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Full Moon In Leo/Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10, 2017

Full Moon in Leo/Snow Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 2:34 PM PST
Friday Feb. 10th, 2017

Sign Element: Fire

Moon Age: 14.8 Days

Phase: Full/Mother Phase

Season/Moon Name: Wolf Moon (January to February)

This Full Moon is extra special as it has the added force of the Lunar Eclipse present.

Eclipse act like a doorway into different energies and during this time it's powerful enough to transform, shift, and change the direction and flow of your life! It will be that gentle push to allow in in the right direction, and get you on the path your meant to be. Whatever comes your way will be resolved in a quick manner!

With the Full Moon in Leo , it's going to get us off our feet and moving. You will notice a very energetic and optimistic vibe during this time.

As we will feel the need to have our accomplishments acknowledged, we should also share generous words to others! Tonight's full moon will make for a great night to socialize and enjoy yourself.

A word of caution... use self control tonight and don't fall victim to negative influences! If you feel the negativity effecting you, make a change!!

As the Moon moves from Wolf to Snow Moon it reminds us to let down our guard a bit. It offers us protection and encourages us to cherish the things we feel sacred.

Tonight, make sure you recharge your crystal babies as they will enjoy soaking up Luna's loving rays! As the Moon has transitioned into the Snow Moon, your crystals will be charged with extra added protection for its owner.

My Ritual

This was my Full Moon Ritual from Friday Night...... It's truly amazing to me how connected we really are to the elements!! 🌏 🔥 💨 💦 Until you take the time to actually tap into your inner powers with the elements.... you will never know they are there!! Tonight on my #FullMoonRitualI wasn't going to let the #Rain from keeping me inside!!! When I went out to set up my ritual space, the rain had just barely was a sprinkle. I started by cleaning my space and then doing my meditation to wash off what no longer serves me, as soon as I started to wash it off in my meditation.... the rain started picking up speed!!! 🌧 When my meditation ended I had to record this to document it as a reminder how connected we really are to the elements!! Thank you Universe, Luna, Sun, and Stars for allowing me to tap into you!

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,🌛🔮🌜

Bridget M. Shoup

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