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Super Full Moon in Libra~March 20th, 2019

Astrological Sign: Libra

Sign Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Moon Age: 14.7

Visibility: 100.0%

Phase: Full/Mother

Season/Moon Name: Storm, Worm, Seed Moon

Wheel of the Year: Ostara (Mar. 21)

Crystal Suggestions: Lepidolite, Rose Quartz

Other Energies: Mercury In Retrograde

Happy Full Moon
Dear MoonLights!!

The Last Full Moon of Winter !! Can you believe that!! Today is one full of lots of different energies going on!! Tis the last day of Imbloc and the Eve of Ostara!!

Spring Equinox officially starts March 20th!

So...not only do we have the Full Moon Energy, but also the seasonal shift happening as well....but wait, there's more!! We are still in the mists of Mercury in Reotgrade... but that will be coming to a close soon...hang in there. Mercury goes direct on March 28th.


Also, we have another SuperMoon here again!! This is the closest Full Moon with the Spring Equinox in 19 years, last one was in March 2000!! The next time the Full Moon will coincide with the Spring Equinox will be 11 years away, in the year 2030.

This SuperMoon will be the 3rd and final SuperMoon of 2019! Did you know that SuperMoons have a stronger than usual effect on our our Earth's oceans?? It's true! You will notice that the tides are higher than usual during the SuperMoons!

My goodness, so much energy going on!! Have you been feeling the shifts?? I know I have.

Being the Full Moon we are able to release the things that no longer serve our highest good! What are you ready to release from your life???

Take some time tonight to do some ritual work and let that shit go!! This is the best way to allow space in your life for the things you truly wish and dream of!!

Onward to this Full Moon's Energy!!

With to Expect When The Full Moon is in Libra...

A sense of calmness and harmony will be the feelings today! Conflict is less possible and we easily connect to people, and compromise. It's easier to understand and relate to others during this time. Tonight will be an easier time to forgive and forget!

You will notice people being more polite and diplomatic, and won't be in the mood to argue!

Today is the best day for meetings and negotiations. Also wonderful for improving relationships and finding solutions to problems that have arose in the recent past. With all that being said, it's good to keep in mind that there could be some indecisiveness during this time as well. Today might be a difficult one when it comes to making important decisions. If you can wait a few days past the Full Moon, it's advised.

People Born When The Moon is in Libra...

You are a diplomat! Super artistic and have great taste, people usually come to you for your validation on things. You enjoy poetry and are very good at that as well. You are the type of person who enjoys balance and harmony in your life. You strive to find that harmony and will do everything in your power to keep that way. The above information will affect you heavily today.

Season of the Moon...

Storm/Worm/Seed Moon are all names you will be hearing the Full Moon in March being called. Storms come and go as Spring makes it's appearance, thus the name Storm Moon. The thawing Earth brings renewal of life as the Earthworms break the soil and emerge from the damp Earth in the Moonlight.

Spring Equinox as we all know, is the best time to plant seeds for things we will want to harvest as the year carries forward. Our Ancients used these Season of the Moon names to know what time of the year it was, as they didn't have fancy calendars back then.

Bursting energy, rebirth, setting goals and intentions, inner child healing is all good things to practice during this time.

Crystal Suggestions...

The following Crystals are most beneficial to work with when the Moon is in Libra.

If you are a Sun/Star Sign in Libra, these Crystals will also be of benefit for you to work with. They will balance you out, allowing the positive within your sign to be amplified and the negative to be less of an affect on you.

Lepidolite: Allow this lovely

Crystal to relax you and help keep you in balance. Great when going through a time of transition, dissolving tension and stress.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love is what Rose Quartz is all about.

Allowing you to increase your good positive energy and to keep that peaceful, relaxing and loving environment.

Make sure you take some time with your Crystal Babies!! Thank them for their continued assistance and show their your gratitude by cleansing and recharging them in this lovely Full Moon Night!

Curious about the Moon??

It's phases, how to work with it's energy, and how it can assist you??

Check out my upcoming Class all about that and more!

Wishing You an amazing Super Full Moon Night!!

Sending You...Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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