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Mars in Retrograde... So, What does that mean?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Mars in Retrograde

We had a few planets drop off the retrograde circuit and now... we are adding a new one to the party!

The next 2 months Mars will be in retrograde!

I know most of you are probably used to hearing all about Mercury in Retrograde, where it's a solid month or so....but that's not the case with Mars!

When retrogrades happen, regardless of which planet it is....they turn the planet's energy inward, which causes us to feel them internally and externally!!

It's really nothing to fear, and this is nothing new. The best thing we can do is be educated on the subject so that when these Retrogrades happen, we can adjust to situations.

Mars will Retrograde from

September 9th, 2020


November 13th, 2020

The red planet only goes Retrograde every 2 years.

The last time Mars went retrograde was in 2018, so... it's that time yet again!

Date of Mars in Retrograde for 2020:

September 9th, 2020 till November 13th, 2020

So... let's learn how Mars in Retrograde will effect You!!

Mars Information

"The Planet of Action"

Ruling Planet of: Aries

Mars Rules: Aggression, Sex, Action, Desire, Competition, Courage, Passion

Mars Cycle:

It takes Mars 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun, which is equal to 1.88 Earth years.

What happens when Mars is in Retrograde...

Get ready for our year (2020) to get even more bumpy! It's no wonder that this year has been a challenge with so so many planets either going retrograde all at once, or one after another!

When Mars is in retrograde get ready for some roadblocks to happen. Things might stop you from achieving what you wanted for the time being.

Frustration is also in the forefront... not only frustration with your personal life, or situations... but sexual relations can also be frustrating as well.

Don't let your anger boil over during this time. These setbacks are all apart of the ride right now. Just try to relax as we go through these movements. Sometimes just like growing as a kid, growing pains can sometimes feel very uncomfortable. As the planet of Action is in Action.... hang in there and know it is only temporary.

If your Sun sign is Aries... make sure you are more patient during this time, as these things will affect you even more so.

How To Deal...

Of course being aware that these retrogrades are happening just allows us the information to change or shift how we react or respond to situations that come up during that time.

Ways that we can deal with this shift in energy is to explore inwardly what freedom means to you. What you need to change to be in this freedom. Play with this idea and focus your attention on that. The more focused you are on the positive things...the negative aspects of this retrograde energy won't affect you as much!

Also, take this time to focus on what changes you would like to manifest as the year continues onward!

It's a good time to refrain from starting any new projects... as passion and aggression can run high!

Contracts, relationships, and business deals are not a good idea to start at this time.

Instead focus on working or reworking existing projects.

Remember to just go with the flow. Sometimes is best to just relax into these shifts. Don't force any issues. As always... all things will happen in Divine timing for the greater good of all... so stay tuned for some amazing new shifts for the collective consciousness to start to come to light.

As always, remember however you respond is what creates your reality!

If during this time your feeling way off, or are stuck...I can help assist you by finding balance and positivity in your life again! My Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions are wonderful for that!!

Crystal Suggestions:

The Crystals I list below are super helpful when Mars is in Retrograde. These are very helpful for Aries in fact, as it helps balance out their negative and positive attributes within their signs.

Black Obsidian:

Here to bring more balance and protection during this time. Black Obsidian is great for helping you maintain a positive vibration. It is also awesome in helping you remove any emotional blockages as well as reduces stress and tension, purrrfect for this very Active time.


This lovely little Crystal packs a powerful punch... allowing you to release any negativity, find courage and inspiration as well as keeping your passion in balance. Building up your self confidence and self worth is just what Ruby loves to do. Bringing you an abundance of love, trust and energy all the while strengthening your aura.

Hope you stay positive during these retrogrades and know that all will pass.

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

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