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Coming in 2020 !!!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Can you believe the year 2020 is weeks away from happening??!!

Time is surely flying!!

You know...they say time flies when your having fun...and I sure have been doing just that!!

(( PS.... I was just notified of a glitch in my blog notification system, I do apologize for the duplicated email notifications with this !! ))

2019 has been an amazing year, I have learned a lot more and have expanded my services I offer!! I want to thank you all for being apart of my journey, as I learn so much from assisting each of you!!

This year with a Crystal Reiki Year for me!!

I took all 3 levels for Crystal Reiki Healing and my training lead me to became a Crystal Reiki Master earlier in the year!! It has been so rewarding to assist you with this amazing healing modality!!

If you haven't tried one of my Crystal Reiki Healing session yet... this is what it is like..

This year I also became an Ordinated Minister!!

Expanding my services yet again.... I became an Ordained Minister (non-denominational) I have many loving couple's utilizing my services already!! It's so much fun to help people "seal the deal" with their' "I Do's"!!

I mean who doesn't love.... love!!

I started a new company that I call: "Magickal Weddings" by Bridget The Officiant!

If you are getting married, or want to renew your vows... check out my site!

Another thing that I got into big time this year.... was Sound Baths!!

In 2019 I was able to provide you with 7 different Crystal Sound Healing sessions at different locations within the Inland Empire: Salt Oasis, InnerWorks Wellness Center, MPower Yoga, Claremont Yoga, & Milliken Park!

It is so very amazing to me to be able to reach out and assist others on a larger scale!! I feel my Sound baths are able to achieve just that!

If you have ever wondered about Energy Healing, a Sound Bath is the purrrfect way to give it a try!

One other goal I have is to keep it affordable... so that everyone and anyone can experience Sound Healing!!

As I know 1st hand how amazingly transformational it can be!!

In Fact, this is what people are saying:

I'm so super excited to announce my upcoming Sound Bath Series!!!

"Chakra Sound Bath Series"

Taking off January 2020 !!!

What You Get...

Each month will correspond with the Charka of the Month!!

I will start off in January with the Root Chakra!!

You will get an hour session that starts off with a Guided Meditation that will help open and cleanse the Chakra of the month!

Then... you will get to relax completely as you enjoy my Crystal Sound Bath!!

Attend each month to get the best benefit from the series!

Only $20 per person!!

All Sound Baths will be held at "InnerWorks Wellness Center in Upland, Ca !!

Check out below the upcoming Sound Bath's in the Series!!

Benefits of Sound Healing...

If your new to Sound Healing/Sound Baths, you might not know the benefits you can receive from them!!

Take a peek at one of my blogs explains that and so much more...

Start 2020 off on the right foot!!

I'm so looking forward to sharing this amazing series with you!!

Please feel free to pass this along to friends and family you think would benefit!

Keep an Eye Out...

Also coming in 2020... my 1st Published Book!!

YES!! It's true!!

"Crystal Clear Enlightenment" will be hitting the shelfs on 02.20.20

(February 20th, 2020)!!

I'm so excited to finally be able to share some information with you about this project I've been working on in 2019!!

My book is a guidance book, on Spiritual Growth! I go over Crystals (of course) and how to work with them and their benefits. I explain things that can or will happen to you as you "awaken", how to work with the Lunar Energies, and what all those repetitive numbers mean!!

This book has been my passion project in 2019, it's been a bit of a family collaboration with my Daughter Kelsey doing my photography work, and my Husband Jared doing my digital art for the book!!

I wanted people going through their Spiritual awakening to know they are NOT alone! As I was going though mine, I sometimes felt that way! This book is what I WISH was out there while I was growing on my Spiritual path! So... with the Guidance of my Spirit Guides, and of course help with some Crystal Friends... my book "Crystal Clear Enlightenment" was born!!

I'm currently tying up a few loose ends, but it will be available in the print ( an actually book) form in Feb. 2020!!

There will be more info. coming out about where to purchase soon!!

Can't WAIT!!

Here's to a super amazing & Magickal 2020 ...

Looking forward to sharing another Magickal Year with you!!

I'm grateful to the year 2019, for teaching me... and guiding me! For expanding my love and knowledge and learning even more about me on a Soul level!!


Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs

Bridget M. Shoup

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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