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4 Peaks Amethyst Mining !!!

Updated: Feb 20

If you told me 5 years ago I would be at the top of Four Peaks in Arizona... mining for Amethyst in a cave, I would have said, that sounds like an amazing dream!!

Well that dream came true for my family and I! A private tour of the mine!!

Mazatzal Mountains aka Four Peaks, Arizona

Arizona is a Crystal lovers treasure box!! With the production of the most Peridot in the world to the best Amethyst with Sibrian flash... there is so much to seek out! Not only that, but it houses the largest Crystal Show in the world (Tucson Gem Show)

Moving here in 2020, I knew I was in a magickal place!!

From the second we visited here, I could feel the peaceful, calm environment. Which I attribute to the fact that there are so many amazing Crystals and minerals surrounding the state.

Arizona being known as the "Copper State" of course, but also big in the mining of Turquoise, Peridot (as mentioned above), Agate, Petrified Wood, Quartz, Quartzite, Malachite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, Amethyst, Garnet and so so much more.

We had gone off-roading about a year ago to the highest point a vehicle can reach near Four Peaks, which is always a lovely ride. I love seeing those peaks, they just seemed extra special. As I started to do more research, I found out that it IS extra special!! It is the home to the worlds best and highest quality of Amethyst out there!!! With the "Siberian flash" making it's trademark, people love to get their hands on this!

(Siberian flash is basically Amethyst with a redish coloring inside it. Originally found in Siberia, thus the name.) This quality of Amethyst is ONLY found in Siberia & Arizona's Four Peaks mine!

The Four Peaks Amethyst has the "Siberian Flash" to ,it making it highly seeked after.

When you compare it to Amethyst say from Uruguay, you can see the redness to the Four Peaks Amethyst that the others just don't have !

Interesting fact, the Amethyst mine in Siberia, is actually getting mined out. Meaning that they are coming to the end of product from that mine. This will cause the mine to shut down in the real near future.

When the mine in Siberian closes, then Four Peaks Amethyst will be the ONLY Amethyst in the world with the reddish glow (Siberian Flash! ) Typically when a mine closes, it makes it more valuable since it's harder to find, thus driving the prices up!

Our Transportation to the mine!

1st Helicopter Ride!

With that being said, the Four Peaks Amethyst is extra special, and the only place in the world to find this form of Amethyst anymore ! The coloring and difficulty to mine the Four Peaks Amethyst is what makes it's a very rare gemstone!


The Four Peaks mine has been around since the 1900's. Discovered by accident by some gold prospectors. Of course back then, they were hoping to find that gold and silver. When they stumbled across Amethyst, at the time most people weren't intrested in it ....thus the mining halted.

By the early 1990's the mine was reopened and producing some amazing specimens!! However, the entrance to the cave was not save upon inspection and had to be relocated a bit higher up the mountain. It was quite the steep little hike to the entrance of the cave!

Currently owned by Kurt Cavano, he have employed a mining husband and wife team who has worked in that mine for the past 20 years! What they mine typically ends up at the store in Scottsdale, AZ called "Four Peaks Mining Co."

Flying to Four Peaks.... getting closer!

High in the Mazatzal Mountains ..... above the hustle and bustle of the near by city , approximately 46 miles away from Phoenix , AZ is the site of the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine!

Located 6,200 feet in elevation....between the 3rd & 4th peak is where is lovely mine is tucked away.

Four Peaks can been seen from many nearby locations.

The 1st time I heard about it was when we took a cruise on the Dolly Steam Boat which runs on Canyon Lake.

During our tour in 2021, we were told they minded Amethyst high high above..... I'm sure my eyes lit up like a xmas tree when my Husband looked at me after that announcement was made. He knows me well... he knew if there was a way for us to find the Amethyst, it woudl happen!

I have always said "Believing is Seeing!"

For me, I knew I would be there at some point soon... didn't know how I would get there, but I believed I could... and as you already know... I did!!

Not too long after, we had visited the Four Peaks Mining Co. stores in Scottsdale, AZ and learned about their tours!! Oh boy!! Game On!!

To me, I feel it's important to experience life... to not wish.. but DO!

So why not!

I looked into the deals and it turns out they only run the mine tours during certain times of the year, as it does snow in the winters.

Being the month of our wedding anniversary, I found it very fitting to celebrate by taking this amazing opportunity with the ones I love the most (My Hubby Jared, and Daughter, Kelsey. )


October 22nd, 2023

A day I will NEVER forget!! I swear this will go down in history as the ultimate and best mining experience I've EVER had!

We met up over at "Falcon Field" which is a small airport in Mesa. We met up with our pilot John and off we went!!

This was our 1st experience in a helicopter and let me tell you... I enjoyed it immensely! So much so that I said to my Hubby... what do you think about getting a helicopter and you learning to fly it ? lol

We had the most amazing views over the city scape, a birds eye view in fact. I loved each second of it.

As we got closer, you could see the Four Peaks Mountains getting more into view!!

And then, it was time to land! Now let me say, this is where I started to question where we were actually going to land?? It didn't look like there would be space, however the closer we got the the side of the mountain the more in focus the landing pad was. Just large enough for this helicopter actually.

The landing went great. Our guide John (yes we had 2 John's with us) waiting till the blades of the helicopter stopped moving. Then he greeted us.

Coming in for the landing at Four Peaks... can you see the miner's shack ??

We walked up to the small Miners cabin to have a little chat and get the history before heading into the cave!!


In the cave, it's mandatory to wear a hard hat. At 1st it was a bit uncomfortable, but by the end I forgot it was on and almost left with this silly hat on my head.

A flash light is a MUST... there are some low lights on the insides of the cave, but to be able to see what you're mining, you definitely need that flash light.

We were given flat head screw drivers, which is what the miners tool of choice to get the Amethyst out of the cave. After a quick demonstration by Guide John, we were off to head into the mine!

The cave was cooler than the outside, naturally. It wasn't super huge inside either, but the sparkle & shine that we saw... took my breath away!!!

Inside the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine!

After some pictures, we were off to collect as much as we could in the allotted time.

We all spread out, and each spot produced a little bit different specimens.

Kelsey was at the front of the cave and got a lot of really smooth pieces.

Jared was at the side of the cave and had to lay down and was working over his head, he was getting the BIGGEST Amethyst of the day.

I was in the middle of the cave, I had to climb up and sit on a piece of the cave and was working in a cavern. I was able to collect a lot of medium sizes pieces, ranging in color to the deep dark purple to lighter.

I was the only one glove-less for this adventure. For a few reasons of course. One is that I love to feel and connect with the earth and that space and with gloves I lack that connection. Secondly, I find gloves inhibit my movement and I feel I can work better without them. Did my hands get scratched up.... yep! I had a few bumps and scrapes on my elbow from getting deep into the cavern.

Was it worth it... ABSOLUTELY!!

My 1st piece of the day!!

Currently owned by Kurt Cavano, he has employed a mining husband and wife team who has worked in that mine for the past 20 years! What they mine typically ends up at the store in Scottsdale, AZ.

The surroundings of the Amethyst, was actually a pretty soft sand like texture. Of course, you had to take your time so you didn't fracture the piece you were after.

I would almost like etch around the Amethyst, and then check to see if it was loose. Just a a loose wiggle, wiggle until the little guy comes out!

Check out the Amethyst!!! I feel like I'm dreaming!

Insides the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine!

The Process!

We got dirty, but the dirt was very welcomed by us! I love the color it turned my hands. It was a pinkish-redish-brown color. Note the little patch of it by my knee

I kept thinking how pretty this would be for an eye shadow or blush. I honestly didn't want to wash it off. Of course this redness coming for the iron and hematite that it's made of. Amazing! I bet back in the day, they could have used this as makeup. Hummm! I know in Egypt the did crush up Lapis Lazuli and used that for eyeshadow. Why not this!?

We got to enjoy the view before heading back to flat lands again.

Pilot John took us a different way home which was super scenic and appreciated. It was cool because we got to see a lot of the areas we have gone off-roading , but from the sky view instead ....which was super amazing.

Just Finished hiking back down from the mine.. Good Times!

On our way back.

All and all, I honestly don't know how any other mining trips in the future could top this one!! I feel absolutely blessed to have gotten this oppertunity! A memory that will never be forgotten.

Thank you to the "Four Peaks Mining" Team for making this opportunity possible!

If you get a chance to go... I would highly recommend it!


Wear long pants

Light sweater (if in the cooler times of the year, we didn't need one in Oct)

Flash lights are a must

Gloves (optional, in my oppinon )


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This is the biggest piece of the day, collected by Jared, taking him 10 mins to retrieve!

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(but haven't written about it yet):

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We had the best time as you can see, and feel grateful for this experience. Can't wait to find our next adenture. I encourage everyone to go out there and make your dreams come true!

Loves & Lunar Hugs,


Thank you to my Boss Kyle...

for making this for me!

My new motto... "Been There, MinedThat!"

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