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New Moon In Aries~March 13th, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Astrological Sign: Aries

Sign Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Expect: Energy, Taking on new challenges, helping others achieve dreams, taking leadership

Watch Out For: Not listening to others, jealously, be careful how you say things (brashness)

Moon Age: 0.5 Days

Visibility: 0.3%

Phase: New Moon/Dark Moon/Maiden

Wheel of the Year: Coming Soon.. Ostara

Crystal Suggestions: Hematite/Citrine

Happy New Moon Dear MoonLights!!

It's been a while!!

You probably have noticed that I wasn't posting my usual Moon Forecasts yet this year!

Well.. my family and I decided to follow all the promptings we continued to receive from the Universe and we moved out of California!

We now live in Arizona and are pretty much settled in now!

We absolutely love it here and have continued to receive blessings!

Thank you to all of you for checking in and being patient as we got settled into our new home!

So... with Spring on it's way... and with this amazing New Moon, we get to dig deep and ask ourselves....what is it that we truly want to manifest right now!?

What dreams, hopes and goals do you have? Well this is the time to tap into our lovely Lady Luna and the amazing Universe to help us along the way!

If your not sure how to do a New Moon Ritual... you can pick up my book or ebook "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" where I explain in detail how to do it!!

With this New Moon bring us New opportunities I'm excited to really plant those seeds of intention!

You Are Invited!!

Please join me Sunday March 28th as I offer a FREE Guided Meditation & Sound Bath !!

2 Ways to Join....


This hour long session will start at 10:00 AM (GMT)

Looking forward to sharing some Magick with you soon!!

Make Sure you Select which one you'd like to attend and Register TODAY!

Now Onward to Our Moon Energy Report....

What to Expect When The New Moon Is In Aries...

A time of conflict will be present when the Moon is in Aries. Emotional tensions are likely to grow during this time and people become a bit more impulsive and short tempered. Being aware of these things will help us in how we react.

Fearlessness will be at the forefront during this time and you will notice you and others will be more open to taking action when extreme situations arise.

It will be a time where it is easy to rid yourself of old issues that no longer serve you.

You will feel a sense of freedom and things that had bothered you from before won't matter anymore, which will allow you to move more freely though out the month.

During this time, it's advised to make sure to practice self control and limit your exposure to stress. Meditation and Yoga will really benefit you right now.

People Born When The Moon is in Aries...

Fearless, decisive, impulsive, raw and sometimes arrogant (hey if you know, you can work on adjusting it, right?). You are the type of person who likes to change the whole world to your liking! When you don't accomplish such tasks, you take it pretty personal and don't like failing!

You are easily excited and swept with emotions. You fall in love deep and take on any new business that sounds good to you at the time.

At the same can tend to loose interests pretty fast in both, getting disappointed and will switch your attention on to something else.

Extreme situations don't phase the Aries, you have lots of boundless energy which allows you to push through anything that comes your way. You get bored pretty fast with routine type work and you are always looking for the next adventure and excitement in your life!

Crystal Suggestions...

The following Crystals are most beneficial to work with when the Moon is in Aries. If you are in Sun/Star Sign of Aries, these Crystals will also be of benefit for you to work with. They will help balance you out, allowing the positive within your sign to be amplified and the negative to be less of an affect on you.

Hematite: Allow Grounding and Protection with the lovely Hematite! Aries are one to always be on the go,

so this lovely Crystal will allow them to regenerate their energy and connect better to their strengthen within. Hematite will assist you with extra support and balance. Citrine: Known as the "Stone of Success" this little guy packs a powerful punch!! Giving you self confidence, energy, and

stimulates your mind/body/spirit. Enhancing the intellectual side of the Aries, and encouraging a more open minded perspective...while also learning energetic blocks.

I'm wishing you an amazing New Moon Night!!

Remember to cleanse your Crystal Friends and set them out for a recharge under the Moon tonight!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M.Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

**Now Serving the Phoenix Arizona Area**

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