my parent's took us on a camping trip where we got to mine herkimer diamonds and I later (2016) remembered I had them in my jewelry box from when I was a kid and got them out so I could enjoy their benefits!

Herkimer Diamonds

See... we all have gifts! Sometimes it just takes time, or the right place in your life to grow and enhance them.

Growing up I knew I had gifts, I just didn't know how to enhance them. My one gift that was super apparent growing up was my telepathy ability. I didn't realize that it was that of course until later years with research!

I am able to think of someone... or talk about someone ... and then that person will show up, or call or something!

Sometimes it was someone I hadn't seen in YEARS and just like that....they would appear again!

I remember once, I was working at a Hallmark store and I was a teenager. We always had our "regular" customers that came in all the time. I realized this one regular hadn't been in for months! I had mentioned this to a co-worker and what do you know, the very next day... there the customer was!! It was like the vibe went out into the universe or something! As I have grown and gotten older, my telepathy has gotten stronger and stronger too! Now I'm nearing my 40s, these things still happen and have continued to happen through the years. In fact, my Hubby & Daughter know not to mention certain people's names to me... unless they want to see them or hear from them again! It's kinda funny actually! I have endless stories about this... but here is one more current one.

One day my Daughter was looking through old pictures from when she was little and asked, hey Mom... I'm trying to remember these girls names? They were the neighbors of my In-Laws back in the day. They had girls around the age of my Daughter so when Kelsey would visit Grandma/Pa's house.. she would play with them. So I racked my mind and remembered their names! She then said I wonder what happened to them? I said, I don't know honey... My In-Laws had moved and I'm pretty sure that family next door did the same! When my Hubby got home from work we showed him the pictures and said remember them? I said, I wonder what happened to this family? We hadn't seen them in like 15 years! My Hubby had no idea what happened to them either.

The very next day, my Hubby walked into a Baker's restaurant near his work and guess who he saw sitting there? The Father of the girls in the picture who we hadn't seen or had any contact with in 15 years! My Hubby was surprised to see him, but not too much b/c like I said... these things happen ALL the time when it's brought to my attention! He ended up saying Hi and connecting with him again! So there you have it... like I said, I have endless stories... even some that involve celebrities I've met after talking about them! I'll have to share more later if that is something that interests you!

Embrace the gifts that you have been given, you never know where they will lead you!!

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