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Full Moon in Pisces September 6th, 2017

Happy Full Moon In Pisces!

Sign Element: Water

Planet: Jupiter

Moon Age: 15.2 Days

Visibility: 99.8%

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Harvest Moon/Barley Moon

Yippie... Another Moon to talk about!!! One of my favorite things to do!! You might call me a Selenophile, as I most certainly love the Moon and love talking about her and I enjoy working with Luna's energy!! I have seen time and time again the power of tapping into the elements and energies around us to manifest things into my life.

Another thing to be happy about and note, is TODAY 9/5/17 Mercury goes Direct! Yep, no more retrograde...few! How did you do this past Retrograde? Did you notice anything happening during this time to you? I sure did. Share in the comments below how it was for you.

The Full Moon on September 6th is an extra special one. With it being the closest Full Moon in September near the Autumn Equinox... it makes it astronomically special. The reason why is because the time between 1 moonrise to another around this period becomes shorter. Normally, Luna rises about 50 mins. later every day in a Lunar Month. This is the time period between 2 Full Moons and 2 New Moons. Around the Harvest Moon, the time difference between 2 successive moonrises decreases to about 30-40 mins. for a few days. This happens because of the Moon's low angle in orbit around the Earth.

Well my MoonLights...

This Full Moon is in Pisces! Read on to learn more!

What to Except when the Full Moon is in Pisces...

It's a day of harmony, peace, calmness and balance!! You might feel more romantic than usual, that's normal when the Moon is in Pisces!! Pisces is the element of water, and water is the ruler of our emotions. Your intuition will feel more heightened during this time as well. You will notice people will speak kinder, pay you compliments more. Make sure as you receive, you give! Today is a good day to enjoy making some art, enjoy some music, watch a good movie, or read a book to get more in touch with our soul. Whatever speaks to you! As this is a Water sign, make sure you do keep the balance with your emotions today, avoid any negativity today!

People Born when the Moon is in Pisces...

You will be affected by the above information more strongly, this is normal usually when the zodiac is in your own Moon Sign. You are gifted with the lovely ability to be very intuitive. You have amazing abilities, you pick things up quickly... your a fast learner. You are patient and always ready to help someone out. You are kind, tender, selfless and happy. You have the love of arts and are artistically inclined.

Do you know what your Moon Sign is??

Season Of The Moon...

Harvest Moon is what we call the current season the Moon is in. As we go from September to October, it's when we harvest the corn and things we have worked on all year long. We have the autumn equinox upon us soon. This is all a sign of the seasons. Other names you might hear is the Barley Moon, just as the Harvest Moon it's the time when the Barley is ready for harvesting. During the Full Moon, it allows us to work later into the night to harvest the things we have been blessed in abundance with.

Moon Fact:

**Usually the Moon rises about 50 mins. later each day, but around the time of the Autumn Equinox, it rises only around 30 mins. in the United States.

Well I hope you enjoy the upcoming Full Moon!! I always enjoy doing my Rituals during this time. I know that some of you joined me on last months LIVE Full Moon Ritual, and my LIVE New Moon Ritual just recently. I appreciate all the support and I'm so super happy I'm able to share what I have learned with you, to help you enhance your life!

If you are ever wanting your own LIVE guided Moon Ritual with me... I'm always here for you. All you would need to do is book with me online and I can schedule a time to do a LIVE FaceTime or Skype ritual with you!!

Make sure you head on over to my shop and pick up your "Set Free" Full Moon Release Potion for your Ritual!

Enjoy your upcoming Full Moon and as always I'm sending you...

Light, Loves and Lunar Hugs!

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

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