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New Moon in Capricorn Jan. 16th, 2018

Sign Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Moon Age: 29.4 days

Visibility: 0.0%

Phase: New/Dark/Maiden Phase

Happy 1st New Moon in 2018 !!

I'm so super excited for tonights New Moon!! I've been waiting for this Moon since the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December!!

Well... it's officially HERE, the 1st New Moon in 2018!

So... are you totally READY?? Are you ready to actually make your dreams, goals, wishes, or resolutions manifest??

I know a lot of us make "New Years Resolutions" on Jan. 1st, as this tradition dates all the way back 4,000 years ago!! As excited as it is to start a new year with new ideas and goals.... how hard has it been for you in the past to not actually fulfill your resolutions??

Hey... your not alone!! It's happened to me too! But you know what? I'm here to help!!

I learned years ago how powerful working with the Universe, and the Moon cycles are for manifesting things into your life!!

I'm here to share that knowledge with you!!

Please join me, Tuesday
Jan. 16th @ 8:30 PM PST
for my FREE Live New Moon Ritual!!!

Join by Subscribing to my site ((Scroll to the bottom of my homepage))

You will then get a special email with all the details and link for the live feed!!

Can't wait to help you plant these seeds of intention!! I can totally tell you that it's made a HUGE difference in my life and I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

Speaking of learning more about the Moon....

I enjoyed my Xmas break with family going to the Griffith Park Observatory here in Hollywood, CA .

I felt so at home there... amongst the stars and Lady Luna... can you tell how excited I am?

Ok... Ok, let's talk about the energy behind this New Moon in Capricorn... shall we??

What to Expect when the New Moon is in Capricorn...

Creative thinking is the theme of the day! You will notice magick throughout your day if you pay attention. Today is an exciting day as it's the 1st day of the Lunar month and the beginning of the New Moon Cycle!

All the thoughts that we think during this 1st Lunar day, good or bad... have the potential and ability to become reality!!

You will be feeling quite responsible and feel a sense of duty when the Moon is in Capricorn! People tend to become more practical and logical during this time too. Your emotions will decrease and you will be less sensitive and more demanding towards others, as well as yourself. It's the perfect time to fulfill your responsibilities and work that is in need of precision and attention to detail.

People born when the Moon is in Capricorn...

You will be affected a lot with the things stated above! You tend to be sensitive, emotional but... this emotionality is kind of tight and constricted which could manifest itself in hysteria. You are one who seems as though you are without emotions and have a hard time expressing your feelings... but later in life you learn a bit more about expression your emotional side. Being that your determined, it can sometimes create problems for you which later waste energy solving. The good thing is, when we bring our shadow side into the light... we can slay the dragon and work on being the best version of ourselves. This is true for all signs in the zodiac!

Crystals for the New Year...

We might as well make use of additional ways to benefit ourselves. Crystals are one of these amazing tools to give these seeds of intentions we are planting an extra powerful punch!!

CrYsTaLs !!!

Here are my top 3 picks to start off the New Year and help you achieve your dreams & wishes !!

Also.. another way to help yourself along is by getting your hands on some of my potions!! At Bridget's Brew... All my potions are 100% handmade by me with all natural products!!

My essential oil blends are accompanied by enchanted crystals just for you!

Take a peek at the items that will help you...

I'm so excited to manifest some amazing shit this year!! Let's make it happen together!!

See You on Tuesday for the Live Ritual!!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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