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Mineral MoonDay~Celestite

Happy Mineral MoonDay to you!!!

This Months Mineral is the soothing and lovely Celestite!

Seeing Celestite for me was love at 1st sight!! I mean who could pass up this lovely lady!! I have had my sweet Celestite now for over 2 years and let me say, when I 1st brought her home I felt her calm, realxing energy! I always felt so protected by the Spirit realm with her!

My Sweet Celestite wanted to have her turn to talk to you today and share her message about the reasons why she is here to assist us! Before we hear from her in my Crystal Channelling below, let's 1st learn a bit more of her background.

Celestite is also known as Celestine

Celestite is a very high frequency Crystal that is connected with Divine energy!

It's been called the "Teacher for the New Age" and is here to assist us connect to the spiritual realm! Celestite derives it's name from the Latin word Caelestis...meaning Celestial. This makes a lot of sense as Celestite is very high vibrational and connected to the Angelic/Spiritual realm!


Celestite is very calming and is great if you need more peace and relaxation in your life! Amazing for someone one in chronic pain, and helps clear up any headaches or throat issues.

It brings about harmony within your mind, body and spirit! It's great for enhancing psychic abilities and Clairaudience.

Celestite is a great Crystal to work with if your having issues with sleep! It calms the mind and eases depression allowing sleep to happen with ease. She releases an immense amount of kindness within a space, making it a great piece to have in your home. It also is great if you are working on forgiveness, it brings about a new look a the challenges that you have been faced with allowing you to have a more honest and accepting view.

Be Kind To Your Celestite...

Usually seen as a geode growing beautiful Crystals within!

Celestite is not as commonly found as a tumbled Crystal, but they are out there!

Tumbled Celestite

Celestite is very fragile so you must handle with extreme care! It's only a 3-3.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale meaning it's very soft and can break easily. Also due to it's fragility, it's not recommenced to be placed in any type of liquid or salt!

Best way to cleanse this beauty is with either Sage or Palo Santo. And the best way to charge would be in Moonlight. The reason Moonlight is best is because it is a photosensitive Crystal, meaning that the sun will fade it's lovely coloring over time! So keep out of the sun!!

Where does it come from?

It comes from a few different locations!

Brazil, China, and Madagascar!

The more pale blue specimens are found in Madagascar.

Crystal Channeling with



"I share my connection with you to help you have a clearer mind, to be able to speak your truth and to connect in a more spiritual, uplifting way.

I help bring peace and calm to your life and I also allow you to tap into the Angelic realm... being able to connect to the Angels that are guiding you and are alway surrounding you. By working with me, I help raise your vibration in order to match that higher vibration of the Angelic realm, allowing you to tap in and tune in to all the information and guidance they have laid out for you.

I'm here to bring peace into your life but to also help spread peace amongst the humanity on this planet. I have a very soothing, calming energy.

I help relieve headaches, I help with any throat/ lung issues.

I'm very precious and fragile just as your life here. I help bring you into the understanding of your Soul's desires so that as you move forward in this life, you're able to bring forth the things that your Soul desires and allow you to manifest them in the physical realm.

I'm great for relieving stress, anxiety or panic and help bring about a very relaxing...calm to you.

I can help with the thyroid gland imbalances and help bring it better in alignment to where it is supposed to be.

But my main mission here is to help you reach your Soul's desires, which I gladly will assist you in doing!"


I hope you enjoyed learning more about this beauty of a Crystal ...Celestite!!

Have you worked with Celestite before?

I would love to hear your experiences with it down below in the comment section. Feel free to share!

Have a Magical Week!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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