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Pluto in Retrograde... How will it effect You?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

When retrogrades happen, regardless of which planet it is....they turn the planet's energy inward, which causes us to feel them internally and externally!!

It's really nothing to fear, and this is nothing new. The best thing we can do is be educated on the subject so that when these Retrogrades happen, we can adjust to situations.

If your Sun/Star sign is Scorpio this is your ruling planet. What this means is that these things will affect you more strongly than others signs in the zodiac. Remember, you have the power in how you respond to situations!

Pluto will Retrograde from

April 25th, 2020


October 4th, 2020 will Pluto in Retrograde affect You??

Pluto Information

"The Planet



Ruling Planet of: Scorpio

Pluto Rules: Transformation, Rebirth, Death, Evolution, Power.

Pluto's Cycle:

It takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete one orbit around the Sun. Its orbital path doesn't lie in the same plane as the eight planets, but is inclined at an angle of 17°. Its orbit is also more oval-shaped, or elliptical, than those of the planets. That means that sometimes Pluto is a lot nearer to the Sun than at other times, At times Pluto's orbit brings it closer to the Sun than Neptune. The last time this happened was from 1979 to 1999. It won't happen again until 2227.

What happens When Pluto is in Retrograde...

Get ready for a time of major shifts!! Transformation is upon us as Pluto goes into Retrograde. It will be a time to really look deep inside, for what it is your Soul is truly desiring! It's a time to really dig deep and figure out what it is that we can let go. Bring the shadow sides forward and release them, allowing us space in our life for the things we truly do desire!

It will be a time where weather we like it or not, things are going to shift and start to change. Beware of this, and know that change is not always a bad thing. Allowing change in our life allows us growth! It's never good to be stuck, we need to reach for the stars and do what our Soul needs to make it sparkle and shine!

Where there is an end to things, a new beginning will follow! So, if during this time it seems to be of a challenge...know that good things can come to an end!

How to Deal...

Being aware of these Retrogrades will help us adjust how we react and respond to things happening during this time. If you vibrate high, these issues won't affect you as much. A few ways to vibrate higher is by being positive, and working with Crystals!

When Pluto ruffles your feathers, and you start to see things that you could do better at or could change in your is the time to buckle down and make it happen!

Meditation is also a benefit! Meditate and meet up with your Spirit Guides and ask them for assistance during this time, of ideas of what you could let go of and what you can focus on moving forward.

During this time, if your feeling a bit off...or the release of letting go of past issues/challenges seem to have drained you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physical.....reach out to me for a Crystal Reiki Healing! I also offer Distant Crystal Reiki Healing sessions if your not in my area.

This is the BEST way to move on from the transformation that will be taking place. Detoxing your energetic body and allowing you a clean slate moving forward!

Crystal Suggestions:

Labradorite: Increase your protection and strength with the lovely colors or Labradorite!

This beautiful Crystal will allow you to transform your personal power and bring it into personal balance! Labradorite will also align your physical and etheric body, allowing things to move and flow more easily.

Unakite: This lovely little garden of flowers looking Crystal will allow you an enhanced spiritual insight!

It will help you release any things that have become trapped in your heart space. Allow you an outlet to release it! Healing you emotionally.

Being positive is always the key when dealing with Retrogrades!!

Here's to a transformative time, allowing change and growth to move you in the direction you were meant to be!

Sending you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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