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Full Moon In Libra April 10th, 2017

Monday April 10th, 2017

Full Moon In Libra

Sign Element: Air

Moon Age: 14.5 Days

Visibility: 99.8%

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Planting Moon/Pink Moon

Another Full Moon is upon us!! The Full Moon is a powerful time, when you feel the energy growing as Luna grows fuller. On April 10th, 2017... we get to witness this growth yet again! This is my last Full Moon in my 30's as I get ready to have another revolution around the sun on the 13th of April. My 30's have been amazing and I'm so excited to see what the 40's have in store!!

It has been an amazing Moon cycle for me!! I was so happy to be able to share with you my New Moon Ritual on March 27th, 2017! It was a lovely LIVE YouTube ceremony that many of you watched and participated in! I was so over joyed with all your lovely comments and messages that I decided to share my Full Moon Ritual on April 10th, 2017 with you!! If you would like to join in... all you have to do is CLICK ON MY HOME PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to my Site!! From there I will send you the link of the LIVE feed so you can join in on my Full Moon Ritual!

**P.S. If you did join my New Moon Ritual and subscribed to my site, make sure you check your email for a special Discount code for merchandise at my Store Bridget's Brew... as my thank you to YOU!! **

LIVE New Moon Ritual March 27th, 2017

What is to be expected this time around when the Full Moon is in Libra??

Harmony and balance is something you will feel strongly right now. It's a good time to think about what you have going on in your life, and what needs some balance in your life. This could be anything from your personal things or relationship, work, etc. Take this time to find that balance!! Balance is key to everything we do, when we get off balanced it all is like a trickle effect and things will not work or go as smoothly as we hoped! Take this time to reevaluate this, as when the Full Moon is in Libra the ability to accomplish this balance, will come with ease.

This will be a time when you connect easily to people and compromise more. You will also notice that you have an easier time relating to and understanding others and you feel the need to forgive and forget!

It's a real chill time when the Full Moon is in Libra so enjoy today! As Libra being an Air element you will also feel much more free and liberated during this time.

However, You could have some issues with deciding certain things. Beware of becoming lazy during this time and avoid negative influences. Stay away from stress and arguments as this will for sure throw you off the balance that your trying to achieve during this time.

Season of the Moon

Tonights Full Moon Falls on the Planting Moon/ Pink Moon Season! The Planting/Pink Moon is from April to May. The Moon received these names as a sign of things that are happening. As we turn from Imbolc to Spring Equinox recently... you have probably noticed that things are sprouting up everywhere and birds and critters are stirring about! The name Pink Moon came as the 1st signs of pink flowers or moss were popping up. So sorry, the Moon won't look Pink tonight!! That is just the name the ancients gave it to mark the sign of the times!

"Set Free" Full Moon Release Potion

Over at my Shop "Bridget's Brew", I have concocted a Release Potion called "Set Free"!! This potion is to be used during your Full Moon Rituals. If you'd like to get a bottle...head on over to my site and order online!!

Each bottle comes with enchanted Carnelian Crystals. Carnelian is known for motivation and will allow you the courage to release and set free the things in your life that no longer serves you.


Here is an interesting Moon Fact for you since we are in the month when most people celebrate Easter.

Did you know, that Easter always falls after the 1st Full Moon following the Spring Equinox ? It's true back centuries ago that was decided and still practiced today. Full Moon is on Monday April 10th and Easter is Sunday April 16th.

Looking forward to sharing with you my Full Moon Ritual coming up, Please join me as the Full Moon is an excellent time to release the things that no longer serve you in your life!! It's a powerful ceremony that will change your life for the good and allow you the space you need to have all your dreams and wishes you made on the New Moon manifest into your life!!

Sending Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP, RM, CCH, CA

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