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Mineral MoonDay~Tourmalinated Quartz

Happy Mineral MoonDay!!!

This Months Mineral is Tourmalinated Quartz!

Oh yes... the double power of Tourmaline and Quartz!!

Lots of good energy with this Crystal!!

It's quite amazing to look at! I've had many people ask me if it really grows like that in nature?? The answer is YES, it really does!

Sometimes Minerals have more than 1 mineral within them. Another mineral that comes to mind with more than 1 mineral is AuraLite 23 (it has 23 different minerals).

Tourmalinated Quartz one is one of those special ones with more than 1 mineral! Since last summer, I have really been getting into working with Tourmalinated Quartz! I was blessed to make friends with an amazing Tower that is the central Crystal for a Grid I have currently running for a dear friend of mine!

Before my Tourmalinated Quartz Tower was in that grid, I really enjoyed working with him when I would do my daily yoga! I felt like he really helped keep me in aligned & in balanced during my practice. Almost like that friend to lean on when things get a bit wobbly!

He also wanted to go with us on our vacation last year to Sequoia!! He had a great time exploring with us and also making new friends!!

I happened upon some tumbles of the little fella too! I must say, it's nice to have a pocket sized friend as well!

What Does it Look Like???

Tourmalinated Quartz AKA Tourmaline Quartz is the amazing process where Quartz Crystal is growing & then Black Tourmaline starts to become partners within the Quartz!

It's quite beautiful to say the least! It's almost like someone is throwing a party inside that Crystal!! Confetti all around!

It has needle-like inclusions of Black Tourmaline also known as Schorl within the Quartz Crystal.

The Quartz is usually clear to milky in color, allowing you to see the black or green Tourmaline inclusions.

Where is Tourmalinated Quartz Found??

The majority of the Tourmalinated Quartz mined comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

It can also be found in India, and Tanzania as well! It's a pretty common Crystal to come by, so if your interested in working with this lovely friend... do it!

Benefits of Tourmalinated Quartz...

This lovely Friend will assist you in finding amazing balance in your life! Helping you release any negativity and embody your spiritually. It's an amazing Crystal for keeping all the yin and yang in check.

Regarding health, this Crystal will assist you in regeneration and healing throughout your whole body. Useful for the nervous system, it also help purify your system from any toxic substance abuse.

Crystal Channeling with Tourmalinated Quartz


Tourmalinated Quartz Speaking:

"I'm all about finding that perfect connection, light and dark, higher and lower, grounded and spiritual. I'm here to keep you protected and grounded while also connecting you to your spiritual side. I'm here to dissolve any worries or fears, put them to rest. I'm also helping you connect further into the spiritual side of things, allowing you that balance in your life that you long for.

I bring lots of power and amplify the affects of protection and wellness and clarity. I'm here to accelerate and dissolve any issues in regards to health. I can absorb the negativity and low vibrations within a body and transmute them into pure positive light and good energy, where your able to have more energy and positivity moving forward.

I help you step into your light and shine your light for others to see. I help you stay more grounded in the present time and understand that you have a purpose here, and only you can fulfill this purpose by living your best life.

I enjoy helping you explore new gifts that you have. I'm here to help crack it open, almost like peeling back a layer in seeing things in a different way. Being able to see your purpose, your higher good in this life time and why your here.

There is no light or dark, it is all one. As you expand your consciousness you'll understand that everything is connected, everything is meant to be. The light and dark is all a perspective of where your at... for in dark hours one match can be sparked, and that match could ignite a whole new direction... and give you that bit of light to help you move throughout your journey."


I hope you enjoyed learning more about this lovely, amazing Mineral...Tourmalinated Quartz!!

They are here to really help us in so many ways, I'm enjoying working with mine and feel this was one people needed to know more about!

If you ever have any questions... please reach out!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs ,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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