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Full Moon in Aries, Oct. 5th, 2017

Happy Full Moon in Aries MoonLights!!

Sign Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Moon Age: 14.6

Visibility: 100%

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Blood Moon, Shedding Moon

Another Full Moon means... it's time to get to work letting go of things we no longer need or things that no longer serve us in our life! By doing this, we are allowing space in our life for the things we truly want manifest to come into our life easier! It's a powerful thing to do!! If you have joined me on my Live Full Moon Rituals before you have been able to understand the magick behind working with Luna and the Universe yourself!

Just so you know, as it's most favorable to work with the Full Moon on the actual of the Full Moon for your area... you can also work with the Full Moon Energies within a 3 day period.

The day Before the Full Moon, the day Of the Full Moon and the Day After. The Full Moon energy is still there and strong! So, if your too busy and you can't do your ritual on the actual Full Moon, never fear!

Also, this is the BEST time to give your Crystal babies a Moon Bath!! If you have Crystal Companions then they would love to do the Moon and Back if you allow them the time for their recharge with Luna tonight! Make sure you cleanse them first!

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in attending a LIVE guided Full Moon Ritual, please reach out to me and I can arrange something with you!

It's amazing how fast this year has really gone!! We are now in October!! The leaves are starting to fall and change colors! The air is crisp and clean and there is a cheer in the atmosphere. For me, Autumn is my favorite time of year! During this time, the veil between our world and the outer world grows very thin! It's a time to connect with our loved ones that have passed, or take time to meet up with our Spirit Guides/Totem Animals/Spirit Animals and get guidance going forward. Take some time to honor those who have passed.

What to Except when the Full Moon is in Aries...

This might be a time when you notice conflict... more than usual. This is a normal occurrence when the Moon is in Aries. You might be feeling a bit more compulsive, or even short-tempered. Best thing to do during this time is to allow yourself some space and time to really rid yourself of what no longer serves you! Free yourself of things that are holding you back. While doing this, make sure you practice self control. Limit your stress by meditation or doing some yoga today.

People Born when the Moon is in Aries...

You are fearless, decisive, and can be impulsive. You tend to get excited easy, you have boundless energy and enjoy taking on new and exciting ventures. You have the need to change the world around you to your liking. Sometimes if you aren't able to make these changes... you might take it as a personal fail. Don't take things personal, remember all things happen in the time that is right. If what your trying to manifest is taking a bit longer than normal, take some deep breaths and keep plugging away. If it's meant to be it will be!

Season Of The Moon...

Blood Moon is the common name you will hear around this time of the year. It's all about Lessons cycles of death, life, rebirth, karmic shifts, diviantion, shadow work, veil & spirit world thin.

The Ancients called it the Shedding Moon. It was when the deer shed their antler and begin the rut, the compelling drive to create new life that supersedes the death of winter.

I deiced to add a painting I did back in 2013 of the Blood Moon! This was my 1st ever painting on Canvas and I surprised myself with it honesty! This is a reminder that you can do whatever you set your mind to! Happy Blood Moon to You!

Enjoy this Full Moon in Aries !!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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