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Venus in Retrograde ~May 12th- June 25th, 2020

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Venus In Retrograde

May 12th - June 25th, 2020

Each one of the planets affect us here on Earth!! You probably have heard of Mercury going retrograde (it happens again June 18th, 2020 ) !

Did you know that all the planets actually go into retrograde at one time or another?

It's true.... just as Mercury governs communication, technology, and travel, the other planets govern other aspects that affect our life.

Well this month and into November, we have Venus going on to learn all about it!

Venus is the Planet of Love, it governs all things love and more!! Just like Mercury when it goes into Retrograde, it really isn't spinning backwards, as some people might think.

What is happening is that we are traveling a bit faster than Venus during this time, causing it to appear to be going backwards, when in's just moving slower than normal.

Venus goes retrograde every 19 months, and here we are at the beginning of the retrograde.

Starting on May 12th- June 25th, 2020.

Venus goes into retrograde the least out of all the other planets, in fact... Venus did NOT go into Retrograde in 2019.

As you know Venus to be the love planet, it also governs the following:






*Our Passions



Venus governs the Zodiacs of Taurus & Libra, so if this is your Sun sign then your going to feel the energy shift much more than the others signs.

However, All the signs in the Zodiac will be affected when Venus goes Retrograde!

What to Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde...

Anything that has to do with love, relationships and emotions will be heightened during this time.

You might notice feelings of impatience sneaking up, and things regarding your relationships (romantic, friendship, co-workers, etc) will be brought to the fore-front...almost as if your relationships are under a microscope, being looked at closely and in detail!

It's also a time where you notice people's behavior is a bit more straight forward (no sugar coating during this time). It's a time to really examine and take a look at your relationships with others. With Venus in Retrograde it helps us step back and see the big picture of things, allowing us to make changes for the better in our relationships. By doing this, it allows us to make any changes we can to better our relationship with others.

Best advice I can give during this time is to stay patient, think before speaking, and the biggest of all Communicate!! As things come up for you regarding love and relationships....try to see it from the others persons perspective. Your going to see the true side of people during this time, so as it might come as a surprise for some...remember that there is something to be learned here. You can take this time to address any concerns you might have together. What matters most is to always find compromise in all relationships. Don't make any major decisions regarding relationships during this time (marriage, engagement, divorce, quitting a job) and should all wait until Venus become direct again.

In regards to money, it's a good time to take a moment to realize any fears we might have connected to money. Know that money is printed and made every single's honestly in abundance. The more you can just hold a positive thought that money is in abundance and is coming your way...the more it will come to you!! It's the way it the Universe works, the whole Law of Attraction. Let those fears of financial instability melt away! As you do this, you will allow yourself to expand and improve your finances.


Crystals to assist you during Venus in Retrograde...

Here are a few of my favorite Crystal options that I use and would recommend when Venus is in Retrograde!!

As always, follow your own Intuition and work with the Crystals that call to you, as they will be the ones you need personally...and will work best for you!


Forgiveness, Kindness, Love!!

This lovely pink and black Crystal will help assist you in forgiving and letting go of past hurt. Not only forgiving others who have wronged you, but also helps with the ability to forgive yourself!

It packs a protective punch also, allowing you to not get hurt again! Helps with Emotional balance which is definitely something that would be beneficial when Venus is in Retrograde.

Rhodonite encourages self-love , kindness and harmony.


Abundance, Harmony and Love!!

More love is in order when you work with Jade!! Not only will it improve your relationships & increase love, but it also brings about abundance in every way! Abundance can come in many forms (happiness, prosperity, etc) and this little Crystal will help bring all the good luck directly to you, allowing you to attract more abundance in your life.


Patience, Grounding, Reduces Stress & Depression!

Most people have heard about Amber. Did you know that Amber is not technically a Crystal? It's actually fossilized tree resin, however it gives off the most amazing benefits!!

Patience is one of them, which will be useful when Venus is in Retrograde. Amber has a way of cleansing the whole body and can draw out any negativity within! It's a wonderful self-healing tool that helps reduce stress, heals depression. Amber also allows you to manifest your ideas into the physical.

As always, I'm here to assist you... if you feel you need a bit of assistance in finding more balance, positivity, and peace in your life during this time and your in the Southern California area... feel free to reach out and schedule your Crystal Reiki Healing Session!

Also, I offer Tarot and Numerology readings that will help answer more questions just for you. I offer those in person and over the internet live with FaceTime or Skype.

Have an amazing week and remember, Retrograde or not... You Create Your Reality!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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