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Mineral MoonDay~Bumblebee Jasper

Happy Mineral MoonDay to You!!

This Months Mineral is the Bee-u-tiful Bumblebee Jasper!

I fell in love with Bumblebee Japser earlier this year. I'm usually not one who is drawn to the color yellow, but the mixture of this beauty captivated me!

As I continued on my Bumblebee Jasper hunt, I was hitting road blocks and couldn't find any! I really wanted to pick mine out in person and not off a website!

Interestingly enough, for my Birthday this year a dear friend of mine Nichole gave me a piece as a gift... My 1st one in my collection

(look below to see it)!

I love how cute they are and how they actually resemble a Bumblebee!

So... let's learn more about Bumblebee Jasper and it's amazing benefits!

Bumblebee Jasper

has a lovely combination of colors the resemble a bumble bee! It actually is from a volcanic eruption that is taking place in Indonesia. Thus making Bumblebee Jasper a more rare one to find.

It's layering is a combination of different minerals, volcanic matter and sedimentary rocks. Due to this fact, some people consider Bumblebee Jasper to be more of an Agate instead of a Jasper.


I have enjoyed working with Bumblebee Jasper to help encourage me as I'm starting off in my new endeavors. It has been very helpful for me have the courage I need to pursue my dreams! I also feel a sense of happiness when I see it, or work with it! How can you not feel its exuding joyful happiness, right?

It can really help you get your creative juices flowing and will help you step into your own power of self acceptance.

Spiritually wise, it is a very transforming Crystal helping your Soul shine outwards!

My 1st piece (gift) of Bumblebee Jasper! <3 Ty Nichole!

What is it made up of?

Bumblebee Jasper is a fibrous calcite made up of anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic. The beautiful bright yellow color is the sulfur-arsenic, so handling Bumblebee Jasper with care is of up most importance!! Never put Bumblebee Jasper in water!

It is safe to handle Bumblebee Jasper, however... if you are carving or cutting it and this Crystal becomes a dust-type form, it can be very toxic to the body! Ingesting/inhaling Bumblebee Jasper is very dangerous! Beware!

I feel that Bumblebee Jasper is closely connected to the Sun and Fire element because of it's up bringing. From time to time, it's beneficial to give it a nice Sun bath to recharge it's high buzzing energy!

Where does it come from?

Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia.

This active volcano is the only place where Bumblebee Jasper is found, thus making it pretty hard to find!

This carbonate-rich Crystal was first discovered on the island of Java during the 1990s, the material is soft, with a Mohs hardness of only 2.5 (so no water you will go!)

When sulfur gas is emitted from the volcano, it burns a bright blue color.

As it rises and comes in contact with cool air, the gas changes into the bright yellow solid that gives Bumblebee Jasper its name.

Could you imagine finding this lovely combination walking around here? I bet that was an exciting find for the 1st people to come across it, and the Miners!

Notice all the yellow? That's the Sulfur found within Bumblebee Jasper

Crystal Channeling with

Bumblebee Jasper


"I'm here to bring you encouragement, to spark a creative flow within you to also help bring balance the light and darkness. I'm here as you go on your new journeys and endeavors and I'm here to encourage you, bring you positivity, optimism, and strength moving forward. I'm here to remind you that you can bring out that power you have within, and that power that you have within is strong enough to create worlds! You can create the reality in which you live, and I'm here to assist you in finding that place.

Physically I can help you with stomach issues, ulcers. I can help you with any disruption in the intestinal tract.

I'm also here to bring you a bit of stability in your life as you create all these amazing things and as all these sparks of inspiration start to come forward for you when working with me. I'm also here to keep you balanced and grounded and safe. I'll be here to give you the energy you need to accomplish the dreams, wishes and goals that you have set forth.

My main goal is to help you stay positive and focused on what it is you really want to create in this life time. By working with me I will assist you in these ways, and I'm grateful and excited to be able to help in these ways."


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the bee-u-tiful Bumblebee Jasper!

Have you worked with this Crystal yet? If you have, please comment below your experience!! I would love to hear about it!

Have a Magical Month and wishing you...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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