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The Power of Lady Luna!!

My 1st Full Moon Ritual 7.19.16

I have been working with the power of Luna now since July 2016. Let me tell you the fucking power of Lady Luna!! My 1st ritual I did with her was a full moon release ritual. It was be one I will never forget as it energized me like never before!

To feel the glow of Luna on me, while being outside in nature doing my rituals felts amazing. I also enjoy meditating on the New and Full Moons before diving into my rituals.

I remember that first Full Moon Ritual I did (July 19th, 2016) made me feel so empowered!! I honestly felt 10 pounds lighter afterwards! I still get that feeling on each Full Moon Ritual I do!

New Moon Ritual 9.30.16

I always make sure to take my crystal friends outside during my rituals and enjoy setting up an alter before I start.

Afterwards, I let my crystals have their Moon Bathe!! It's amazing how when getting my crystals bright and early the next day... I notice the change in my crystals!! As I have done this now for a while... I have noticed how much it changes the crystals... it really is a revival for them. The crystals I use most often seem to be cleared of their debris that they have sucked up over the period of the month. They seem lighter and brighter and ready to get back to work once again!

I enjoy using the Moon most of all for my recharging method. I do use the Sun from time to time, but my goto recharge is definitely the Lady Luna! I feel so super connected to her. I have always had a thing with the moon... telling people..."Well it's a full Moon!" My way of explaining others erratic behaviors. I had no idea how much more Luna had to offer till I started working with her!

I feel extra connected to Luna!! I think one main reason is because the Moon is my ruling planet.

I started my studies with MoonDaughter Mystic School in August 2016. The 1st section in my studies was called "Lunar Flow." During this section of my studies I charted how the moon phases effect me personally! It was quiet interesting to see how much the moon phases and what stars they were aligned in effected me as the month carried on.

Each phase has it's special purpose!

*New Moon is used to plant seeds of intention! It's the best time to start making your list of goals, dreams, wishes and with your efforts and the power of Luna... they WILL COME TRUE!!

*Waxing Moon (Maiden Stage) is when all the things you wished for on the full moon get a swift burst of energy, moving you forward to make your dreams/goals happen!

The Maiden Stage is when we enter new beginnings, and teaches us to be light and free and to embrace moments of change coming our way!

*Full Moon (Mother Stage) is the best time to release what no longer serves us, thus allowing space for new things to enter into our life.

The Mother Stage is all about maturing, stability and power!

*Waning Moon (Crone Stage) is the chill time if you will... the time things slow down a bit and you get to relax and recuperate after all the previous work you did!

The Crone Stage represents wisdom and compassion. She is proud of her accomplishments and knows her intuition is her most trusted companion.

Triple Goddess

The cool thing is.. this cycles starts over again as the New Moon cycles begins it's lunation cycle every 29.5 days, so you don't have to wait long to either make your dreams and wishes come true.....or to get rid of the negative things holding you back!

I have continued and will always continue to work with the power of Luna!! I have seen it manifest abundance in my life in such an amazing, fast and sweet gentle ways that it has now become apart of who I am!! I'm one with Lady Luna.

Full Moon Ritual 12.13.16
Bridget M. Shoup, Certified Lunar Mystic~MoonDaughter Mystic School

Join me online LIVE for New Moon and Full Moon Rituals... if your interested.. please contact me so you can join me and together we can release what no longer serves us and make room for all our dreams and wishes to come true!

2017 Full Moon Calendar

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