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Mineral MoonDay~Selenite

Happy Mineral MoonDay!!
This Months Mineral is Selenite!!!

Oh Selenite, your lovely silvery white coloring is so relaxing to look at! It will suck you in with it's ways of shifting it's loving luminous glow! If you ever looked at a piece of know exactly what I mean!

I was drawn to Selenite almost immediately when I started working with Crystals! I feel it's a must have Crystal for everyone!! It's very beneficial in so many ways, in fact... I work with it in all my Crystal Healing Sessions! I have Selenite all over my house, I have it in wand form, crystal ball form, cut into a heart shapes, and tower forms.

Selenite got it's name from the Greek Goddess of the

Moon, Selene.

Selenite is a form of Gypsum and takes on different forms.

Most of the time you will see Selenite Towers. Then you will also come across Desert Rose which is the cousin to Selenite and also a form of Gypsum.

Rarely will you find Selenite in tumbled form, but they are around. We have tumbled Selenites in our pillow cases at our house, it helps calm your mind before sleep and helps us recall our dreams and enhance them. However, this is not for everyone. For example, my Daughter had one in her pillow case, but her dreams where too vivid and she felt like she didn't get sleep at all upon waking. So for her, it's not a good match. Best thing to do is try it and see how it works for you.

Selenite is very delicate! It is only a 2 on the MOHs Scale! That means it's very soft! Just to give you a comparison....a Diamond on the MOHs scale is a 10!!

That being said, Selenite should NEVER be put in water!! With time, if you did put Selenite in water, it would dissolve! That would be a very sad day indeed!

Cleansing Selenite...

Most people believe that Selenite carries it's ability to cleanse itself! As for me, I feel that Selenite is one that will not need cleansing as often as other Crystals!

However, when ever I get a new Crystal (Selenite included) I cleanse them!

They pick up the energies of who ever had touched them previously... so I feel it best to give Selenite a good solid cleansing when you 1st receive or purchase one.

Cleanse your Selenite with either Sage or Palo Santo.

These are the best methods in my opinion. Then of course, your Selenite would LOVE a good recharge as well!! Make sure you allow it some Moon time for a recharge, it loves the Moon! When I charge my Selenite, I NEVER put it outside...but rather in a window sill. Again, the morning/night dew or rain could really damage your Selenite Friend. So practice safety to keep your Selenite around for a long time!

Pay attention to you Selenite to know when it's due for a cleanings. Like I said, I feel they don't need it as often as other Crystals. I would say, I cleanse and recharge my selenites at least every other month. But, do what feels best for you and your Selenite! You will know when it's time!

Where is Selenite Found???

China, India, Madagascar, Morocco and so many others places. Selenite is a pretty common Mineral. Large Selenite sheets have been found in Utah.

Selenite blades are in Mexico.

Selenite it found in deposits and beds of sedimentary rock, usually within Limestone. Also found in clay deposits and dry caves.

As Selenite is more commonly seen in the silvery/white form, sometimes you will see Selenite in colors such as a bright orange coloring as well. These come from salt mines in Las Salinas de Paracas, Pisco, Peru.

Gypsum is actually very flexible! I took a class last year about identifying minerals, and one thing we did in class was take a piece of Gypsum (Selenite) and bent it, and peeled off layers of it!! It's quite amazing actually!

Desert Rose is again a from a Gypsum that had come into contact with sand when it was forming, thus looking they way they do. Usually found in the Sahara Desert in Algeria, They usually look a grey/brownish/white color.

Desert Rose's formation looks like an actually rose with layers. Lovely!

Benefits of Selenite...

Selenite is an amazing Crystal that will bring you much peace in your life.

Healing wise it's great for chronic fatigue, epilepsy, infection, PMS, Prostate, Spine, Strengthens bones, Ulcers.

It can help enhance dreams, and intuitions, mediation and past life retrieval. It helps raise your vibration, thus allowing you to connect better with your Spirit Guides/Angles. And it's amazing for sealing Auras!

I did a channeling session with my Selenite Tower to get more insight to share with you about the reasons why it's here to assist us!

Here is what I got...

Crystal Channeling with Selenite


Selenite Speaking:

"I'm here to share peace, I'm able to put people at ease. To clear their energy and protect on an energetic level. Spiritual connection is big with me, as I assist you in connecting to Sprit with ease. Peace, calmness, tranquility, are all words you could use to describe me. I have a soothing energy about me that most people are attracted to. I'm gentle, I'm like a slice of heavenly Moon that you can hold in your hand and connect more deeply with. I help you to understand your purpose here in this lifetime. I am connected with the Moon. I'm delicate and fragile thus knowing how to work with people who are delicate and may have fragile Spirits. I'm able to repair their Aura's of any leaks or drainages, help them become more solid within. I bring light and peace and happiness to people who work with me and that is one of my main purposes here."

Hope you enjoyed the information of this Months Mineral MoonDay...Selenite!

If you have any other questions, or would like to share your comments of your experiences working with Selenite...make sure you comment below!!

Sending You...

Light, Loves & Lunar Hugs,

Bridget M. Shoup, CMP

"The Crystal Healing Gypsy"

(909) 851-4305

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