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Mercury in Retrograde...Read all about it!

Mercury in Retrograde begins March 5th-28th, 2019 !

Mercury In Retrograde...

Have you heard that before???

Wondered what the heck it means???

I will cover all that and more here!!!

Mercury In Retrograde


Tuesday March 5th- March 28th, 2019

This is the 1st Mercury in Retrograde for 2019...

Mercury going into retrograde simply means that Mercury moves in the opposite direction to us here on Earth. Normally planets move from East to West around the Sun, but when Mercury goes retrograde it goes opposite of that, from West to East thus being in Retrograde. Some people might say it's going backwards.... what really is going on is...Mercury starts moving slower than Earth causing this retrograde effect.

Picture This...

Have you ever been in a car and the cars next to you is driving at a slower speed than you? When you look over it seems as you past the car that the car your passing isn't moving at all, and then appears to be moving backwards?? That is exactly what is happening with Mercury and Us. This effect is created by the different speeds.

Each planet effects us here on Earth!! So the fact that Mercury goes into Retrograde will effect us! In particular it effects communication, electronics and more!

Mercury is the Planet of communication, it rules communication, intellect, and awareness.

The signs that are ruled by Mercury are is Gemini and Virgo.

If your Sun sign is in Gemini or Virgo, when Mercury (your ruling planet) goes into Retrograde, it will effect YOU the strongest.

I have noticed this in my own life as my Hubby and Daughter are both Virgos!! Last year when Mercury went retrograde things were happening to them a lot!! Cell phone issues, being late to things (which never happens) , travel delays etc. As for myself being an Aries, it effected me too... for me it was mainly technology issues and some communication issues too. I would send emails and the receiver would never get it! Computer issues at work, shit like that!

So as you see, it will ALL effect us!

So what will it effect exactly??

Things you might noticed issues with when Mercury is in Retrograde...

1. Communication: Talking, Listening, Speaking, Learning, Reading.

2. Contracts: Negotiations, Selling, Buying, Formal Contracts, Agreements, Term Papers, Deeds, Contracts, Leases, Wills.

3. Electronics: Computer Codes, Emails, Internet Connections.

4. Travel: Delays in Travel & Shipping.


Well Mercury is pretty much taking a nap... like I said earlier it's slowing down, thus making the things listed above spin out of control.

3 or 4 times per year this happens, so it's really not a new thing! Knowing what happens during this time might help you get through it a bit easier as it all effects us. Being the fact that it's been going on forever... you will now look back and see times in our life where Mercury was in Retrograde and realize that was the cause of things!

Mercury in Retrograde...The Re's

Be Prepared...

Here are the dates that Mercury goes into Retrograde:

2019 Dates:

March 5th- March 28th, 2019

(Starts: Pisces~ Ends: Aries)

July 7th- August 1st, 2019

(Starts: Cancer ~ Ends: Leo)

October 31st- Nov. 20th, 2019

(Starts/Ends Scorpio)


2020 Dates:

February 17th-March 10th, 2020

(Starts: Pisces~ Ends: Aquarius)

June 18th-July 12th, 2020

(Starts: Cancer ~ Ends: Cancer)

October 14th -November 3rd, 2020

(Starts: Aries~Ends: Libra)

Do's and Don't During Mercury Retrograde:

Dos and Don'ts

1. Be Patient: As communication will be an issue during this time, try your best to be patient with others. Slow down and reevaluate the situations.

2. Plan Ahead: Expect delays with travels, computers etc.

3. Crystals: I always carry crystals on me, but there are a few that will really help during this time! Best crystals I like to carry when Mercury is in Retrograde are Aquamarine (helps w/communication) and Fluorite (Great balancer).

4. Aromatherapy: When things are too much to handle and your need to calm down... check out my product over at Bridget's Brew "Calm Diggy-Diggy" Tune Up Potion. Just roll this potion on you and take a deep breath in. My blend of Lavender and Vanilla will do just the trick. Each of my roll on potions come with an Enchanted Amethyst Crystal to add an additional layer to calm your mind and body.

Bridget's Brew "Calm Diggy-Diggy" Tune Up Potion to Keep you calm

5. Stay Positive: Best advice I can give is STAY POSITIVE!! It we keep a positive outlook on the weeks ahead things will go more smoothly. Knowing what you know now, make sure you slow down, give self love and you will survive Retrograde with no fear!

6. Tarot: When all else fails... Contact me for better insight to an issue!! I'm always here to offer my services and can do Tarot reading via LIVE FaceTime/Skype or even a phone or email reading!

Tarot is the best way to get insight to an issue or questions and I can forecast what's to come for you as well!!

Keep this in mind, all energy has to wind down!! When the end date comes up, it doesn't meant the Mercury in Retrograde craziness disappears!! Nope! What happens is the energy is like a fan, it doesn't just stop moving immediate... it slowly comes to a stop.

Hope you enjoyed learning what effects us when Mercury Goes Retrograde!! If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask, I'm always here to help!!

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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