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Peridot Collecting... in Arizona!!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Who knew in 2021, I would be collecting Peridot!?

I have always loved Peridot! Especially as I found how much healing benefits it has!! Not only is it amazing for protection, and love... but it also is very healing for IBD/IBS issues.

In 2017 or thereabouts... I did some research on what Crystals I could work with to create a Crystal Grid for my Daughter's healing. Peridot came up for her condition (Crohn's).

I rushed out to my nearest Crystal Shop and was able to purchase just a few small tumbled pieces, that I still have to this day.

Never would I have imagined years later, I would be collecting Peridot in Arizona!!

I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with Steven Joey, a Tribal Member who lives on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Here is where he has massive plot of land where he collects Peridot.

He was kind enough to allow me, my Daughter and a few friends to come over and collect from his mine!!

A little bit of off-roading to get there... and off we went for our 2 hour window of collecting.

Let me say, the 1st thing we all noticed was how much peridot there was like EVERYWHERE! It was so awesome to be able to see it in it's matrix of lava rock.

We got into our staked out locations and off we went to find some lovely specimens.

I will never forget how much the ground sparkled green!!!


Also, how it felt!

The ones in the matrix of lava of course where very sharp, but the ones that where all over the ground, they were very cool.. and almost soft feeling. Some where smoother and some where ruff, just depending on their character. Just like a person, these amazing Crystals are each very unique!

You definitely felt a peaceful present there!

In fact, for the most part.... we were all in our own little bubbles quietly collecting and admiring their beauty!

After 2 hours, Stevie took us over to an older mining area. It was amazing to see how deep they had dug down!

I feel so blessed to have gotten the gift of this amazing adventure!

To have the moments to spend out in nature, getting grounded in Peridot! And tapping into the amazing healing presence of Gaia!!

Thank you Stevie for sharing this one of a kind experience with us, and being so welcoming!

All About Peridot

AKA: Olivine

Chakra: Heart

MOHS: 6.5 - 7

Water: No

Zodiac: Leo

Birthstone: August


  • Physical: Blood sugar regulation, Heartburn, Intestinal Disorder, Liver Disorders, Lungs, Smoking Addiction,Thryoid Balance and Health, Tissue Heath & Healing, Trauma, Indigestion, Eye Disorder & Infections. Great Health.

  • Emotional: Diffuses Anger, Comforting, Coping w/Grief, Eases Depression, Emotional Healing & Abuse, Irritability, Jealousy, Reduces Stress, Protective.

  • Spiritual: Abundance, Aura Cleaning, Creativity, Prosperity, Stimulates Spiritual Insight!


The Gemological Insititue of America has dubbed Peridot, "The Extreme Gem". The reason why is because it is born of extreme heat and pressure! Just like it's cousin the Diamond, these Crystals are not formed in the Earth's Crust like most, but in molten rock of the upper mantel. It's brought to the surface by tremendous forces by volcanoes!

Not only are they born of volcanoes, but some are born far above us, in the heavens and possess a more extraterrestrial vibe. Peridot has also been found some 4.5 billion years ago, in a rare pallsite meteorites. As some refer to it as Olivine in this form, it has also been discover in comet dust brought back from the "Stardust robotic space probe" in 2006. Another place that it been discovered is ... lovely Lady Luna.. the Moon herself! One last spacely location Peridot has been found is on Mars by "NASA's Global Surveyor."

Ancients believed that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a Sun exploding, and carries it's healing power.

Peridot is the gem form of Olivine, which is a magnesium iron silicate mineral of the forsterite-fayalite family, with Iron being responsible for it's color.

Historically the most famous location for mining Peridot was at a tiny island called Zabargad in the middle of the Red Sea in Egypt. These days, due to mining in that location... it has been depleted of it's treasures.

But did you know... that one of the worlds' richest Peridot mines actually is here in the United States?? And guess where that is?? 90 miles East of Phoenix, Arizona at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Mining for Period here has been going on since the 1900's.

Stevie also makes beautiful bracelets and necklaces out of the Peridot he mines. Here is the bracelet I came home with! It's a combination of Peridot, Golden Tigers Eye, Copper and Amber.

You can get in touch with him on Facebook to purchase his pieces or visit him at the local Crystal and Tribal events.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the amazing Crystal, Peridot and seeing a little bit of our mining adventure.

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Rev. Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"


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