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Full Moon in Scorpio~April 29th, 2018

Sign Element: Water

Plant: Pluto

Moon Age: 14.5 Days

Visibility: 99.9%

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Pink, Planting, Growing Moon

Well hello lovely MoonLights!!
Happy Full Moon in Scorpio.

Here we are again, here to let go of the things that no longer serve our highest good!

I hope your month has been productive and successful!

I've been busy manifesting the things I asked for on the last New Moon! How are you doing with your list?

I'm so very excited about some of my new services I'm now offering (Crystal Healing Facials) and I'm looking forward to sharing my services with you soon!!

Even though Earth Day is every day to me... Globally

we just recently celebrated Mama Gaia Day on April 22nd, 2018.

How did you honor Gaia?

I was able to take some Me and Gaia time, I took a walk and went to the park, and took some time to reconnect with her. I created a sacred outdoor space and did some meditating, earthing, yoga and picked up trash on my walk home!

Here are some pictures & videos from my day!

I would love to hear how you like to Celebrate Earth Day? Comment Below!!

So...let's get onwards to the energy behind tonights Full Moon!!

What to expect when the Full Moon is in Scorpio...

Be ready for a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride!!

Sensitivity will increase during this time and our emotions will be running high!

Knowing this will help eliminate issues that could arise. Don't get swept away by irritability, mood swings. Things might excite you a lot or not at all.... (roller coaster) It's a time that you will be more aware of yourself and your actions, but you will also take note of others as well! This is a good time for some self-analysis and self improvement. Correct your bad habits as you see them appear! When we take action on correcting ourselves, not only do we become the better versions of ourselves...but we also improve the world around us!

People born when the Moon is in Scorpio...

You will be affected by the above A LOT!! You have a tendency to be hyper, and can sometimes be hysterical with rapid mood changes. You are quite emotional...which comes as no surprise as you are a water sign after all! You have a need to express your emotions opening to stay balanced. Sometimes you put off the vibe that your a pessimist or even cynical. Knowing these things will help you address them and not overly react to them. Even though you can sometimes let your emotions get the better of you, you are very excellent at self analysis and are always working on self improvement...which comes easily for you!

Season of The Moon...

Pink Moon, Planting Moon and Growing Moon are all names you will hear.

Pink Moon is all about the season of spring filling the meadows with the pink heads of wildflowers and new grasses. Take notice on your travels and you too will see the lovely Pink Flowers sprouting about!

Planting & Growing Moon is about

Self reliance, mothering, tending and nurturing dreams, cultivating abundance, seeking opportunities for growth.

Do you know your
Moon Sign??

If you are wanting to do a Full Moon Ritual... I can always assist you if your not sure how to get started!!

I can come to you LIVE via Skype or FaceTime!

Wishing you an awesome Full Moon!!!

As a reminder... Make sure you cleanse your Crystal friends and let them recharge under tonights Full Moon... this will give them an extra powerful punch!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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