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Arizona Crystal Trip!!!

Road Trippin' with my 2 favorite Allies....fully loaded we've got snacks and supplies! It's time to leave this town it's time to get away, let's go get lost anywhere in the USA! ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Our Trip to Arizona!!

Oh yes, Arizona... if your into Crystals you know that Arizona is the place to go, especially at the beginning of each year!!

You see, going has been on my list of "must-do's" for a few years now.

Most people head over to Tuscan, Arizona. That is where the largest Crystal Show is, however...I'll be honest with you, I had a feeling I'd be overwhelmed as there is so much to see there...most people are there for weeks taking it all in!

So... instead, I decided it would be fun to get my feet wet and go somewhere just as awesome!!

We decided to head on our for this adventure Feb. 8th, 2019

Quartzsite, Arizona

I mean, come on...just the name of the town is pretty fucking awesome, right?

Desert Gardens International Rock, Gem & Mineral Show is the 5th Largest Crystal Show in the World!!

For me, it was the purrrrfect fit!

So... bright and early, we hopped in the car and off we went on our Adventure!!

We made some pretty fantastic timing!!

I found it funny that we actually were able to time travel that day (Arizona is an hour ahead of us in California right now).

One thing I will always remember is all the pretty Lavender that lined the Freeway as we traveled!! So lovely !! The Mountains in AZ looked different than our Mountains in CA...I took a video, so take a peek below!

We arrived and was able to check out all the amazing booths!!

I was amazed to see so many rarer type Crystals there!! There was quite the selection!

I always enjoy hand picking my Crystals for my "Gypsy Crystal Shop" and I was able to do just that !! I have so many amazing new Crystal Friends to share with you guys!!

We got to meet some fun and interesting people too!! Everyone was so nice there!!

I was blessed enough to be able to bring home some new friends!! Some of these pieces have been on my wish list for a while now... so have have them means the world!

Quartzsite, Arizona was a succes!!!

Quartzsite is a small town, so small that they have no stop lights!

With only 3,694 in population you can see why stop signs are all they need!

The thing we found so different, was that the speed limit there is so low!! We are used to driving 45-50 mph in our city here (Rancho Cucamonga, CA).

In Quartzsite, the speed limit was 30-35 mph!!

Sometimes we felt like we were driving backwards! It defiantly is a more slow-paced kinda town...which I didn't mind for the day. It was a nice change!

There was one point where the cars kept coming and this lady decided to run across the street. Now, here in CA you have to use a cross walk or it's a J-Walking Ticket! Quartzsite has no cross walks!

So...the cars were literally coming at her and she decided to run across the street!!! Where we come from, this is like a death wish! But, because traffic moves so much slower...she made it in plenty of time. My hubby made a comment to us..."Wow, that lady is the fastest thing here in Arizona!"

We really enjoyed our time there!!

After leaving the Garden Desert Show, we saw there were many others shows going on too...just across and down the street!! I felt accomplished for the day, so we didn't check them out. But, maybe next time!

So many of the pieces there were breath-taking!!

Check out this amazing piece of Pyrite I got to meet!! It's massive!!


I felt so blessed to be able to get a few amazing pieces that have been on my wish list for quite sometime!!

If you ever get a chance to check out Quartzsite, AZ's Desert Garden Gem's worth the drive!! Can't wait till next year!!

Take a peek at our adventure in the video below!!

Follow your Dreams and go where the wind takes you!!

New Friend

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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