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Mineral MoonDay~Moldavite

Happy Mineral MoonDay!!!

This Month's Mineral is......drum roll please... Moldavite!!!

Moldavite is quite ancient!! In fact it landed here on Earth approximately 15 million years ago!!

You might have heard of people talk about Moldavite, or you might have even watched videos on YouTube about it's powerfulness! Let me just say, that Moldavite is not for the faint of heart. It's very high yes, the things you have heard about it are true! Just remember that everyone experiences Crystal energy different, so you will only know how you will respond with Moldavite when you actually start to work with it. Feel free to take the advice from others though, and try it yourself!

I fell in love with Moldavite quite instantly. I had learned about it and studied about it a year prior to actually getting mine. Fast forward a year after learning about Moldavite and at the time (2017) I was working at a Metaphysical shop. We couldn't keep Moldavite in stock! As fast as we would get it, it would go!

I of course knew I needed some Moldavite in my life. However, it tends to be a bit on the pricey side....for good reasons too!

I was the one at the shoppe who volunteered to handle each of the different Moldavites that came in the shipment that day, and I right away fell in love with one of them! So much so that I even was dreaming about it at night!! I told that little guy to wait for me!

Lucky for me, after 2 weeks of waiting (store policy) I was finally able to purchase my 1st piece of Moldavite!!

I was so excited to get started on my journey, learning all about this high vibrational being!

So off I was to explore with my new friend!

I started out with Meditating with him 1st. Let me just say... WOW!

My Meditation with my new Moldavite friend was so intense, I actually journaled about it.

Journal Entry

Nov. 29th, 2017

I did my meditation with my new Moldavite today!! I felt it's energy!! It at1st felt like it was pulsing in my hand, then It felt like a tingle. As I went onwards with my left arm started to have muscle spasms! The meditation was deep!!

I went deeper than I ever had before in meditation. I started to fly, seeing things from a different perspective!! Then everything went black and I saw my Spirit Guides, and I told them, I was ready to be more spiritually enlightened.

I saw my 3rd eye open and I was seeing more from that eye than my human eyes. I left my Guides and saw the Moldavite grow bigger and bigger. Next things I knew...I was inside of it! It seemed like it had a pretty rainbow glitter look to it from the inside and I felt very relaxed and at peace there. It was hard to come out of this meditation, my eye sight is still a little wonky writing this. Very intense and very cool!


After that experience I knew that it came to me at the right time!

One day, I decided I wanted to keep the Moldavite on me for the whole day!

That was a mistake!

Let me just say, for me to work with it a whole day (when 1st getting it) was not a good idea. I ended up getting a really bad headache that day. I couldn't figure out what could have caused it, until I got home from work that night, and I was unloading my loot (Crystal Friends) and there he was...holy shit! My Moldavite gave me a headache! After testing that theory one more time with the same results, I knew for me....having it on me all day was not in my best interests.

Green with No Envy...

Moldavite is such a loving stone really! It gets a bad wrap for causing things to "happen" to people! One of my co-workers at the shoppe even said it makes him physically ill to work with Moldavite! He said he can't even be around it, he had his in a soft velvet bag he kept in a drawer at his home.

This lovely Green glowing friend will definite allow you to tap into your heart space more, allowing your love for yourself and others to expand.

What does it look like?

So Moldavite is a deep green to medium green in color. It has these natural etchings on it from it's impact (more on that soon). When you hold it up to the light it's translucent! The problem with Moldavite is that sometimes it gets faked (totally NOT cool)!! Places like China like to produce them, however what they are producing is glass!!

Here are a few tips to avoid getting a fake Moldavite...

  • PRICE: if it's inexpensive, it's not real Moldavite. Moldavite is sold by the gram! Thus it's cost being a bit high. If you find something that is reality inexpensive, it's not the real thing!

  • SHAPE: if they appear the same shape and textures, not real Moldavite. Each piece of Moldavite is unique and no 2 look alike, again this is due to their impact here on Earth!

  • LOOK: if they appear wet or shiny looking....NOT REAL... that my friend is glass!

  • BUBBLES: all Moldavite has bubbles included within! If you get a faceted gemstone piece that has no bubbles or inclusions...NOT REAL! If it looks complete clean or flawless like glass...then it's glass!

If you want to learn more about how to spot a fake... check out InnerVision Crystals!

P.S. They have the good stuff!! They are the best place to get your Moldavite and I highly recommend them!! Check out the Moldavite pendant I got from them below!

My New Moldavite Pendant

Loving this Moldavite & feeling so Blessed!

The 2 pictures above are from InnerVision Crystals! Again, this little one came to me in a dream and there it was!! I feel so lucky to have found her! She sparkles and shines in all her amazing glory! Now, I can say... since I've worked with Moldavite for a few years now... I'm actually able to wear this beauty all day without issues. Thus leaving me to believe, as you grow in your vibration and it becomes heightened, you will be able to work with Moldavite for longer periods of time without the "side effects". I honestly never had seen a more beautifully gemmie looking Moldavite in my life!

More on Color...

Moldavite is considered a Tektite. Basically what that means is it's considered natural glass formed from an interplanetary collision. Tektikes are a glassy mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides with an amorphous crystal structure. The thing that makes Moldavite stand out in the crowd of other Tektites in it's class, is it's green color. Most Tektites are black or brown in color.

Where is Moldavite Found?

The only place in the world you can find Moldavite is the Czechoslovakia, thus leaving this stone to be a rare one!

It was found near the Moldau River...and that's how it got it's name.

Moldau River Czech Republic AKA..Vltava in Czech

What happened was approximately 15 million years ago, a large meteorite hit the Earth in the Czech Republic. The heat from the meteorite was so intense with heat upon impact, caused the existing rock material in the Earth to melt and fuse with the meteor, creating a new gemstone made of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial material.

With time, and after many heavy rain falls, Farmers would plow their fields and start to see these sparkly green masses on their grounds.

Now days, the demand of Moldavite is so much so, that it's beginning to become harder and harder to mine or find! This is another reason the price is so high, because it's not as abundant as it once was, in addition to the fact that there is only1 place in the world you can find it!

Benefits of Moldavite...

This beauty is sure to help you along your way of spritual enlightenment! Moldavite helps bring your body into balance, very good and beneficial for someone who's ready to expand their spiritual growth! Helps you tap into your higher self and higher realms. Moldavite helps raise your vibration and in doing so allows you to connect with Extraterrestrials if you choose.

Crystal Channeling with



"I'm here at a very important time. It's a time of vast improved consciousness. And I come to assist those who are ready to ascend to the next level of consciousness. I bring about a very strong, positive, high vibration to share. When you work with me you can achieve this higher vibration, and as you continue to work with me you can hold this higher vibration longer. You will start to see things in a different light, doors will start to open that you never saw before. That is my main mission, to help those who are ready to move to the next level of their development and spirituality. I am highly connected with the outer worlds and because of that, I can help connect you with other beings on other planets. As for you are not alone! You are never alone. There are so many others out there that are wanting to connect, and I'm here to bridge the gap and allow the connection to be a little more clear and strong. By tapping into these other worlds and other beings you are able to open your mind and expand your own conscious awareness allowing you to grow even further in knowing that there is more out there than what you know.

So I'm here to help raise your level of consciousness and connect in a clear stronger way, but I also help with intuition and building on trusting in yourself. Allowing you to love yourself more and trust in yourself more. I'm able to help people who have low blood pressure become a little more stable, and I also do help in the heart department. With my main focus being self love and Earth connection, love for your own for if we do not love the Earth that we are on, it will wither away. We must care for ourselves as much as we do for the Earth we inhabit.

I am a strong high vibrational being, so lots of times people have a hard time working with me at first. It's all about raising your vibration and matching, and we will become matched with time and as the connection forms you will notice such huge shifts and changes in your life in such a positive way. Things will seem as if you're lucky. Things will just come to you easily. And that is all through the help of me, sharing my higher vibration with you the ability to love yourself more, raising your vibration to stay in that good space...and when that happens that is when true transformation can begin and can continue to grow. I have a way of energizing the body, really getting things moving within. By doing this it helps you find a way of achieving optimal health. I look forward to expanding the minds of the mass consciousness, it excites me to be here during this time, as for this is a time when much shifting is happening and needed and I'm very happy to be apart of that change and shift. I'm very beneficial in meditation, when you work with me in meditation you will have very strong information come forward. Be prepared to note anything down that you get, as these messages need to be heard and shared. Just know that you are never alone, we are all one."


I hope you enjoyed learning about this months Mineral! My Moldavite friend really wanted to share his messages with you and I'm so happy to be able to facilitate!!

Have you ever worked with Moldavite?? Share your experiences in the comments!! I would love to hear your stories!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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